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Chaos in Mangolkot for a demand of Namaz-room in Bankapasi SM High School.

Bankapasi SM High School

Hindu students stopped Muslim demand for a Namaz-room in Bankapasi SM High School. Mission Muslim Bangla is trying to enter in the general schools also. 

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Bankapasi (Mangalkot) | June 26, 2016:: It’s not far away to reach Bazar Bankapasi form Katwa. Reaching Katwa from Howrah by Rail, frequent bus services are available to reach Bankapasi within a 25 minutes journey. The buses pass through the  local renowned school Bankapsasi SM High School.

It is the sprawling lawn of Bazar Bankapasi Sarada Smiriti High School in Mangalkot Development Block in Burdwan District in West Bengal. The co-educational school has four sections, Primary, Secondary, Higher Secondary and Vocational stream.

The school is situated in a Hindu majority area with its 70% Hindu student strength, the rest 30% Muslim students come from nearby villages like Durmut, Murulia and some other pockets.

The high school gate decorated with two lions and Veena, the musical instrument of Mother Saraswati, the goddess of learning and a swan, the pet of the goddess atop, clearly denotes the Hindu influence of the area.

As a Sunday, no student turned up to their school causing a overwhelming silence in the campus, but some of the non-teaching staff and the school Headmaster Dr. Pijush Kanti Dan came to school to manage various pending works to provide a smooth management of the school.

Sensing some trespasser in the campus, Dan came across the lawn swiftly as he could avert any repetition of the day of deliberate disturbances of last Saturday while a major section of Muslim students in the school got frenzied with a demand to allow one school room for the purpose of offering Namaz throughout whole year.

While asking about the details of the happening, the apparently despised Head Master of Bankapasi SM High School did not want to explore the matter but told that the matter was tackled anyway by the managing committee of the school.

On Friday (24th June) some Muslim student of the school offered Namaz in the school ground all on a sudden, violating the fixed periods of classes. The number of Namazis were few and school authority ignored the matter as an exception during Ramadan. But, it was a starting of a Jihadi flare up for the day next.

On Saturday (25th June) most of the Muslim students came in front of Headmaster’s room after 3rd period and started sloganeering, “Naraye Takbeer, Allah ho Akbar”, “We demand a separate room, where we will offer Namaz soon” and so on. Some of them were demanding to stop Saraswati Puja (which is traditional ceremony of winter in all schools of Bengal) in the school. The Jihadi students kept the Head Master (HM) in his room blocked over an hour.

The stranded HM of the school contacted the Managing Committee members of the school and the local police for a rescue measure as the situation was slipping out of the hand.

Seeing this situation created by the arrogant Muslim students, some Hindu students mainly connected with RSS sakhas and Bazar Hindu Milan Mandir  and Kaichar Hindu Milan Mandir (rural units of Bharat Sevashram Sangha) jumped to field to counter the illogical demand of a Namaz room in the school. The Hindu students started demanding a separate Hindu Puja Room for ‘Harinaam Sankirtan’ (loud rhythmic chanting of names of Lord Hari), if any Namaz room would be allowed anyway to the Muslims.

Subsequently, Hindu and Muslim students went a point of clashing each other. But, the police contingent from nearby Kaichar Police outpost promptly came to the school to disperse all the students violating the environment of the school and relieved the HM after over an hour.

With a strong interference of Ujjal Sheikh, a managing committee member of the school it was declared that no rooms would by allowed for either Namaz or Harinam Sankirtan. Only Saraswati Puja will be performed as usual. However, the secretary of the school, Biswajit Dey condemned both the groups of students clashed each other.

Our fact finding team of HENB went to villagers near the school and outreach areas to trace out the main culprits behind the agitated Muslim students in this ”Namaz in the School” movement happened in Bankapasi SM High School.

The Hindu inhabitants of Bankapasi, Pindira, Lakshmipur, Uttar Belgram, Kulsuna, Durmut and Murulia villages are saying that there is a high Islamic activism felt in local Muslims after the win of fundamental Muslim leader Siddiqullah Chowdhury in Mangalkot Assembly constituency with TMC ticket.

Siddiqullah Chowdhury

The Muslim appeasement policy of Mamata Banerjee and her hobnobbing with the political Jihadis like Siddiqullah Chowdhury and others are giving oxygen to the local Jihadi people to take over the Hindus of the area.

It is known that Siddiqullah Chowdhury is still operating many shadow Jammat-e-ulema-Hind groups under his strong fanatic control to keep his political power intact, even after joining Trinamool Congress. These groups are running ‘One hour Quran School’ in many areas to brainwash the common Muslim boys and girls as preparatory phase of Jihad with a help of Tableegh Jammat groups, very active in rural Bengal. Being a MLA of Mangalkot and a Minister of State in Mamata Banerjee’s ministry, Siddiqullah is  vitiating the communal situation in Mangolkot and agitation of Muslim students in a Bankapasi school is just a reflection of it.

This infamous Siddiqullah Chowdhury keeps a close connection with Badaruddin Azmal, another Politcai Jihadi leader of Assam and the president of AIUDF. With a funding of AIUDF and other fanatical source (as assumed), this  Siddiqullah Chowdhury organized a huge rally in Burdwan Carzon gate  on October 21, 2014 in support of the Jihadi Madrasas after the Khagragarh bomb blast in that year. But, the queen of Muslim Radical, Jihadi Didi, WB CM Mamata Banerjee opted such person like fanatic Siddiqullah Chowdhury in her ministry keeping her eyes on the Muslim vote bank of West Bengal.

Though the situation is Bankapasi SM High School is now quite under control, but who can deny further chance to another Islamic flare up for a room of Namaz in other school buildings or to stop Saraswati Puja from the schools from Bengal? In some Muslim areas Muslim are demanding beef and halal-meat in mid-day meal of schools, ignoring the presence of the Hindu students there!

The communal mentality of Muslims are growing day by day in West Bengal. More concessions are being allowed to them by state administrations under the political indulgence of the ruling party in the state. As  history repeats itself, the days are not far away when the TMC will be endangered by this Radical Muslims obviously. Wait and watch!

Pic arrangements:  Raktim Das.

One comment on “Chaos in Mangolkot for a demand of Namaz-room in Bankapasi SM High School.

  1. K K K das
    June 28, 2016

    Thanking you very much for a good presentation and report. Yes that day is coming when we all Hindus have to be suffered due to the reason stated above.


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