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Hindu group of Colleges bans Burqa in Mangaluru and Muslims came to road against it.

Karnataka: Islamic Protest against Banning Burqas in Srinivas Group of Colleges in Mangaluru.

2-106HENB | Mangaluru | August 27, 2016:: The Hindu root Srinivas Group of Colleges in Mangalore have sent a circular to the students stating that they cannot attend classes in burqas.

The decision taken by the management said that Muslim girls will not be allowed to attend classes in burqas.

Islamic Protests broke out in the college where Muslim students say that the college is denying them the right to practice their religion which is a basic fundamental right of Constitution .

‘We are yet to get the management on record for the reason behind their decision’, said a protester to HENB.

But, a source said that the management of the Srinivas groups of colleges thought, the Muslim girl students would carry various objectionable items even weapons under burqa. Moreover, colleges are the place for study and not that place to express one’s religious orthodoxy.

One non-teaching staff of the college told HENB, “Burqa is a permanent problem in the colleges here. Muslim girls take advantage of cheating under burqa at the time of examinations. Sometimes some Muslim boys go under burka and take undue advantages with girls in college premises. Muslim girls also do bad things under burqa”.

Going against this “Burqa Jihad”, some Hindu students in the Srinivas groups of colleges are preparing to give a representation to the College authorities to stick to the burqa ban as the burqa is a symbol of  slavery of women and a very odd and objectionable matter denied in many countries in Europe and in some parts of China.

__Agencies & India Today.

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