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A Hindu Guru is trying effortlessly to resolve the Islamic Militancy in Kashmir.

Islamic Militant Burhan Wani’s father meets Hindu Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar at Bengaluru ashram, discusses path to peace in Kashmir.

Sri Sri Tweet on WaniSumithra Iyer | HENB | Bengaluru | Aug 27, 2016:: Muzzafar Wani, the father of Hizbul commander Burhan Wani, whose death has resulted in the non-stop Islamic violence in Kashmir, visited the Art of Living (AoL) HQ in the City.

During the visit, Wani discussed several issues with spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on the ongoing turmoil in Kashmir. This was confirmed by Sri Sri through a tweet on Saturday night, which was retweeted immediately by many.

Wani was accompanied by seven others, sources said. “Muzaffar Wani, the father of Burhan Wani was in the ashram for the last 2 days. We discussed several issues”, Sri Sri said in the tweet accompanied by a picture of Muzzafar Wani and him.

According to sources, Sri Sri is likely to be one of the members in the delegation that is set to visit Kashmir to hold peace talks to arrive at a solution to the turmoil in that state. Kashmir has witnessed more than 70 deaths in the ongoing confrontation between Kashmiris and security forces that began after Burhan Wani was killed. The normalcy of public life in Kashmir valley has been disrupted over 50 days due to law and situation and curfew imposed there. Some 11,000 persons were injured in clashes among protesters and security forces since the killing of Burhan Wani in an encounter.

Wani said he also asked Sri Sri to use his influence in finding a solution to Kashmir problem. “Sri Sri asked me what the people of Kashmir wanted. I asked him to visit the Valley to find out for himself”, he said.

Wani, a teacher by profession, said there should be an unconditional dialogue with the separatists to find a lasting solution to Kashmir problem.

Hindu Guru Ravi Shankar is a famed interlocutor for his endeavor to solve the  Kashmir and Maoist militancy problems in India.

Earlier, he worked as an influential mediator for arranging 100 acre area for the Annual Amaranth Yatra pilgrimage in Kashmir.

Though it is difficult to control the Jehadi and Maoist militancy in India in any straight way other than military havoc, this Hindu Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has been trying to make any solution of these problems through peace talk, anger control and Sudarshan Kriya.


2 comments on “A Hindu Guru is trying effortlessly to resolve the Islamic Militancy in Kashmir.

  1. Mangal Das
    August 28, 2016

    Check the news for authentication.

    The news of the meeting was retweeted by the Art of Living foundation as below:

    “Mr Muzaffar Wani was in the ashram for two days. Certainly, Sri Sri and Mr Wani discussed about the current situation, about the suffering and how peace and normalcy can be restored in the Valley. It was purely on a personal and humanitarian angle,” a statement from Art of Living read.

    But, father of Burhan Wani said otherwise.

    “I had gone there for treatment and stayed in the ashram to seek care for some ‘ailment’,” Mr Wani said after the meeting.

    “He (Sri Sri) did not ask me anything else. He just talked to me for five minutes or so at the most,” Mr Wani told Kashmir Reader over the phone from his home in Kashmir’s Tral after returning from Bengaluru.

    “I came back with some medicines for myself. That is all,” Muzaffar Wani said.



  2. skanda987
    August 28, 2016

    I pray and wish success to Sri Sri and any leader to solve Kashmir issue, meaning:
    1) the demand for separation of Kashmir must stop, and 2) the Kashmiri Pandits resettled back in their homes in Kashmir.

    Historically, there are only a few cases where a Hindu guru succeeded in converting Muslims to Hindu dharma; because Hindus convert interested persons by sharing the truth by civil debate. In contrast millions of Hindus have been converted by the barbaric Islam invaders by sword, not by civil debate. Those who refused to convert were killed.

    There is no reason why Islam should be kept as a legal religion in any democracy; because Islam is most intolerant and against democracy.
    Additionally, Islam is a foreign religion, and has no right to be in Hindustan.

    jai sri Krishna!


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