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Run of a Notorious Nun finished at the line of a Satanic Saint.

Angel of Hells

Saint Teresa: Surge of a satanic saint from a notorious nun.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB |  Haridwar | Sept 3, 2016:: Some hours later the Mother Teresa of Kolkata will be declared as Saint Teresa by the Vatican authority on Sept 4th and that will be accepted by a section of superstitious Christian people, though opposed by large section of people of Christian faith who always oppose the notoriety of this nun and the surge of this satanic saint in fact.

The suspicious trending of this Albania-born & multi-accused woman, of using her Missionaries of Charity founded in 1950 has been mainly possible for her tireless efforts to convert people to Christianity under a mask of social service and soul harvesting.

The beatification of Teresa on the evidence of one Monica Besra had created so many controversies earlier as Besra a tumour patient was cured by the doctors not by any miracles as established.

In an interview with Time magazine in 2002, Mrs Besra’s husband Seiku was among those to challenge the Vatican’s claim based on the persuasion of Missionaries of Charity propagators of Teresa. “It is much ado about nothing. My wife was cured by the doctors and not by any miracle,” he said.

Ranjan Mustafi, a doctor at the local the state-run Balurghat Hospital who treated Mrs Besra, said that the tumour had been caught at an early stage and had “responded to our treatment steadily.”

But, Mrs Besra says that her own faith in Mother Teresa remained unshaken despite the voices of doubters and her own straightened financial circumstances. Some Christian propagators of  Missionaries of Charity  helped Besra family and choosed Monica as a tool for making the foundation of a ‘fake’ sainthood.

Afterwards, the family of Besra was thrown out as used paper food plates. Mother Teresa ‘miracle’ patient accused the ‘charity nuns’ for her ‘life of penury’. This was the only miracle so far managed to manipulate by the Teresa tippers up to her beatification. This one miracle was sufficient for Mother Teresa to be beatified in 2003.

Now, the canonization recount was made upon another single evidence as flashed as Pope Francis recognised a second miracle attributable to Mother Teresa. This was the healing in 2008 of a 42-year-old Brazilian man Andrino with a number of brain tumours — moments before he was due to undergo surgery. This healing cleared the way for her canonisation as Saint Teresa. It was made by Pope Francis as on December 17, 2015.

From different sources it is also felt that a huge amount was also pumped to erase all medical documents about the ailment of Andrino and the Andrino couple took a great chance to be in the Vatican celebrity list for ever for a fake Saint Teresa born as Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu.

Adrian Asis, Philippine freelancer came out to expose the ‘creature of darkness’ and ‘angel of hell’ with his analysis, “Ten serious accusations against Mother Teresa“. But, he only discussed about the irrefutable and sensible allegations against the notorious woman, who actually loved the poverty and agony not the poor and the agonizers. She loved Jesus and conversion, not the people and their faith. The life of Teresa was based upon a fixed agenda for conversion, conspiracy and no-transparency. Teresa never loved love, compassion and honesty. She extolled billions of dollars in the name of charity and service but she dumped all those in some unknown destinations and spent on political purposes.  For her a caring a dying person was not important, baptization was more important for that dying person. She spared no stone unturned to rape the ethics for treatment in her “Nisthur Hirday” (not Nirmal Hriday at all) of a patient or to extend her love and compassion to anybody out of her list of conversion. Mother Teresa exploited the humanity, humiliated the Hindus in India and trended a huge corruption in the name of charity. Whoever wanted to take the advantages from her, missioned a favor for her sainthood as part of a bigger conspiracy.

Actually, the present researchers on Teresa is quite incapable find those hands of conspirators who gave Teresa, the Nobel Award and even the Bharat Ratna for her,  that is the India’s highest civilian honour which was conferred on Mother Teresa 10 years before BR Ambedkar, who is credited with writing the Indian Constitution!

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2 comments on “Run of a Notorious Nun finished at the line of a Satanic Saint.

  1. Dr Gour Mohanty
    September 4, 2016

    Why the Rationalists shouting hoarse against Hindu superstitions don’t appear to make any comment on Teresa’s so-called Miracles ?


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