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RSS root BJP leader hacked to death in Jihadi style in Bengaluru. City on Communal Fire.

RSS root BJP leader hacked to death in ISIS style near Bengaluru’s Commercial Street in broad daylight; City on fire, shops shut down, RAF called in.


Rudresh R, murdered by suspected Jihadis in Bangalore.

Rudresh R, murdered by suspected Jihadis in Bangalore.

Ritesh Iyer | HENB | Bangaluru | Oct 16, 2016::  A RSS root – BJP Local Leader aged about 42-years was murdered in full public view on Sunday afternoon, right in the heart of Bengaluru city near Commercial Street, in a brazen attack that sent shivers down the spine of onlookers.

Shops in Commercial street were forced to down shutters after RSS and BJP workers held protests on the streets, following which riot control police were deployed in the area.

Rudresh R, a resident of Shivajinagar, was on his way home in the afternoon at about 1.30 after attending an event of the RSS, when the assailant on a bike attacked him with a machete near a Hindu temple on Kamaraj road. The attacker, who was riding pillion, slit Rudresh’s throat from behind in a copybook ISIS style, witnesses told the police.

Rudresh, mandal president of the Shivajinagar shakha of the RSS and secretary of the BJP Shivajinagar, was returning on his bike after participating in a ‘patha sanchalana’ (route march) in the vicinity of RBANMS Grounds.

He stopped his bike around 11.30am in front of a photocopying shop next to Radhakrishna temple on Kamaraj Road and was talking to three of his friends — Kumar, Hari and Jairam — when two men on a black Pulsar bike attacked him.

Rudresh was immediately put into an autorickshaw and rushed to Bowring Hospital where he was declared brought dead. A real estate agent, Rudresh was also into milk business. Rudresh had participated in Goraksha activities in his area in last two years and was targeted by some Muslims beforehand. He was a resident of Milkmans Colony in Shivajinagar.

Both the attacker and his accomplice, who rode the bike, were wearing black masks generally used by the Jihadi assassins.

Locals who witnessed the attack alerted police. Cops from the Commercial Street police station rushed to the scene of the crime on Kamaraj street. They had to first calm down the agitated crowd that had gathered there, before beginning their work.

Police personnel have been posted near Kamaraj street and near Bowring hospital as a precautionary measure. At around 3.15 pm, several members of the BJP and RSS led a protest march to Commercial Street police station, demanding that the police arrest the culprits. The agitated crowd pelted stones at a car, and shops on Commercial Street were forced to down their shutters due to the disturbance in the area.

As the protesting crowds became unruly, RAF personnel were deployed in the area to prevent any possible incidents of violence over the murder.

The protesters blocked Commercial Road for over an hour, causing a huge traffic jam on the premier shopping avenue. They later moved to the spot where their colleague were killed and sat on dharna. The protesters set an 8pm deadline for the police to arrest Rudresh’s killers.

Though the motive behind the killing of Rudresh is still not divulged, the attacks on Hindu activists (specially on RSS) and the BJP workers and leaders are all time high in the southern states of India viz. Kerala, Tamilnadu and Karnataka.

While the RSS and BJP workers are being killed and victimized by the communist and Islamist goons (in Kerala the Communists hav a good understanding to attack Hindus Jointly), the Hindu activists and BJP men  in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are being murdered by the Al Umma Group and other home-grown Jihadi outfits.

RSS was established in 1925 as a Right wing group in India to protect Hindus from the onslaught various attacks on Hindus and to organise Hindus in a broad base social ambiance, now it has been shaped as big NGO engaged in various social works, but not to franchise the warrior spirit of Hindus.

In day alternative Hindus are being victimized in various states in India by the Jihadi attackers, but BJP Govt. in India (BJP is the political wing of RSS). led by PM Modi  is totally failure to protect the safety security of Hindus in their land Bharat (India).


Bengaluru RSS Martyr Rudresh

RSS strongly condemned the murder of Rudresh, RSS Kshetreeya Sanghachalak V Nagaraj, RSS Pranth Karyavah Tippeswamy and other senior functionaries  severely condemned the murder and demanded an impartial and speedy inquiry on the issue. RSS leaders also demanded an immediate arrest of the culprits behind this brutal murder.

RSS Bengaluru calls for a Protest condemning murder of Rudresh, tomorrow October 17, 2016 at 9.00am at  Dandumariyamma Circle, near Shivajinagar Bus Stand, Bengaluru.

Also, called for BANDH of Shivajinagar Assembly Constituency,tomorrow October 17, Monday.

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5 comments on “RSS root BJP leader hacked to death in Jihadi style in Bengaluru. City on Communal Fire.

  1. rdeshpandedrvrao
    October 16, 2016

    When this is the terrifying situation for Hindus in their own land under BJP rule how would be the situation of Hindus in non BJP rule in future?Hindus have no protection in their own land.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ramkrishnagoel
    October 16, 2016

    It is very shameful act by the Muslims. Are now Hindus safe n India.
    If we go the hitiry of atacks on Hindus RSS workers in Indiaby the Muslm Fanatics, it is from 2002 of Gujarat riots.
    The Muslim are givingto atack on HIndus / RSS / VHP workers more from 2006 ater repetitions o Vadodara riots from 1.05.006 aftrdemolition of Chisti Dargah of Vadodara.
    Our Hindu leades ae sleepingand the Mulim’ Jihadists attacking Indian those are workrer of RSS.

    Mr. Narendra Modiji failled to take action against Muslim Jihadits from 26.05.2014.
    We indus are o be united taking Dalists int donidence. Inian Muslims are nowjining ISIS.
    We are ony responsibl for these attack by Muslims on RSS workers.


  3. Gopal
    October 17, 2016

    Note that many of the anti hindu incidents and campaigns are sponsored by christian evangelists groups.


  4. Chandran
    October 17, 2016

    This is the result of ignoring killings of RSS/BJP workers and supporters in Kerala by CPM. CPM provides cover to ISIS activists.


  5. Sunil
    October 18, 2016

    We have to pick arms to fight these jihadis or we will be killed.


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