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Indian Muslims stand with Jihadi Militants as they support the peace in Islam.


Thousands attend funeral of SIMI men killed in Bhopal Encounter reminding us of Yakub Memon and Burhan Wani funerals. 

Upendra Bharati | HENB | Bhopal | Nov 3, 2016:: The majority in Indian Media (Presstitutes), Statesmen (Political pimps), Intellectuals (Anti-India insanes),  Human Rights Activists (Pro-pak bastards) and others in this row always claim that Indian common Muslims are always against terrorism and obviously with peace and prosperity.

For claiming such unreal thing in favour of so called ‘ignorant and simple’ common Muslims, the anti-Indian and anti-Hindu lobby of India want to hide the real mindset of Indian Muslims. The dangerous vote bank politics and the blatant appeasement of Muslim minorities in India made the Muslim people so powerful here that they have turned as the ‘determinant factor’ of anything on which they can cast any spell over Indian politics, media, economy, social fabric, cultural and entertainment sector and even upon common psychology.

When Muhammad Akhlaq lynched at Dadri in a mob attack by a section of Hindus, then it can be called easily as “Saffron Terrorism” or “Hindu Fascism”. But, when Tiger Memon and Yakub Menon attack Mumbai cusing a killing of 257 innocent people and injured over 700 innocent people, it can’t never be called as “Jihadi Militancy” or “Islamic Militancy”. Then the Indian foxes start a howling that “Terrorism has no Religion”.

In this context, the jailed Hindu activists like Swami Aseemanand, Sadhvi Pragya, Dayananda Pandey or Dara Singh all are stamped as ‘Hindu Terrorist’. But, all the Muslim militants like Yakub Memon, Burhan Wani or 8 SIMI men killed in a encounter near Bhopal all are well accepted as Martyrs both by the common Muslim people and by Indian intellectuals, Media crews, Student leaders and maximum in the anti-Indian and anti-Hindu lobby.

The Indian perspective of treating the militants runs high for making Jihadi martyrs out of Islamic militants in all cases whether it’s of Yakub Memon, Burhan Wani or the SIMI men gunned down in encounter after breaking jail.

It is reported now, thousands marched with the bodies of the six of the SIMI men killed in an encounter with the police on Monday in Bhopal. Five of the men were from Khandwa and one from near Ujjain. Photos from the funeral processions of the dreaded SIMI men showed thousands of mourners carrying the body to the burial ground.

SIMI (Students’ Islamic Movement of India) is a banned militant outfit in India.

The bodies of seven of the eight men were laid to rest on Tuesday in different parts of Madhya Pradesh amid tight security.

Bodies of five deceased – Amjad Khan, Zakir Hussain, Mohammad Salik, Sheikh Mehboob and Aqueel Khilji – were buried in their home district Khandwa. Over 2,000 people took part in the funeral procession.

Another slain operative Mohammad Khalid, who hailed from Maharashtra, was laid to rest in Bhopal by Police as nobody claimed his body.

Another deceased, Abdul Majid, was buried at his hometown at Mahidpur in Ujjain district. The body of Sheikh Mujeeb was taken to Ahmedabad by his family members.

At Khandwa, the procession of 5 SIMI Men funeral  turned violent when some unidentified persons allegedly threw stones. The enraged mob immediately smashed a bike and a bus. The common Muslims raised slogan against Indian Govt in support of Jihad in India. They shouted, ‘Allah ho Akbar’ and ‘SIMI Martyrs Jindabad’.

These subversive SIMI militants got the respect for the martyrs from thousands of common Muslim men, but it is nothing new.


Thousands of common Muslim men gathered in Mumbai 30 July 2015 for the burial of Yuakub Memon who was convicted and hanged ultimately for his involvement in the 1993 Bombay bomb blasts that killed 257 innocents and injured another 713. At least 40 thousand common Muslim men took part in the janaza of their Martyr Hero ‘Yakub Memon’ the terrorist brother of Pak operative and mastermind of 1993 Mumbai blast, Tiger Memon.

It was a same scenario in the funeral of Hizbul commander Burhan Wani who was also killed in an encounter with security forces in Kashmir valley. As per report, some 50, 000 common Muslim congregated on July 9, 2016 in Tral, the nativity of Burhan, only to pay an homage to the Martyr Commander Wani and to convey a solidarity with Jihadi militancy.


Time and again, it is proved that Indian common Muslims support Islamic Jihad and respect all the subversive and militants working against India.

Indian Muslims always stand with Jihadi Militants and consider Yakub, Burhan, SIMI extremists as their Hero and consider them as martyr as they support the peace in Islam.

This is the reality of common Muslims and Jihad militancy in India and the world too. Without the natural support from the base of common, this fundamentalism and militancy based on Quran and Sharia can’t sustain at all.


One comment on “Indian Muslims stand with Jihadi Militants as they support the peace in Islam.

  1. skanda987
    November 4, 2016

    There was a real need for a civil war in 1947 in response to the threat of civil war by the minority Muslims if Indian is not partitioned. Foolishly the Hindu leaders of the time bowed down. Now in 2016 the same need for a civil war exists, and the Islam issue for the Hindus in their homeland Hindustan is more severe than 1947. The civil war can be avoided if below solution is accept and acted upon by the Hindus with unity.

    As solution:

    – The Hindus/ Bhaaratiyas need to amend the constitution making it a pro-Vedic constitution.

    – At the same time Hindus mass mega movement need to begin to make Hindustan a Vedic State, not “secular” because Vedic dharma and culture are inherently tolerant of all the tolerant faiths and ideologies.

    – Hindus need to keep modern weapons and get trained to use the weapons.

    – RSS needs to replace laathi with modern weapon

    – Then the Hindustani Muslims need to be pressed to quit Islam under Ghar Waapasi rogram, or move to Pak because their ancestors a few centuries ago were Hindus who were forced to accept Islam. Now there is no force on them to hold on to Islam, which has invaded in Bhaarat by force and as totally intolerant of even the tolerant faiths. So it is anti-Vedic.

    – Unless fighting power and will is visible in 30-40 % of the Hindu population, Islam issue will stay and grow and eliminate Vedic dharma, people, and will totally lose control over their homeland, which then need to freely practice Vedic dharma.

    jai sri Krishna!
    Vedic preacher and purohit


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