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Centre should make law for Ayodhya Ram Temple construction: VHP.

VHP demands Central legislation for Ram temple construction at Ayodhya. 

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Agra | March 17, 2017:: The Ram Temple is the country’s “symbol of pride and self-respect”, said VNP Intl General secretary Dr Surendra Jain said and claimed that ‘Jan Jagaran’ (awareness of people) and ‘Ram Mahotsva’ for the Ramalala Temple at Ayodhya would start from March 28 to April 10 across the country and under the programme meetings would be held in all the blocks of the country with active participation of five crore people.

Six days after BJP’s landslide victory in UP, the right wing Hindu organization Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has upped the ante on the issue of Ram Janam Bhoomi Temple and demanded that a legislation should be passed in the Parliament to pave way for the temple’s construction.

The reconstruction of Somnath Temple of Gujarat was also made with the Central intervention in 1951. The reconstruction was envisioned by then Home Minister of India Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and was completed under K. M. Munshi, the then head of the temple trust.

The VHP, an affiliate of Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS), has already intensified its outreach in rural areas and is frequently holding small-level local meetings in villages to build strategy for the issue.

“The Hindu Samaj will not accept any more delay in the construction of Ram Temple. The Centre should make a law for its construction,” VHP’s International Joint General Secretary Surendra Kumar Jain told a press conference here at Agra on Friday.

Jain said several countries faced external invasions but had demolished such structures built by the invaders soon after they got independence.

Loudly praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his developmental works and 2022 vision, Jain said construction of Ram temple was also a step towards development and referred to results of elections in Uttar Pradesh as proof.

Jain said, “We believed earlier too that the BJP will fulfill the demand, but after this victory, no doubts are left that Ram Temple would be constructed in Ayodhya soon.”

VHP Braj region vice-president, Sunil Parashar said the decision to hold the Mahotsav was taken in central working committee meeting. He said besides the legislation in the Parliament, the VHP would demand that the temple be constructed with the help of Ram Janmabhoomi Nyas trust and from stones which have already been carved out.

__with input from PTI.

5 comments on “Centre should make law for Ayodhya Ram Temple construction: VHP.

    March 18, 2017

    JAI SRI RAM………


  2. Dr. Mahesh Chandna
    March 18, 2017

    Hindu Mahasabha is fighting case of Ram Mandir in court from 1949 .. RSS/VHP are not the party in case . Earlier when Hindu Mahasabha did andolan ( agitation ) also for Ram Mandir , it invited RSS also to join it but RSS refused and stayed away . When BJP was facing political cricis and was with only 2 MP’s RSS started Ram Mandir Andolan and started calling the building as Baabri Masjit . The Building was demolished . By repeatedly calling the demolished building as Baabri Masjit , press , govt. agencies also started calling the disputed building as Baabri Masjit , So a disputed building was made Babri Masjit Though Court had considered this as Mandir till final judgement is given and pujari was also appointed on the orders of court for daily pooja . salery was paid by govt.Court had also restricted the entry of Muslims in that area. Then with the orders of Rajeev Gandhi Govt.. Doors of Mandir were opend for all hindus for darshan and prayers . At that time RSS did not believe in court verdict and did not wait for its judgement and started andolan on the ground that it is a matter of faith and court cannot give its judgement on this issue , Now since BJP is in govt.and has achieved , what for andolan was started ( political gain ) . Now RSS/BJP are changing its stand and says they will make Mandir in constitutional way ( sanvidhaan ke anusar ) and matter is pending in court , let court give judgement then they will make Mandir . Now the question is
    1-If they have to make mandir if court. gives judgement in favour of hindus then why andolan was done , case was already pending in court ..
    2- RSS and BJP are not the party in court then what is the Roll of BJP/RSS ?
    3- If court gives judgement in favour of hindus it will be because of Hindu Mahasabha not because of BJP/RSS .
    4-RSS/ VHP had collected huge amount of money for making mandir but it does not want to give even a single penny for fighting the case .
    RSS/BJP are just misleading Hindus on Ram Mandir issue and because of them Ram Lala is in Tent.


  3. drvraoblog
    March 18, 2017

    Since BJP is is in power in UP the Govt can construct SreeRam temple at Ayodhya. Central Govt may constitute an official committee choosing members from Hindu Mahasabha RSS and BJP to start construction of temple


    • Dr. Mahesh Chandna
      March 19, 2017

      Good suggetion


  4. drvraoblog
    March 18, 2017

    Since BJP is is in power in UP the Govt can construct SreeRam temple at Ayodhya. Central Govt may constitute an official committee choosing members from Hindu Mahasabha RSS and BJP to start construction of temple.Differences amongHM RSS and BJP will be a plus point to the opponents of the temple.


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