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Karnataka, another Hindu killing field and near destination of bloody Jihad in South.


12 RSS-BJP-VHP activists have been murdered in Jihadi network of Karnataka in last 2 years.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Bengaluru | March 16, 2017:: With the brutal murder of RSS Swayamsevak, BJP councillor and Dalit leader Srinivas Prasad, the numbers of such Hindu activists killing have reached in Karnataka to 12 in last two years as per record.

Srinivas Prasad, popularly known as Kithaganahalli Vasu was hacked to death by unidentified miscreants in Anekal, Bengaluru on Tuesday morning.

Most of these killings are made by various anti-Hindu Jihadi outfits and local fanatic Muslim outfits as suspected.

5 persons including a Congress Councillor arrested in connection with Srinivas Prasad murder case,  said Bangalore rural SP Amit Singh.

On Feb 19, 2015 Bajrangdal activist Biswanath was murdered by Islamist organisation PFI+ in Shimoga Riot. PFI (Popular Front of India) is an active Muslim Political forum preaching Jihad against Hindus in southern India.

Gorakshak and VHP activist Prashant Poojari was killed by Muslim goons+ in front of Temple on Oct 9, 2015. India was crying then for the murder of Akhlak at Dadri in Uttar Pradesh. But, nobody was found to address the case of Prashant Killing at  Moodbidri+. Again PFI here was connected+ with Poojari Murder case.

Senior VHP leader Kuttappa was murdered on Nov 10, 2015+ amidst a collision created in Tipu Jayanti in Madikeri town of Kodagu district. Another Two Hindu activists were also hacked to death in this Tip Jayati row. The Islamic outfit SDPI was named in connection with Kuttappa (Madikeri),  Raju of Kannadabane BJP worker Harish of Banatwala ) were killed in those communal clashes+ as reported.

Prominent BJP youth leader and Bajrangdal activist K Raju was hacked to death at Mysuru+ on March 16, 2016 by the Jihadi elements. Mysuru Raju stopped an illegal construction of a masjid in Kyatamaranahalli (Mysuru) and was brutally hacked with sickles in a day light murder.

Hindu Jagarana Vedike activist and a local auto rickshaw driver, Praveen Poojary was killed by PFI suspects + on 14th  Aug 2016 at Guddehosur in Kushalnagar taluk.

The sensational Rudresh Murder in Bengaluru on Oct 16, 2016 showed the Jhiadi penetration+ in the city and Karnataka both at a ugly vulnerable level. RSS worker Rudresh was killed with a machete by the radicals. Again, pro-Islamic outfit Popular Front of India’s (PFI) Bengaluru President and others were arrested+ in connection with Rudresh Murder.

Karthik Raj, RSS Swayamsevak, son of a noted BJP leader, died in a hospital on Oct 23, 2016, the day after he was heavily assaulted with sticks and rods by miscreants at Mangaluru+.  It is said that Karthick was an activist in Prasath Poojari’s Gouraksha Dal. This murder was also divulged as an act of Jihadists+, as reported.

RSS linked BJP worker Magali Ravi murdered in Mysuru on Nov 5, 2016+. He was killed mysteriously when returning from a meeting against the celebration of Tipu jayanti. Tipu Sultan was a radical Muslim ruler who killed thousands of Hindus in his regime+. Ravi was in protest of Tipu celebration and thus killed.

BJP ZP member. Yogesh Gouda hacked to death in Dharwad on June 16, 2016 in a ghastly sight+. He was an influential Hindu leader in the locality and owner of Uday gym in which the local Hindu boys used to gather to form anti-Jihadi surveillance. The Jihadi elements first used chilli powder to attack Yogesh and broken his neck, jaws, hands and legs mercilessly.

At latest, Hinduwadi BJP councillor, Srinivas Prasad was hacked to death in a gory Jihadi style near Bengaluru on March 14, 2017+. The Karnataka police nabbed five persons including a Congress councillor in connection of the case. It is told by investigating agencies and the murder was done with the deployment of some jihadi forces.

Three states in Southern India, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are definitely under the clutches of  Jihadi operatives. Al Ummah, Indian Mujahideen, PFI, SDPI, Tawheed Jamaat all are active there. ISIS is looming large in the southern part of India. From these states Muslim youths joined ISIS brigade in Syria. Who can deny this? As a result, Karnataka is now also a vulnerable Hindu killing field and destination of bloody Jihad in the South.

__Agencies/ Courtesy: Links used above. +See hyperlinks for each murder.

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