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Dr. Subramanian Swamy is to sue Mamata Banerjee to save Tarakeshwar Temple from Jihadi grip.

Does Mamata Banerjee have the right to upset Hindus in Bengal?

‘Narada tainted’ and ‘proud of Mini-Pakistan’ minister of Mamata Govt, Firhad Hakim appointed as Chairman of ‘Tarakeshwar temple premises development board’!!!

Upendra Bharati | HENB | Tarakeshwar (Hoogly) | July 19, 2017::  On 1st June 2017,  West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee announced the formation of a police commissionerate for Hooghly along with a university, a medical college and a development board for Tarakeshwar. She was conducting the administrative review meeting of Hooghly district as her routine schedule.

Mamata announced a grant-in-aid of  Rs 5 crore for the Tarakeshwar Temple Premises Development Board (তারকেশ্বর মন্দির চত্ত্বরে  as told by CM, see video 1) concerned ‘to look after the development of the Trakeshwar temple premises and its adjoining areas. She declared Firhad Hakim, state Urban Development minister, as the chairman of the board keeping Becharam Manna will be the vice-chairman and Hoogly DM as charge officer for maintenance.

About 300 years old Tarakeshwar Temple is renowned Shiva Shrine in Rarh Bengal (Rarh/ Rad region is a toponym for an area in the Indian subcontinent that lies between the Chota Nagpur Plateau on the West and the Ganges Delta on the East, now confined in Middle to South Bengal i.e. Farakka to Ganga Sagar) and believed to be equal as ‘Jyotirlinga’.  Tarakeshwar is famous for its Shravani Mela when millions of Hindu devotees thronged at Tarakeshwar temple for ‘water sacrament’ to Lord Shiva. Hindus in Bengal became very much annoyed to see Firhad Hakim as a Chairman of such a development board concerned a highest Hindu pilgrimage in Bengal.

Tainted minister Firhad Hakim who was involved in Narada scam had earlier triggered a huge controversy by describing Garden Reach as “mini-Pakistan” to a correspondent of leading Pakistan daily, ‘The Dawn’+. This comes as a huge shock to the Hindu community as a non-Hindu would be looking after temple affairs in its highest position.

The clandestine appointment Firhad Hakim alias Bobby Hakim in Tarakeshwar concerned Board invoked a huge debate in Bengali Hindu mind-set along with the National Channel like Times Now also.

Public in Bengal want to know, why Mamata has never appoint any Hindu in any Waqf Board or Muslim religious places like Furfura Sharif, Hijli Sharif, Pathar Chapri Sharif and so on in her so called ‘Communal Harmony’ venture.

In India, while non-Muslims are not entailed to get position in any Waqf Board or any Dargah of Islamic shrines, non Hindus are being appointed as authority in many Hindu shrines and Temple boards very unfortunately.

From a data divulged in the Development meeting of Tarakeshwar  on Ist June, chaired by Mamata, it is divulged that there are 30 mosques under Tarakeshwr police station area, but only two recorded Hindu temples as Loknath Temple and Tarakeshwar Shiva Temple. Local Hindus are suspecting that a big share of allotted Rupees Five Crore will be utilized for mosque development etc.

Hindu Rights defender and BJP Rajya Sabha MP Dr Subramanian Swamy reacted over the matter of ‘Muslim appointment in Tarakeshwar Temple Development Board’ very sharply. He also stated Mamata’s action as ‘Mad Move’.

In two tweets Dr Swamy conveyed, ” I have already set up my legal eagle team for Bengal to challenge Mamata’s horrible temple appointment. Writ Petition will be filed. Congrats Times Now and Shivshankar for exposing Mamata fraud on Hindu Temples.”

So, its now a war between nationalist Pro-Hindu Dr. Subramanian Swamy vs ‘Jihadi Didi’ and anti-Hindu Mamata Banerjee. Hindus must be united against a shameless and corruption queen to save Bengali Hindus from a dangerous Mini Pakistani’s invasion into their religious domain.

Dr. Subramanian Swamy gave an 48 hours ultimatum to Mamata Banerjee to withdraw her impugned Tarakeshwar declaration to avoid any case in this connection.


2 comments on “Dr. Subramanian Swamy is to sue Mamata Banerjee to save Tarakeshwar Temple from Jihadi grip.

  1. harihar guin
    June 21, 2017

    The majority of population is Hindu but we all are governed by CONSTITUTION OF INDIA,
    Surprisingly the care taker of the rights under the CONSTITUTION are the Courts …HIGH COURT and SUPREME COURTS but it is shameful to says that such judges who are elevated from bar to bench directly are the influential persons from various sphere.
    They need not be talented or outstanding or having any remarkable contribution in the field of LAW, what they are to nurture in the interest of Justice- after they become Judges.
    The worst part is that these JUDGES later complete their entire period of service as JUDGES and for that there is no REPORT CARD.
    After retirement they become Chairman/members in various tribunal and also in *NHRC*.
    So now you can generalize that why no action was ever taken on KASHMIR issue when Punnu kashmiri pundits family more than 5 lacs were brutally murdered, their females were raped and tortured and finally thrown out of their own State.
    Now they are refugee in their own country lost everything. BUT NHRC is silent since 1990.
    SO WHY EXPECTING ACTION BY NHRC FOR “Dhulagarh issue in West Bengal”????

    Sir you are the only NATIONALIST and HINDU at heart. I salute you and ready to involve myself to any extent and extreme when and wherever required by you.


  2. Sushil Chattergee
    December 10, 2017

    Get rid of that bitch and increase rss and other such factions to save bengali hindus from extinction. She is allowing the muslims to take over and murder hindus and immigrants from bangladesh! Get out you *unt! We don’t want your lies and deception any more!


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