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Start Majority Commission or Stop Minority Commission. National Human Rights Commission is enough for all: VHP.

National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) more than enough to safeguard the rights of all the citizens of the nation. Then why the very genesis of a Minority Commission for the encouragement of the idea of separatism?

Scrap the Minority Commission or else form a Majority Commission : VHP

Upendra Bhrati | HENB | New Delhi | june 20, 2017::  Vehemently opposing the role of Minority Commission Chairman Syed Ghayorul Hasan Rizvi to incite separatism, the Vishva Hindu Parishad today demanded a scrap of the commission forthwith.

Vinod Bansal, the National spokesperson of VHP today circulated a Press Statement in which the organisation demanded an establishment of a “Majority Commission” if the functioning of “Minority Commission” to be continued further.

In the press statement quoting the statement of VHP International Secretary Dr Surendra Jainit is reflected as:

“The Chairman of the National Commission for Minorities, Syed Ghayorul Hasan Rizvi by implementing the agenda of the separatists, is strengthening the feelings of separatism in the Muslim community, says Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP). While informing about the decision to start a helpline number for Muslims, he said that Muslims could give a call on this number in case any atrocity is being committed against them. Reacting to this statement, the international joint General secretary of VHP Dr. Surendra Jain today said that this makes one feel that the atrocities against the Muslim community has reached such proportions that the extreme step of opening a helpline for the Muslims had to be taken up.

Dr. Jain said that Pakistan and the separatists have been using this exact analogy to justify their anti-India activities. Now they got one more man to advocate their cause. The events unfolding in the entire world proves the point that the amount of rights that the Muslims in Bharat enjoying cannot be matched by even the Muslims of the Islamic states. Despite this, the jihadi elements foment enmity by creating dissatisfaction among the Muslims. The Minority Commission too is only fomenting the same feelings of dissatisfaction by its work thereby strengthening minoritism and separatism, he added.

The Hon. Supreme Court in a ruling had expected that the Minority Commission would put an end to this anti-national practice of minoritism. Instead, while opening a helpline number, it has encouraged the feelings of disintegration among the community.  He asked that the nation wants to know from the Minority Commission if the Muslim community is the one against whom atrocities have been committed or is it the other way round, is the Muslim community the perpetrator of atrocities? The Minority Commission must issue an elaborate statement on this. He challenged the Minority Commission for an open debate on the issue.

It is important to note that while the Chairman of the Minority Commission was busy announcing the decision to open a helpline, about the same time, Muslim goons were busy molesting and harassing Hindu girls in Muslim-dominated district of Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh. When they were stopped, their gang attacked the Hindus. Such incidents are commonplace in Muslim-dominated areas. When India lost to Pakistan in the finals of the Champions Trophy in cricket, Pakistani flags were waved all over the Kashmir valley, Bengal and other places dominating Muslims, and Hindus were attacked. The Minority Commission by portraying the perpetrators of atrocities as victims is encouraging the Mughal-mindset and tendency of the Muslims. This happens only in Pakistan where the Muslims who kill Hindus are rewarded. Is Minority Commission moving towards turning India into Pakistan? , he asked.

Dr. Jain also asked that as the very genesis of a Minority Commission is an encouragement to separatism, isn’t the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) more than enough to safeguard the rights of all the citizens of the nation? He demanded that the NHRC should be empowered and the Minority Commission should be scrapped. If this is not possible then a National Majority Commission should also be established to protect the rights of the majority, whose rights are being abused. The Minority Commission made unnecessary comments on cow-slaughter but remained silent on beef parties. This has certainly hurts Hindu sentiments.”

The Hindi version of the Press Statement can be seen in this link:  अल्पसंख्यक आयोग को भंग करें या  बहुसंख्यक आयोग भी बनाया जाए : डा सुरेंद्र  जनै+.

Source: VHP.ORG

One comment on “Start Majority Commission or Stop Minority Commission. National Human Rights Commission is enough for all: VHP.

  1. s.k. majumdar
    June 21, 2017

    I am in complete agreement with the views. The Minority Commission should be abolished immediately. I also suggest to do away with the quota system meant for different castes, creeds, gender and religion


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