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The Great ‘Rohingya Advocates’ lead to ‘another partition of India’.

The Great Six Advocates are fighting for the Rights of ‘illegal‘ and ‘terror network‘ linked Rohingyas causing “drain on India’s resources and a serious security threat to country“.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Haridwar | Sept 18, 2017:: A high tide  in favour of the Rohingya Muslim refugees was seen today in Supreme Court in India. Six Great Indian Advocates were seen fighting for the Rights of ‘illegal’ and ‘terror network’ linked Rohingyas causing “drain on India’s resources and a serious security threat to country”.


During the hearing before a bench headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra, senior advocates Fali S Nariman, Kapil Sibal, Rajeev Dhawan, Colin Gonsalves, Ashwani Kumar and Prashant Bhushan asserted that protection should be granted to Rohingya refugees in India.

The apex court was hearing a plea filed by two Rohingya immigrants, Mohammad Salimullah and Mohammad Shaqir, who are registered as refugees under the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). They claimed that they have taken refuge in India after escaping from Myanmar due to widespread discrimination, violence and bloodshed against the community there.

Interestingly as per gathered information, these mentioned six advocates have never shown any interest about the lakhs of displaced Kashmir Pandits and Hindu Refugees living in various refugee or detention camps in Jammu, Delhi and Assam respectively.

The issue of Rogingya Muslims came to the fore after the home ministry in July stated that illegal immigrants such as the Rohingyas posed grave security challenges as they might be recruited by terror groups, and asked the state governments to identify and deport them. Immediately after the MHA’s statement on Rohingya deportation, the Rights Radicals jumped into the Ring for their great fights for Rohingyas!


Today, Union Home Ministry filed the 15-page affidavit in which it was stated, “As per law, it is completely illegal for Rohingya immigrants to stay in India and has submitted that their continuance in India would have serious national security ramifications and has serious security threats.”

Centre’s affidavit says presence of Rohingya Muslims in India is a drain on India’s resources and a serious security threat to country.

“Stay of Rohingya will deprive Indians of their legitimate share in employment, subsidised housing, medical care and education. It is completely within the executive policy how to deal with illegal migrants like Rohingya Muslims. Centre has inputs from intelligence agencies about links of some Rohingya Muslims with Pakistan’s ISI and Global terror network IS to spread violence in India,” the affidavit stated.

Centre says there is an organised network of touts operating in Myanmar and West Bengal and Tripura to facilitate illegal Rohingya influx.

Chief Justice Dipak Misra responded, “The court will only go by law and petitioners must now go through the affidavit filed by the government.”

The apex court also refused a plea to issue a notice to the National Human Rights Commission, which supported the Rohingya Muslims and said it would argue against their deportation.

“First let us the see the legal position. It will be too early to issue notice to NHRC. We want to see if we have the jurisdiction. If yes, what kind of jurisdiction we have…..”, said Chief Justice Dipak Misra.


Former RSS ideologue K N Govindacharya and Chennai-based Indic Collective Trust are intervenors in the case seeking deportation of the Rohingya refugees. Govindacharya on Friday says their continued presence “may lead to another partition of the country”.

“It has also become known that al Qaeda is trying to use the Rohingya community for terror and jihad and and if Rohingyas’ plea is entertained then it may lead to another partition of the country,” the plea said.

“Rohingyas have no constitutional right to stay in India and their deportation would be in consonance with the exercise of the sovereign power vested with the central government and their deportation does not violate the international law,” it said.

The Indic Collective Trust has stated that their presence posed “social, economic and security” threat to India and that Myanmar should be pressured to resolve the crisis within its borders. “Rohingya conflict is undeniably a massive humanitarian disaster and even United Nation officials have taken note of it. But such cataclysms although irremediable are best addressed locally within the home state i.e. Myanmar, by way of exerting international pressure or by working out a road-map with the Burmese government or by sending shiploads of aid and so on, and on the other hand, India cannot solve this crisis by importing and welcoming it…”, the application filed by Indic Collective Trust through Advocate Suvidutt Sundaram and J Sai Deepak said.


The Refugees fleeing Islamic wars in Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq due to whether by Talibanic or Islamic State insurgency and their settlements in many European countries, including France, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, have grossly affected the peace and social texture of European continent.

Repeated terrorist attacks in France, Germany, Britain; increasing rape rates in Muslim dominated areas; the deteriorating law and order situations caused by the Muslim refugees, demands of Sharia and Halal for them  in just last two-three years put the European people in a very disgusting and frightful experience.

Many of the experts in Europe opine that the flood of Muslim refugees is creating various  obvious  demographic and cultural problems  in Europe.

But, none of 52-53 Islamic countries of this world did take any responsibility of these burden of lakhs of Muslim refugees in their land, but drove them away to Europe.

In the same way, the Rohingya Muslims are not invited in any Muslim countries, but being advised to be rehabilitated in Indian soil, as if India is the best free hotel for every illegal and displaced Muslims from any part in this world.

The European Muslim Refugee crisis certainly reminds us that this  Islamic Refugee wave in Non-Muslim area is nothing but another Jihad of invasions only to capture new holds by dint of the claims of human rights and refugee rehabilitation.

We must be aware of this ‘Refugee Jihad’ whether it is in Europe or as of now the case of Rohingyas in India.

__with inputs from ENS and Live Law.

4 comments on “The Great ‘Rohingya Advocates’ lead to ‘another partition of India’.

  1. Manoj Jalan
    September 21, 2017

    These six lawyers are wolves hiding inside the Sheep’s skin, and very soon they will get their payment in their own currency.
    Jai Shree Raam !!!


  2. Yash
    September 21, 2017

    Before mass flooding rohingyas in india, constitution must take some serious steps. I’ve heard that some rohingyas are taking shelter illegally in border area.Recently at Manipur
    a rohinngya suspect was arrested by villagers he can’t speak neither hindi or manipuri. People leave him coz they dont have any clues and later police was in search of him.What if rohingyas are allowed to settled in India?Or they illegally settle ? The only affected people will be border area peoples like manipur,assam.After some years these peace state might become terror state becoz of rohingyas Al Queda.Before happening the same BSF must be keep at high alert to prevent refugeesAlways remember prevention of refugee will be better than curing India after affected by terrorist….Thank you..


  3. Sandip
    September 25, 2017

    The six advocates are among the top legal brains in the country. They have made millions and have no need to run after money, but they want publicity and to stay under the limelight. But, it also seems, on closer analysis that these six legal brains are intellectually feeble and seem to have no understanding of history.

    One needs to understand that Islam is not just a religion, but has got a very mean minded, ruthless, violent, and barbaric political ideology built into itself. They are the most intolerant of other faiths. All religions have undergone transformations and accept rational thought, but Islam is hell bent on moving backwards and backwards into the dark ages. It is beyond the scope of even enlightened educated Muslims to transform their own religion. Even they would be persecuted and would face death for trying to transform Islam.

    Compare the Indic religions with Islam and see the difference. Letting Rohingyas stay here could lead to another partition of India.


  4. chandra15102014
    October 1, 2017

    Sandip, you have put it very clear what is Islam and it’s imminent danger to peace-loving Hindus and Indians in general.As such our government must keep these Rohingyas out as they are a national security threat.


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