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TMC leader Assadulah was master mind of Malda violence. Why Mamata don’t announce ‘Dangashree’ in WB?

Mamata must announce ‘Dangashree’ in WB.

TMC leader Assadulah Biswas was prime conspirator of Malda violence: NHRC letter.

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Kolkata | Feb 3, 2018:: Over a period of two years after one of the most deadly riots of the country shook the Malda district in West Bengal, a letter by National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has brought to light a report filed by deputy Superintendent of Police (SP) of Malda. In the report, he has pointed out that Trinamool Congress Panchayat Samiti leader Assadulah Biswas of Kaliachak locality had hatched a Jihadi conspiracy along with 49 others against the Hindu community. The violent Jihadi mob led by Assadulah had formed an unlawful assembly, attacked Kaliachak Police station and burnt it almost, burnt many police and BSF  vehicles, damaged public properties and committed the riots by carrying lethal weapons including inflammable items.

The letter further pointed out that a case in this regard has been registered against the accused and a charge sheet was also filed after the investigation. NHRC further added that the report has been sent to complainants for their comments, but no communication was received by them as yet. The Commission said that it will proceed with the case on merits. It is important to recall that riots had broken out in Malda district of West Bengal on January 3, 2016 when a protest rally attended by Muslims got violent. The Muslims present there were opposing the remarks of Hindu leader Kamlesh Tiwari who had said that Muslim prophet Muhammad was the first homosexual in the world.

During the riots, nearly two dozens police vehicles including one belonging to Border Security Force (BSF) was set ablaze.  Many shops were shut down and the protesters also looted some nearby houses., Rapid Action Force (RAF) was called to handle the situation.

Biswas, who has been named as the prime accused for conspiracy was later arrested in the month of September and sent to 13 days of police custody by a local court. Mamata Banerjee led Bengal govt has been accused of shielding the accused by the Opposition parties.

This Assadulah was an operative of CPM in Malda district being in the inner circle of CPM leader Biswanath Ghosh. Assadulah took the shelter of TMC in 2011 when TMC came into the power in West Bengal. Assadulah played a vital role for the win of TMC leader Abu Naser Khan Chowdhury. But, in Sept 2016, Police arrested Assadulah for his various crime connection with smuggling of arms and narcotics, illegal farming of opium, printing & business of fake currencies, attacking police station and inciting riots.


Representational image.

This NHRC revelation makes it clear that how the TMC leaders are made instrumental for running riotts in different parts in West Bengal one after another. In 2010, the Ex. TMC MP in Lok Sabha and now MLA, Haji Nurul Islam was engaged in Deganga Riot. The SIMI Co-Founder Ahamed Hassan Imran and the TMC MP (RS) was the mastermind of Canning Riot in 2013. The present TMC Minister for Minority Development in WB, Giasuddin Molla was behind the Usthi Riot in 2015 and now the name of Assadulah Biswas has been confirmed by the police and NHRC as the mastermind behind the Malda’s Kaliachak Riot in 2016, January.

In TMC (Total Mujahideen Congress) regime the outbursts of Riot against Hindu people  by the Jihadi fanatics are mostly led by the TMC people or the Islamists sheltered in TMC.

Incidentally, the TMC minority leader Idris Ali and Ahamed Hasan Imran, both led to run riot in Kolkata for ousting the ‘anti-Islam’ woman writer Taslima Nasrin from Kolkata in the year 2007.

Since then, the ‘sewerage’ class poet, painter, pervert Mamata Banerjee never spent a word in support of Taslima Nasrin as she don’t want to dishearten her Jihadi brothers in Bengal to make it an ideal land of Islam.

WB CM may announce her next scheme and award like Kanyashree, Yuvashree, Banashree, KhelashreeRupashree and now please be one on Danga (riot). Mamata must now announce “Dangashree“.

__input from NewsX.

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