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If Hindu goes to Jail for Marrying Twice, What’s the problem of a Muslim to go there for Triple Talaq: PM Modi.

PM Narendra Modi in Rajya Sabha. (Source: RSTV)

What stopped Congress from bringing Triple Talaq Bill in past 60 years….

If a Hindu Marries Twice, You are Happy Sending him to Jail but Worry about a Muslim Going to Jail for Triple Talaq: PM Modi in Parliament.

Upendra Bharti | HENB | New Delhi | Feb 7, 2018::  Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday took on the Congress aggressively over the Triple Talaq Bill, saying while the opposition party was free to mock government policies like the Swachh Bharat and Make In India, it should keep women empowerment above politics. Modi also asked Congress what stopped the party from bringing the Triple Talaq Bill in past 60 years and sought the opposition’s cooperation in passing the legislation, which is yet to be cleared in the Rajya Sabha.

Speaking in the Rajya Sabha where the Congress-led opposition had blocked the proposed law to ban triple talaq, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday gave it back to Congress for trying to find faults with his government’s version of the law.

The NDA government had last year drafted the Muslim Women Protection of Rights in Marriage Bill 2017 to make the instant “triple talaq” a criminal offence. It had proposed up to three years in jail as punishment for a Muslim man who seeks to divorce his wife by saying “talaq” thrice.

The bill, drafted months after the Supreme Court declared the triple talaq illegal, had cleared the Lok Sabha but was put on hold after the Congress and other opposition parties made it clear that they insisted on sending it to a parliamentary committee for review. Some Congress lawmakers had argued that if a man who abandons his family goes to jail, he will not be able to provide for them.

PM Modi said the logic advanced by many people against the triple talaq law proposed by his government could be stretched to argue against any criminal law.

 “If a Hindu marries twice, he goes to jail. There should be punishment for him. You did not think how his family will survive,” PM Modi said to thumping of tables from the treasury benches.
“Several members of opposition raised their voice that if a boy of another community is jailed for giving triple talaaq to his wife, what will his old parents do, how will they survive. But they never raise voice when a Hindu boy in similar circumstances is sent to jail for marrying two women,” Modi said in his Rajya Sabha speech.
PM Modi said it could always be argued that if a young man is sentenced to jail for murder, how will his parents survive.

Turning to the Congress, PM Modi also asked the party who had stopped them from “coming up with the kind of a law that you want”. The Congress, he said, first had the opportunity to change the law when the matter came before it 30 years back. That is when a minister also spoke out in parliament why triple talaq should go, he said.

“But there were voices against it, politics came into play, your vote-bank was at risk. Suddenly the minister had to go. So did his mission,” PM Modi said, an oblique reference to Arif Mohammad Khan’s speech in parliament defending the 1985 Supreme Court judgment in the Shah Bano case. Mr Khan had resigned in protest after the government gave in to the campaign against the verdict and enacted the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act.

The Congress and their allies in UPA are misguiding the Muslim community that if BJP would be successful in passing the Triple Talaq Bill anyway, they may bring legislation for single marriage of Muslims (instead of permissive four as per Shariah) under proposed Uniform Civil Code in India.

But, a large section of Indian Muslim women are supporting the proposed Bill against Triple Talaq.

On Wednesday in the war of words of speech, PM Modi accused Congress Party as the main cause of the partition of India to rule the country by its leaders.





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