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Muslim Man cut his wife into pieces and dumped away the body with help of 2 brothers.

Three Quran followers viz. Sajid Ali Ansari (center), and his two brothers Ishteyaque (L) & Hasmat (R) chopped Juhi’s body and stuffed parts into a cartoon. Nobody’s conscience  stopped each other.

Muslim Man killed wife, chopped and dumped body with help of his two brothers. The man married the Hindu girl in a ‘Love Jihad’ intrigue. 

Amita Dewan | HENB | Delhi | June 26, 2018:: Another  story of ‘Love Jihad’ comes to a tragic end as a Hindu girl finally cut into pieces by her Muslim husband and in-laws out of  difference of opinion, discomfort or any other reason. It is difficult to understand when the non-Muslim girls, specially the Hindu girls are going to understand the menace of Love Jihad and will stop to fall prey to these Love jihadis?

A week after a woman’s dismembered body was found near Okhla Tank, police have arrested her husband Sajid Ali Ansari (26), an unemployed engineer, and his two brothers Ishteyaque and Hasmat for the murder.

Sajid strangled the woman, Juhi (26), during an argument and then chopped the body into seven pieces with the help of his brothers. The couple’s children were sleeping in the room when Sajid  killed her.

Cops found the torso and a leg stuffed into a carton, while the rest of the body was in a plastic bag and sacks.

The face had been disfigured by Sajid to make identification difficult.

Juhi, the Hindu woman, a native of Bihar, had fallen in love with Sajid while they were studying in Kurukshetra and married him against the wishes of her family. But, soon after the marriage Juhi started to taste the harassment and torture of Ansari and his family.

Special commissioner (law and order, south) R P Upadhyay said, “It was a challenge for the investigating teams to identify the woman and trace her killers as there were no identification marks on the body. All evidences, including the carton, the victim’s clothes and bags collected from the spot, were minutely studied to get the location of the killers.”

Several teams went to shops in northeast Delhi from where the clothes worn by the woman were probably bought, but failed to get any concrete clues.

Cops also scanned through 90 PCR calls about disputes between couples to find out whether the woman was a victim of one such argument. The first breakthrough came from a tag on the carton that contained the address of a courier company based in Gurgaon. “We found that the carton was sent from UAE to one Javed Akhtar in Aligarh. A team was sent to Aligarh to track Akhtar. The man told cops that he had brought some goods from UAE and left one of the cartons at his apartment in Jamia Nagar’s Shaheen Bagh. He had rented the flat to Sajid Ansari,” said DCP (southeast) Chinmoy Biswal.

When a police team went to the address in Shaheen Bagh, it was found that Sajid had vacated the house in a hurry and left the keys with a neighbor. He had told the neighbour that he had tried to contact the house owner but could not get through to him

When cops broke open the door of the apartment, they found the woman’s bloodstained clothes and some clues about Sajid. He was traced to his brother’s house nearby. During interrogation, Sajid told police that he had bought a cleaver a few days before the incident. He had decided to kill his wife the next time she got into an argument with him.

On June 21, he purposely struck a conversation that led to an argument during which he strangled Juhi with his hands. He then called Ishteyaque and asked him to help dispose the body. The dragged the body to the bathroom, chopped it into pieces and stuffed them in a plastic bag and sacks. Sajid then called his elder brother Hasmat, who stayed nearby, and asked him to help get rid of the dismembered body. Hasmat borrowed an Ertiga car from a friend and used it to carry and dump the body near Okhla. Sajid then shifted to Hasmat’s house.

The three Quran follower brothers thus killed a Hindu women to fulfill their action of murdering a Hindu woman out of a planned motive hitherto unknown. Police is probing whether the victim had come to know any facts of bigger criminal or subversive activities of her murderer Muslim husband and his brothers.

A case of murder has been registered against Sajid, while Hasmat and Ishteyaque have been booked for destroying evidence. Juhi’s family in Bihar has been informed. The children have been sent to a relative’s house in Champaran.

__inputs from TOI.

One comment on “Muslim Man cut his wife into pieces and dumped away the body with help of 2 brothers.

  1. Kishan Sharma
    June 28, 2018

    SHAME on this type of CULTURE….TRAGIC -END of LOVE-JIHAD…LOVE-LURE, CONVERT & MARRY then CUT INTO PIECES…Lesson for Hindu-Girls…


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