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Actually, Hindus have been targeted and victimized through Assam NRC: Sitting BJP MLA from Hojai.

Many  Data entry operators and Verification Officers for NRC in 11 districts were migrant Bangladeshi Muslims. They incorporated the names of illegal BD Muslims in NRC. The NRC preparation process was faulty. This NRC is difficult to accept: Shiladitya Deb.

Not, the Bangladeshi Muslims; Bengali Hindus and Hindus from Assam, Bihar and Marwari communities will be the major victim of NRC. The Assam NRC has helped 1.5 crore illegal Bangladeshis as legal citizen! : Sri Shiladitya Deb, Sitting BJP MLA from Hojai, Assam. 


Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | Aug 5, 2018:: With the passing of time, the published Assam National Register of Citizens (NRC) is gradually unfolding its absurd, erroneous and political matrix jeopardizing its actual importance as settled earlier to end a long drawn debate, conflict and foreigner crisis in Assam.

The final draft of the National Register of Citizens was published on July 30, in Assam, identifying 2,89,83,677 people as valid citizens of India. A total 3,29,91,384 people had applied to become part of the NRC, official sources said. More than 40 lakh people were found to be invalid citizens of India.

The authority of Assam NRC is working under the Supreme Court supervision fixing March 24, 1971 as the cut-off date for genuine Indian citizens in Assam, apropos of Assam Accord signed on 15th August, 1985 between then PM Rajiv Gandhi and leaders of the Assam movement led by Assam Gan Prishad.

So, the ‘final draft’ National Register of Citizens (NRC) release in Assam has worried some 40 lakh people homeless. Illegal Bangladeshi immigrants become a critical political issue in the context of alleged religious division. While, the people of Assam and the Hindutva supporters (read BJP supporters) think that a huge numbers Bengali speaking foreigners/immigrants are somewhat a threat to national security, economy and the identity of Assamese culture and tradition and they must be deported from India; the drop out people in NRC are alleging that they are the worst victim of system and BJP Politics as they have been staying in India for generations even over 50 years. The methods of conflicting governance have failed to address these issues in a proper way as the ‘final draft NRC in Assam’ is now being flooded with thousand of anomalies and disputes and many valid Assamese people were also excluded from NRC.

While the perception of driving out the illegal foreigners/migrants from Bangladesh, particularly the ‘Muslim Bangladeshi infiltrators’ have been generated by the Sangha Parivar and the BJP controlled mainstream media and social media both, the reality is quiet opposite as 22-25 lakhs of Bengali Hindus are under the threat of ‘presumed deportation’ out of 40 lakh drop-outs in the ‘final draft’ if they don’t be successful to prove their Indian citizenship with the final NRC to be published in December, 2018.

Though,  Modi Govt has declared that ‘no deportation will be made for non-NRC public+’ and Bangladesh Govt has also denied to accept a single one out of any NRC of India+, the anxiety cannot be removed anyway from the mind who are not in NRC yet.

The sitting BJP MLA Sri Shiladitya Deb from Hojai (Assam) Assembly Constituency  has expressed his concern for Bengali Hindus and  how the Assam NRC List caused a great harm to the Bengali Hindu Refugees particularly in Assam.

As per Shiladitya Deb, the erratic NRC will cast a curse upon 22-25 lakhs Bengali Hindus including  many Hindus from Assam, Bihar and Marwari community.

“1951 is considered as the baseline of determination of foreigner immigrants in India, but we expected 1947 as the cutoff date for determining the foreigners in Assam since there was a long movement drawn by the Assamese people. If, 1947 was considered as the basis to determine the foreigners in Assam there would be a count of 1.5 Crores of illegal East Pakistani foreigners (Muslims) in the land of Assam and might be 20 lakhs Bengali Hindus put under scanner as per the circumstances,” Deb narrated emphatically.

As, per Deb, while India was divided on the basis of Religion of Hindus and Muslims, the portions of Bengal, Punjab and Assam were separated from India. If then, we could take the decision to accept 1947 or 1951 as the base line for determining the foreigners in Assam and that could help us deport more than 1.5 Crore Bangladeshi Muslim migrants in reality. “But, today for a faulty procedures maximum number of Hindus (Bengali Hindus, Hindus from Bihar, Assam and other places) in a scale of 22-25 lakhs are being victimized out of 40 lakhs not in the NRC. Instead of an estimated 1.5 crores foreigners in Assam, this exercise of NRC in Assam has enabled to take only 40 lakh people of Assam for declaring them as non Indian citizens,’ lamented Sri Dev in an interview published in a social media platform.

Form a check, it is found that actually, not the Muslims, majority Hindus have been targeted and victimized through Assam NRC. The Final NRC in Dec, 2018 will prove the onslaught of Bengali and other Hindus through a political dilemma and vast numbers of foreigner Muslims/ illegal Bangladeshi (erstwhile Esat Pakistani)  Muslims will stay in Assam eventually.

The BJP MLA from Hojai,  Shiladitya Deb alleged that the Assam NRC was made under a grave conspiracy by illegal BD immigrants racket in 11 Muslim populated districts in Assam. In an interview in PRAG NEWS, Deb categorically told, “Many  Data entry operators and Verification Officers for NRC in 11 districts were migrant Bangladeshi Muslims. They incorporated the names of illegal BD Muslims in NRC. The NRC preparation process was faulty. In that process, some 1 crore illegal Bangladeshi people have managed to place their names in NRC. This NRC would be difficult to agree if not verified thoroughly.”

Shiladitya described the Assam NRC is a treachery to the Assam people as it could materialize the assurance of Assam Accord to drive out all foreigners Bangladeshi people living illegally in the soil of Assam.

But, the self satiated BJP managers in Delhi and Assam, the ‘Jumlebaz’ national president of BJP and the great teleprompter reader PM, all are interested to the capital gain in 2019 General Election. They are not interested to set a dedicated and perfect NRC in Assam to preserve the Hindu demography and Indigenous identity of Assam. I have high respect to the observations and monitoring of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in this matter. But, who can deny the political interference on it?

So,  the NRC Assam will be plight for some 22-25 lakhs Hindus in Assam in the final lag and definitely it will legalize corers of illegal Bangladeshi Muslims in Assam for the interest of BJP vote bank under the mechanism of Sangha Parivar. Assam NRC is nothing but an eyewash against the BJP’s election promise to oust all illegal foreigners from Assam.

However, the BJP menace on Hindu matters from Kashmir to Kairana, Ram Temple to Cow Slaughter, Ganga to UCC, Bangladesh minorities to Pakistan foreign policy are touching the sky limits. What else, still the Sangha Parivar will obviously claim all credits without any exception.

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Video Credit: Krishanu Mitra, Ex Media & IT Cell Chief of WB BJP and PRAG News TV.

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