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Rohingyas: The New Emigration Jihad in India. 

Hundreds of Rohingyas are coming to Baruipur, WB. [Pic 1]

Rohingyas: The New Emigration Jihad in India. 

The Numbers of Rohingyas are increasing in India day by day. Liar BJP is talking to deport them from India! But, when? 

Suspected Rohingyas passing thru Baruipur Rly Station. (pic taken on 27/06/2018) [Pic 2]

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | Aug 6, 2018:: The Numbers of Rohingyas are increasing in India day by day. The BJP led NDA Govt. in the center is giving statements several times to deport all these illegal Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar via Bangladesh, but not a single Rohingya has been deported so far. 

In parliament, Kiren Rijiju, a Minister of State level in the Home Ministry stated to deport only 40,000 Rohingyas from India, But,  the actual numbers of illegal Rohingyas has crossed the mark of 1 lakh, as the reliable sources refer.

The HinduExistence Website warned the Govt many times to deport the Rohingyas as they are posing terror and economic threats to India. Those reports/articles are mentioned below with relevant links.

Rohingya Muslims may be the biggest Jihadi threat to Indian Hindus. Link:

Not only 40,000 Illegal Rohingyas, Govt must deport 4 Crore Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators from India. Link:

Stop Rohingyas in Indian soil as they are another Jihadi threat in India and the butchers of humanity. Link:

Growth of Rohingyas and Muslim population in India a matter of high concern. Link:

Destination WB: The Most Prospective Jihadi Hub for Rohingyas in India. Link:

In the latest one, we wanted the plight of West Bengal due to Rohingya invasion in many places in rural Bengal as Rohigya Muslims are capturing lands and economy of the state gradually under a patronage of TMC rule situation with a great love and affection of Jihadi Didi, i.e. WB CM Mamata Banerjee.

Baruipur, a subdivisional town and an important rly junction in Eastern Rly,  only 25-30 km away from the state capital now has been turned as a good Rohingya hub in West Bengal under the notice of everybody. But, who does care for it?

Some days ago one viewer of this site sent a picture where it was seen that many suspected Rohingyas were passing through Baruipur Railway station in the morning. ( see pic 2)

Some months ago, Krishanu Mitar, one of the Ex. Media Cell Chief of WB BJP raised an alarm that two trucks of Rohingyas were landing in a village of Baruipur area in broad daylight.

krishanu twitter

Krishanu Mitra in his Twitter handle .[ Pic 3]

Mitra also shared a video on his twitter handle (see pic 3) which is now available in the youtube also. (See bellow).

But, the self satiated BJP managers in Delhi and Assam, the ‘Jumlebaz’ national president of BJP and the great teleprompter reader PM, the WB State BJP Unit, the great RSS intellectuals, all are not really interested to drive out the Rohingya infiltrators from India. They are only interested to the capital gain in 2019 General Election.

Actually, India is being captured by the Muslim Emigrants whether they are Bangladeshi Muslims, Rohingyas or Afghani Money lenders under a certain design of Emigration Jihad. Quran tells (see pic 4) this Emigration Jihad and the Muslims try to capture one after another country through Emigration Jihad.

Imigration Jihad

Emigration Jihad – What Quran says [ Pic 4 ]

Illegal Rohingyas and Bangladeshi Muslims in India are also part of Emigration Jihad or Infiltration Jihad here. Rohingyas or Bangladeshi Muslims are not only the problem of Jammu, Assam, West Bengal, Telegangana (Balapur) or any other pocket in India. These Jihadi people are now National crisis in India. Unless and until we remove these illegal Muslims from India, it will be a disastrous situation for Indian security, peace and prosperity.


Pic of Baruipur Station: Asit Roy.

Video of Rohingyas arrive at Baruipur: Krishanu Mitra.


2 comments on “Rohingyas: The New Emigration Jihad in India. 

  1. Lal Gehi
    August 6, 2018

    Rohingyas: The New Emigration Jihad in India.


    Shame…. Shame…!


  2. gustafus21
    August 7, 2018

    IT is kill or be killed time across the world – indigenous populations vs Muslim and African invaders who have soiled their own nests – now want to conquer ours.

    People want peace, stability and governors who will protect them – but as we see, governors care only about votes – and the numbers of Muslims and Africans promise votes.

    This will not end well. We will be murdered in our beds, if we don’t expel these vermin. The Boers of SA are being exterminated. We must kill or be killed, however terrifying that sounds.

    It is us or them. Peaceful coexistence is not an option. We are in a battle for our children and grand children. The longer we wait, the more carnage will ensue.


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