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BJP Will Not Return to Central Power in 2019 Without Attacking Pak and Starting Ram Temple.

Don’t Make Politics On Mandir & Martyrs.

How BJP will return in 2019 Gen Election with 45% deficit in its vote bank? Attack Pakistan and Start Ram Temple to Remain in Power.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Haridwar | Feb 17, 2019:: Within 2 days after Pulwama Terror Attack, in which over 40 CRPF personnel were killed by an deadly car blast operated by Jaish-e-Muhammad+, again an Army officer was killed, soldier injured in IED blast along Rajouri LoC in J&K on Saturday.+

”An Army officer was martyred and a soldier suffered injuries in an improvised explosive device (IED) explosion along the Line of Control (LoC) in Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir on Saturday”, defense officials said.

The IED was apparently planted by Pakistani “enemy forces within Indian territory” in Naushera sector and set off when an Army officer, along with his men, was patrolling the area, they said.

There has been no sign in the decrease of bloody Jihadi handiwork in the Kashmir valley after the so called Demonetization for which Govt claimed restrain on Islamic militancy nor any thing happened after Rafael deal to frighten Pakistan for curbing its ‘state sponsored Jihadi terrorism’.

All the research of DRDO for basaltic missiles like Agni or Supersonic Cruise Missiles like Brahmos have no effect so far on Pakistan to check state sponsored Jihadi proxy war against India in Kashmir valley. There is also no control over the home grown militancy inspired by various Jihadi outfits running from Pakistan, Afghanistan or Syria.

Enough with Demonetization & Rafael Deal etc to Combat Pak Sponsored Terrorism. Even then Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Defence Min Nirmala Sitharaman are not ready to step down for their gross failure to maintain internal and border security.

However, four major things so far developed out of the unfortunate sacrifice of more than 40 brave heart Indian Jawans in Pulwama attack+. No. 1 Giving Free Hand to Defense Forces to Counter Cross Border Terrorism in Kashmir+ and the Central Govt has got the all party consensus to fight Pakistani Terrorism+ No. 2. India ended the Pak status as Most Favoured Nation+ and increased import duty on Pakistani goods to 200 % No. 3. India earned International support+ including US greenlight to take utmost measures against Pakistan for India’s self defense+  and No. 4. J&K administration withdrew security of separatist leaders in the state+. All these could have been done in the very second year of Narendra Modi’s Govt when they claimed ‘surgical strike’ against Pakistan in Sept 2016+. But, Narendra Modi preferred to pay a higher cost allowing the profuse flow of blood of the Jawans in Pulwama and unchecked tears of their family members.

And, obviously, one thing more that overwhelmed the country for last few days as the whole Nation took the roads and streets everywhere after Pulwama blast for showing its solidarity with the Martyred Jawans and their family members with one united voice: No Fake Peace with Terrorist Pakistan and Crush Out its Jihadi Backbone. But, where is that War against Pakistan?

From a high source, now it is confirmed that the Modi-Shah Company and the business-middle men in BJP do not want any war with Pakistan as that may vitiate the entire General Election process in 2019 and certainly that will give some negative points to ‘Gandhian’ Modi for getting his aspired Noble Peace Prize in prospect!

As per BJP’s calculation, immediate war with Pakistan will make huge price hike in the market in the election year which may cause adverse return from the uncommitted voters. Moreover, any war against Pakistan will benefit Congress to consolidate the Muslim votes and BJP will loose all probable percentage of minority votes anyway. On the other hand BJP is not sure whether they will get any preferential advantage out of post war election phases, if it happens so. The BJP led Govt in the center is also in a dilemma whether it will be able to check the in-country retaliations of Muslims, if it appears as a fifth column after probable Indian attack on Pakistan.

But, BJP is undermining the most important calculation that the party will loose 25% of its potential nationalist voters, if there is no war against Pakistan as Pulwama Revenge. The pro-BJP Nationalist voters will not support the saffron party if they feel BJP is also tolerating Pakistani Menace of Jihadi Terrorism  like Congress regime as before.

Already BJP is at the verge to loose 20% of its potential Hindu voters as the party has failed to keep promise of Construction of Ayodhya Ram Temple in time. The stand of double standard in Sangh Parivar (RSS-VHP-BJP combine) on Ram Temple has frustrated the majority Hindu voters as BJP could not show any positive gesture on Temple issue, nor PM Modi could manage a little time to pay a visit to Ram Lala (Baby Ram) captive in a tent there.

Hence, the issues of Construction of Ram Mandir and Revenge for the Pulwama Martyrs both will produce a 45% loss in the BJP’s potential vote bank to build barriers to return BJP in power in 2019.

There is no if. but, as, because now anymore. BJP has to exercise both the options of Waging War Against Pakistan and Construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

‘War Against Pakistan’ relates to India’s security and Sovereignty. ‘Ayodhya Ram Temple’ relates to Sentiment of Majority and India’s Cultural Identity. And both these relate to BJP’s existence in reality.

If war against Pakistan is strategically impossible right now, make such 10 surgical strikes so that Pakistan leave thinking anything on Kashmir for next 10 years. And BJP must facilitate construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya from the outer sides of the undisputed 42 acres of lands under the ownership of Ram Janmabhoomi Nyas.

Please don’t ignore the Agony of Ayodhya, please don’t ridicule the pain of Pulwama. These are the humble suggestions of the Nationalist Hindutva people of this country  to return BJP in power in 2019. Obviusly, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have their right to retain the power or to dive in the sea of peril.

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3 comments on “BJP Will Not Return to Central Power in 2019 Without Attacking Pak and Starting Ram Temple.

  1. purajoshi
    February 18, 2019

    So whoever comes to power in Delhi, if not BJP, will satisfy desires?


    • Amit Modi
      February 18, 2019

      Hi, Pura Joshi. You wrote: So whoever comes to power in Delhi, if not BJP, will satisfy desires?

      That will be a very unfortunate phase for the Hindus in India and BJP will be responsible for that.

      Hindus feel BJP as their own political home, but BJP does not think so and ignore the Hindu interest in many ways.

      BJP produced Shankar Singh Bhagela, Navjyot Shindhu, Arun Shourei, Jaswant Sinha, Shatrughan Singh and so on one after another and invited MJ Akabar, Udit Raj, Rita Bhaguna, Mukul Roy like persons.

      Who will save this party if it does not take lesson from NDA-II and the recent defeats in Madhya Pradesh, Chattishgarh and Rajasthan.

      It’s a disaster for Hindus if BJP will defeat in 2019. But, it will be a Catastrophe to the Nation if BJP turns as New Congress after its defeat.

      Vande Mataram.

      Amit Modi,
      New Delhi.


  2. Arindam.
    February 21, 2019

    No war, no vote.

    If you won’t fight for us – why should we vote for you?

    This is Modi’s ‘make-or-break’ moment.

    Vajpayee in 2002, 2003 and 2004 shied away from striking Pakistan – and the BJP (and ultimately, the entire country) paid the price.

    If Modi wishes to avoid a similar fate, he will need to do something more than pinprick ‘surgical strikes’ against Pakistan. A full-scale war would be best, a limited war that seizes and keeps territory would be so-so, and a decapitation strike that takes out Imran Khan would be the absolute minimum.

    Anything less and don’t bother voting for BJP.


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