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Ban Radical Islam in Sri Lanka to avert dangerous Jihadi attacks in the island.

Not the lack of education or poverty… fanatic teachings of Jihad, Sharia and Halal in Quran are the root causes of Islamic separatism & militancy.

Fifteen killed in Sri Lanka in shootout with suspected Islamist militants, Sri Lanka under severe Islamic threat.

Radical Islam is always ready to kill all the non-Muslims with the sharp sword of Jihad. We must understand it without hesitation as a lesson from Easter Blast in Sri Lanka.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Colombo | April 27, 2019:: The bodies of 15 people, including six children, were discovered at the site of a fierce overnight gun battle on the east coast of Sri Lanka, a military spokesman said on Saturday, six days after suicide bombers killed more than 250 people, mostly non-Muslims injuring another 450.

The shootout between troops and suspected Islamist militants erupted on Friday evening in Sainthamaruthu in Ampara, to the south of the town of Batticaloa, site of one of the Easter Sunday blasts at three churches and four luxury hotels.

A police spokesman said that three suspected suicide bombers were among the 15 dead after the shoot out.

One child caught in the crossfire was admitted to hospital.

Military spokesman Sumith Atapattu said in a statement that as troops headed towards the safe house three explosions were triggered and gunfire began.

“Troops retaliated and raided the safe house where a large cache of explosives had been stored,” he said in a statement.

He said the militants were suspected members of the domestic Islamist group National Towheed Jama’at (NTJ), which has been suspected for last Sunday’s attacks.

Bomb-making materials, dozens of gelignite sticks and thousands of metal balls were found in a search of a separate house in the same area, the military said. Sri Lanka has been turned as another battle field of Jihad.

The government has said nine homegrown, well-educated and financially sound suicide bombers carried out the Easter Sunday attacks, eight of whom had been identified. One was a woman.

Police said on Friday they were trying to track down 140 people they believe have links with Islamic State, which claimed responsibility for the suicide bombings.

Police have detained at least 76 people, including foreigners from Syria and Egypt, in their investigations so far. Twenty were arrested in the past 24 hours alone, they said.

Islamic State provided no evidence to back its claim that it was behind the attacks. If true, it would be one of the worst attacks carried out by the group outside Iraq  and Syria.

The extremist group released a video on Tuesday showing eight men, all but one with their faces covered, standing under a black Islamic State flag and declaring their loyalty to its leader, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.

Muslims in Sri Lanka were urged to pray at home on Friday after the State Intelligence Services warned of possible car bomb attacks, amid fears of retaliatory violence.

Fears of retaliatory sectarian violence have already caused Muslim communities to flee their homes amid bomb scares, lock downs and security sweeps.

The U.S. Embassy in Sri Lanka urged its citizens to avoid places of worship over the weekend after authorities reported there could be more attacks targeting religious centres.

Archbishop of Colombo Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith told reporters he had seen a leaked internal security document warning of further attacks on churches and there would be no Catholic masses this Sunday anywhere on the island.

Nearly 10,000 soldiers were deployed across the Indian Ocean island state to carry out searches and provide security for religious centres, the military said.

Authorities have so far focused their investigations on international links to two domestic groups they believe carried out the attacks, NTJ and Jammiyathul Millathu Ibrahim.

Investigating agencies in Sri Lanka is also finding the reality of the Muslim Cleric ‘mastermind’ Zahran Hashim+ behind Sri Lanka attacks known for his hate-filled online sermons and his possible ISIS ties.

There was a severe Intelligence failure and negligence of govt authorities on Radical Raise of Islam in Sri Lanka. Officials have acknowledged a major lapse in not widely sharing intelligence warnings from India of possible attacks.

President Maithripala Sirisena said on Friday that top defence and police chiefs had not shared information with him about the impending attacks.

The Easter Sunday bombings shattered the relative calm that had existed in Buddhist-majority Sri Lanka since the civil war against mostly Hindu ethnic Tamil separatists ended.

Sri Lanka’s 22 million people include minority Christians, Muslims and Hindus. Until now, Christians had largely managed to avoid the worst of the island’s conflict and communal tensions.

Most of the victims were non-Muslim Sri Lankans, although authorities said at least 40 foreigners from British, US, Australian, Turkish, Indian, Chinese, Danish, Dutch and Portuguese were also killed, many of them tourists sitting down to breakfast at top-end hotels when the bombers struck.

When, the radical rise of Islam in Sri Lanka is clear as day light;  many of secular and pseudo-Islamist elements have started the clamor as ‘Terrorism has no religion’; ‘Lack of education and poverty are the root cause of Islamic Terrorism’; ‘Hatred and Violence have no place in Islam’ and there is a line of separation between ‘Good-Muslims and bad Muslims’.

As per Economic & Statistical Bureau report of Sri Lanka, the average monetary income per month per household Rs 39,300 and non-monetary income per month per household Rs 6,578. Hence, a Sri Lankan household earns more or less Rs 45,000 i.e. $ 645 USD. The Muslim households in Sri Lanka have not been deprived of economic growth in country. Rather, a huge numbers of Muslims use to do their job in gulf countries and they are more affluent economically than other communities in that country. So, the ever shouted point of economic backwardness is not proved as just a root cause of the growth of Islamic militancy in Sri Lanka.

In the field of education, the people of Sri Lanka are advancing with a good pace. The Sri Lanka’s population has a literacy rate of 95%, higher than that expected for a third world country; it has the highest literacy rate in South Asia and overall, one of the highest literacy rates in Asia. Education plays a pivotal role in the life and culture of the country and dates back to 543 BC. As a matter of fact, more than 85% Muslims in present Sri Lanka are literate. Muslims get education through general education systems and their Islamic seminaries and Madrasas both. So, the ridiculous suggestion of ‘educational backwardness as other root cause of Islamic militancy’ does not fit in Sri Lanka anyway.

But, here is a remarkable point that must be considered whether as a strong ground of absolute growth of Islamic militancy in Sri Lanka.  Like all the parts with Islamic existence, Muslims run their own Islamic education system to preach radical ideals of Pan Islamism and Jihad imbibed default in the ‘Unholy’ Quran.

As of 2013, there are 205 madrasas registered under the Department of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs+ providing Islamic education in Sri Lanka. These have been build and maintained by independent Islamic foundations such as All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama and the Thareeqathul Aroosiyyathil Qaadhiriyyah Association in Sri Lanka which propagate Sunnah wal Jamaah. This is in addition to the 749 Muslim Schools in Sri Lanka. But, the unofficial records show that the Islamic organizations are about to raise the numbers of Madrasas as 500 and and Islamic Schools as 1000 by the end of 2020 in order to radicalize the Muslim students very effectively in Sri Lanka.

Side by side the growth of Mosques and using those as the epicenters of Jihad in their area of operation is another alarming sign of Islamic advancement in Sri Lanka. There are more than 2500 built and under construction Mosques in Sri Lanka as believed. Govt source keeps records of 2000 Mosques so far at present.

The 2nd  half of the 20th century was marked with tremendous movement of the mosque construction and reconstruction in an aim to radicalize the Islamic society for setting up Sharia and Halal system in Sri Lanka. The rapid increase in total number of mosque was observed in most parts of Sri Lanka in this duration. There were many reasons for it. The main reason was due to the population growth and dawah activities of Islamic movements in Sri Lanka. The founding year of responding mosque ranges from 1180 to 2005; however, 60 percent of the mosques were founded in 20th century. Comparatively, many mosques (one third) were founded by second half of same century.

From an analysis+ it is found that there are about 33% of total Mosques (660) are recorded during pre 17th Century to 19th Century. But, various global Islamic organizations set their eyes to Islamize the island with abundant flow of fund to make Mosques in Sri Lanka in a much planned way. The rest of the 67% Mosques (1340) were built during 20th Century up to the present time of 21st Century in Sri Lanka. As per report, Radical Islamic Organizations have the plan to set another 500 mosques in the Buddhist dominated island by 2025.

Sri Lanka’s population practices a variety of religions. As of the 2011 census 70.2% of Sri Lankans were Theravada Buddhists, 12.6%were Hindus, 9.7% were Muslims (mainly Sunni) and 7.4% Christians (6.1% Roman Catholic and 1.3% other Christian). Statistics show only about 3% theoretical Muslim growth in last century (1901- 6.90% Muslims in SL and in 9.7% in 2019), but the increase and radicalization of Muslims in Sri Lanka exceed all limits through Mosques, Madrasa, Sharia, Halal, Dawah (Islamic NOGs and global funding) and obviously through the fanaticism out of the Jihadi call from Islamic States.

Muslims in Sri Lanka are handled by the Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs Department+, which was established in the 1980s to prevent the continual isolation of the Muslim community from the rest of Sri Lanka. Muslims of Sri Lanka, mostly continue to derive from the Moor and Malay ethnic communities on the island with smaller numbers of converts from other ethnicities, such as the Tamils. But, the radical elements in Islam fully exploited the efforts of SL Govt to get Muslim population in the main stream. Rather, the political defender of Radical Islam in Sri Lanka viz Sri Lanka Muslim Congress has built a substantial inroad in Sri Lankan Politics. The Buddhists Ruling in Sri Lanka practically engaged themselves to neutralized Tamil radicals and summarily undermined the gradual growth of Radical Islam in the island in much suppressed way. Even the open support of Sri Lankan Muslims for Rohingya Muslims defying the majoritarian support for Myanmar Buddhists in Rakhain state could not be able to alert the Sri Lankan authorities any way. Even Sri Lankan Govt continued all the facilities and appeasement to the Rioters Muslims against Buddhist and other non-Muslim people in many occasions in Sri Lanka. In other words, the Islamic extremism in SL got a secondary support from the Govt end and the concerned department and intelligence both had failed to assess the unbelievable growth of Radical Islam in the name of fake theory Islamic Peace and Co-existence with non-Muslim neighbors.

Now, a public retaliation against Radical Islam is also being surfaced in Sri Lanka as Public of many location are trying to ban on the use of Burqka or on the migrants from Islamic countries, though Govt of SL did not direct anything in the such lines.

Public Retaliation Against Islam After Easter Attacks (Source: FB)

Public Retaliation Against Islam After Easter Attacks (Source: FB)

The Easter blasts and attacks on churches and hotels in Sri Lanka exposed the global model of Jihadi treatment for Kaffirs (non-Muslims…infidels… non-believers). As it is a truth for Sri Lanka, equally that is truth for rest of the world.

Govt of Sri Lanka must restrict these 31 Islamic Organisations; All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama – ACJU,  Advocacy & Reconciliation Council – ARC, Al-Kafaala Foundation, All Ceylon Thawheed Jamath – ACTJ, All Ceylon Young Men’s Muslim Association Conference – YMMA, All University Muslim Students’ Association – AUMSA, Al-Muslimath, Association of Muslim Youth of Sailan – AMYS, Centre for Islamic Studies – CIS, Colombo District Masjid Federation – CDMF, Families Relief Sri Lanka Trust, Federation of All Mosques in Ampara District, Federation of Sri Lanka Arabic Colleges, International Islamic Relief Organization – IIRO, Sri Lanka Islamic Centre, Jama’athus Salama, Jamaath Ansari Sunnathil Muhammadiyya of Sri Lanka – JASM, Sri Lanka Islamic Students’ Movement, Kandy City Masjid Federation – KCMF, Markaz Islamic Centre-Colombo, Muslim Aid- Sri Lanka, , Muslim Council of Sri Lanka – MCSL, Muslim Women’s Research and Action Front – MWRAF, Nida Foundation, Shazuliyya Thareeka, Sri Lanka Jama’athe Islami – SLJI, Sri Lanka Muslim Media Forum – SLMMF, United Thawheed Jamath – UTJ, World Assembly of Muslim Youth – WAMY, World Cultural Centre for Development and Training, Zam Foundation; who have silent support for the Easter attacks in Sri Lanka and many of these Islaimc organisations have their links with Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Arab Emirates, ISIS and other Islamic States.

Islam grows singularly with the help of the community (ummah) and from the claimed/earned/gained aid of even from non-Muslims only to ensure the existence of preferred Muslims and to eliminate the non-Muslims and the sinful & untrusted (munafik-murtad) Muslims along with ex-Muslims.

Getting various source of help, the Muslims are being more forceful opponents to the ruling Buddhist community in in Sri Lanka. Muslims (9.7%) in SL are well aided from various international and national agencies to build up an Islamic empowerment against the state & non-Muslim citizens of Sri Lanka being mainly Buddhists (70.2% ), Hindu (12.6%) and Christians (7.4% ). Muslims remain always ungrateful and die-hard opponents against the non-Islamic rulers. As per Islamic teaching Muslims want to convert a Dar-al-harb (land of non-Muslims enemies) into a Dar-ul-Islam (land of Islam).

This is the nature of Jihad believing and intolerant Muslims across the world. The Jihadi teaching propagated in Quran inject the virus of hatred and fanaticism in Muslims whether poor or rich, illiterate or literate, Arabic or non-Arabic, black or white. Jihad in Islam makes the Muslim community unfaithful, treacherous, hostile, inhuman and barbaric.

The invasion of Jihad over peace, prosperity and humanity has no stop at all until the united anti-Jihad forces can stop the Jihad wagon to destroy it finally.

Otherwise 9/11 (New York 2001), 26/11 (Mumbai 2008), 21/2 (Hyderabad 2013), 1/14 (Moscow 2014)  11/13 (Paris 2015), 7/14 (Nice 2016), 4/3 (St Petersburg 2017), 11/18 (Metele 2018) or 4/21 (Sri Lanka 2019) etc one after another will be some Jihad notifications for entire Humanity for the next occurrence of the same dreadful massacre of peace loving civil society in the hands of eccentric Islamic elements.

Eliminating the Jihadis and finish the Jihadi world is the only way not to be eliminated by the Jihadis and defeat Jihad is the only way for a victory for your living rights.

World needs today an immediate unity of Christians-Hindus-Buddhists-Jews and other non-Muslims to jointly fight against Islamic fundamentalism to end the deadly Jihad only to ensure a harmonious, prosperous, peaceful  and liberal society for ever.

For the present Sri Lanka must continue its emergency until the Jihadi forces in the island are quiet neutralized. To that goal Sri Lanka Govt must impose partial or national ban on uses of Mosque Mike, Namaz on Roads, Islamic congregations and conferences, visit of foreign clerics, flow of Islamic funds from outside and use of Burqkas in public and establishment of new mosques & madrasas without Govt permission. SL Govt must put restrictions on all the Mosque and Madrasa activities under strict scanner as well henceforth. Govt of Sri Lanka must control the Muslim population growth in the island.

Buddhist- Hindu-Christian unity in Sri Lanka is absolutely important to save the non-Islamic entity of island in the realm of ancient Hindu-Tamil-Buddhists-Christian tradition and culture. Radical Islam is always ready to kill all the non-Muslims with the sharp sword of Jihad. We must understand it without hesitation as a lesson from Easter Blast in Sri Lanka.

As Indian, we are much concerned with Jihadi attacks on Sri Lankan Churches and hotels on Easter by National Thawheed Jaamat. Thawheed has its strong network in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala in Southern India. Now, they may attack on Indian non-Muslims and their prayer houses. Govt of India must ban Thawheed Jaamat in India also.


BIG UPDATE FROM ANI:: Sri Lankan govt bans two terror outfits NTJ, JMI following serial blasts.

__with inputs from Reuters and Fox News.

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  1. Arindam.
    April 30, 2019

    ‘Radical’ Islam is an euphemism: what we really need to ban is Sunni Islam.


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