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BJP has no Muslim MP in this Lok Sabha. But why Hindu Saumitra Khan is introduced as Muslim MP?

The silent Muslim craving inside BJP is growing. There is no Muslim winning MP of BJP in 17th Lok Sabha. So what! We are setting a Hindu MP as a Muslim one!!

In the search of a Muslim MP in BJP, Hindu Saumitra Khan from Bishnupur (WB) is pitted as ‘lone Muslim MP’ by media. BJP is rejoicing this.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Haridwar | May 28, 2019:: The media hoax for searching a Muslim MP in BJP from the winners’ list in 17th Loksabha is so high, a Hindu MP from Bishnupur (WB) has been described as a ‘lone Muslim candidate’ from BJP in the next parliament (LS), so far. As, there is no Muslim winning MP of BJP in 17th Lok Sabha and there is a cynical craze in BJP to have more Muslim representation inside the party (Saabka Sath >> Saabka Vikash >> Saabka Biswas), BJP is also rejoicing the ‘fake news’ without refuting it.

Many national and regional News Parers have published this report as, “Saumitra Khan only Muslim from BJP, representation of community rises to 27 in LS+” (Deccan Chronicle).

The same news have been published in Times Now Hindi as “17वीं लोकसभा में कुल 27 मुस्लिम सांसद हैं, इसमें से बीजेपी के एकमात्र सौमित्र खान हैं, जो कि पश्चिम बंगाल की बिष्णुपुर लोकसभा सीट से जीतकर आए हैं+” or “Saumitra Khan is the lone BJP MP in the current Lok Sabha from Bishnupur (WB) while Mahbub Ali Kaiser is the Lok Janshakti Party’s (LJP) winning candidate from Khagaria in Bihar+” as published in Indian Today.

As per affidavit by the respective candidate as uploaded in the Election Commission of India+, Soumitra Khan is a Scheduled Caste Candidate contested from 37 Bishnupur (SC) Parliamentary Constituency.


But, the fake news that Saumitra Khan as a Muslim Candidate most probably generated by ANI under the caption, “Saumitra Khan lone Muslim face from BJP, representation of community rises to 27 in LS+” and published by many news papers and portals afterwards and even in the Bengali News Paper Ei Somoy as মুসলিম সাংসদ সংখ্যা বেড়ে ২২ থেকে ২৭+

Most, interestingly, BJP Cetral or BJP Bengal did not refute this fake news so far.

Sujata and Soumitra Khan. Spirited Hindu nationalist couple in BJP.

Sujata and Soumitra Khan. Spirited Hindu nationalist couple in BJP.

Our correspondent from Bishnupur conveys us that Saumitra Khan a defected MP from TMC joined BJP in January this year as an initiative of another defected TMC MP Mukul Roy, now a BJP leader.  Saumitra’s father Dhanajoy Khan, Mother Chhaya Rani Khan and his wife Sujata Mondal and himself, all are practicing Hindus. As Soumitra was put under repression by ruling TMC and could not be allowed to participate in election campaign, his wife Sujata took the tremendous responsibility to  go ahead in election campaign with BJP party leaders and works which set the spectacular win for Saumitra.

When our correspondent contacted Saumitra’s family members in Bishnupur they unequivocally proclaimed themselves as ‘proud Hindu’ and ‘Nationalist BJP supporters’.

“We are proud Hindus and we respect all religions. We have no enmity with Muslims. But, we can’t understand why our uncle is introduced as a Muslim”, a cousin of Saumitra expressed his utter astonishment to HENB.

We have failed to grab any comment from any Central or State BJP leader, so far, in this respect.

Hindus must protest against BJP’s indulgence for accepting Media Hoax to set a Hindu MP as a Muslim one.


__New inputs from ANI and Agencies.

4 comments on “BJP has no Muslim MP in this Lok Sabha. But why Hindu Saumitra Khan is introduced as Muslim MP?

  1. Kumar Arun
    May 28, 2019

    Are you kidding? There are many MP in Lok-Sabha who are muslim from different states. ________________________________


    • Rajput Singh
      May 29, 2019

      Are you a moron Kumar Arun?

      You have no brain to get this news properly.
      There are 27 Muslim MPs in this 17th Lok Sabha (6 each from WB & UP, 3 each from J&K and Kerala, 2 each from Bihar and Assam, 1 each from Lakshadeep, Maharashtra, Punjab, Telengana and Tamil Nadu). But, no Muslim MP has won from BJP Ticket.
      Now, a section of media is introducing a Hindu MP from WB (Bishnupur LS) Soumitra Khan as a lone Muslim MP from BJP. This is seer stupidity.
      Hindu Existence Website rightly pointed out the serious matter.
      But, you moron Kumar Arun what do you want for kidding?
      Try to stop jumping in the nonsensical air.

      Rajput Singh.
      New Delhi.


  2. vijayaa108
    May 28, 2019

    Yes, we must refute fake news.
    Having said that I feel thé name Khan has mislead the reporter. Khan is a name used by Muslims. So they think Soumitrs Khan is Muslim.
    Even I was under the impression that this person is half Muslim.
    Before printing anything like this we must confirm it. Especially it is the Dharm of journalists.


  3. sajal kumar majumdar
    May 28, 2019

    I never subscribe to this type of view, how many Muslims, Christians , women or other person from other religion were elected in the Lok Sava. The fact is that the MPS are elected by the people and no one should judge the qualities, religion , sex etc. in regard to the elected representatives as that would go counter to the basis principle of democracy


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