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FREEDOM CRACKDOWN: Outrage as dozens arrested for going to private yoga class in Iran.

Islam can’t tolerate Hindu Yoga. Then why should Hindus tolerate Islamic Namaj.

Crackdown of Freedom in Islamic Iran: Outrage as dozens arrested for going to private yoga class.

OUTRAGE erupted in Iran after the Middle Eastern nation’s hard-line authorities arrested 30 women and men for attending a ‘Hindu’ yoga class.

Sam Stevenson | Express UK |

He also said that those taking part were wearing “inappropriate clothing” and had “behaved abnormally” and that the security forces had been monitoring the home for some time before the arrests, the Tasnim news agency reported.

While revealing the arrests, Mr Soleimani also lambasted the “lack of surveillance of activities” on social media in the country.

The story of the arrests has caused uproar online leading to the topic to become a top social media trend, according to the BBC.

One user tweeted: “The Iranian authorities think even the word yoga is problematic based on the Sharia.”

Referring to the recent deployment of US warships to the region another added: “An establishment that finds even yoga harmful does not need the USS Abraham Lincoln warship to end its existence.”

Others say they have cancelled their plans to sign up to yoga classes following the arrests in Gorgan.

Someone confirmed in a tweet: “I guess the authorities need to tell us what exactly we are allowed to do in this country.”

The Asian discipline of yoga has become popular in Iran in recent years.

Courtesy: Express UK.

2 comments on “FREEDOM CRACKDOWN: Outrage as dozens arrested for going to private yoga class in Iran.

  1. Swastik Suvesh
    May 26, 2019

    Iran is a ridiculous islamic juggernaut…its completely horrible…should be taught a lesson.


    • Arindam
      May 28, 2019

      I strongly disagree. Iran is a Shia state that has a surprisingly good record in supporting and defending non-Muslims. It has the second-largest Jewish population in West Asia, and supports the secular government in Syria in fighting the jihadis, (thereby protecting the Christian population there).

      While it engages in Islamic rhetoric, its actual policies are quite different. When I was studying in France, I watched a presentation by an Azeri colleague on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, (between Azerbaijan and Armenia). He pointed out that Turkey backed Baku whilst Russia backed Yerevan – then added, that for all its bombastic speeches about Islamic brotherhood, Tehran secretly backed Armenia against Azerbaijan! This is despite the fact that Azerbaijan is not just Muslim, but also Shia.

      The incident mentioned in this article probably arises from the Iranian government’s opposition to mingling between men and women. Certainly, Iran has celebrated international Yoga day in the past:

      World yoga day celebrated as practice grows in Iran


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