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Doing nothing for Hindutva, RSS-BJP-VHP are just reaping political benefits: Muthalik.

Sri Ram Sena Chief Pramod Muthalik accuses BJP of reaping political benefit out of Hindutva sentiments.

B Upendran | HENB | Chikkamagaluru | June 23, 2019::  Sri Ram Sena national president Pramod Muthalik  charged the BJP with not doing anything for the cause of Hindutva other than reaping political benefit out of it.

Speaking to media persons on Thrusday, Muthalik said that he has decided not to have anything to do with politics. “I will never ever enter the election fray. I will stay away from all kinds of politics. None of the leaders of our organization will take part in elections. We will solely concentrate on strengthening our Hindutva organization,” he announced.

Muthalik said that false cases have been framed against the activists of Sri Ram Sena, as a result of which they are under compulsion to make frequent trips to courts. “Some of our trusted activists have been attending courts since the last many years. I had entered electoral politics after realizing that such people can be helped out if we have political power,” he clarified.

He explained that it is very difficult to get properly settled down in politics. “One can get entrenched in politics only if he has money, caste and lobbying power. But I do not have any of these qualifications. Therefore, I could not win election. Even if I win as an independent candidate, I will not be able to be of help to anyone. Neither the BJP nor the Sangh Parivar extend support to sincere pro-Hindu activists,” he observed.

Speaking further, he said that the Sangh Parivar is not in need of honest persons, but they have to keep them in the organisation;  accusing the outfit of driving out a veteran Hindutva exponent, Dr Pravinbhai Togadia. “Sangh Parivar and the BJP are not doing anything to the cause of Hindutva, rather demoralize the actual Hindutva workers in search of new recruits. RSS-BJP-VHP are just reaping political benefits,” he reiterated.

When questioned for his views whether BJP will do the needful for Ayodhya Ram Temple, irritated Muthalik promptly replied, “BJP will do nothing, if Hindus create pressure upon BJP for doing so. BJP is now turned as a party of businessmen and they have no interest for Ram Temple.”

An ex pracharak over years in RSS, Muthalik was appointed as convenor for South India for the Bajrang Dal in 2004, but he formed his own Hindutva outfit Sri Ram Sene (Sena) in 2006.

For his aggressive motive to cater Hindutva ideology among the youths and for his fiery speech, Muthalik faced about four dozens of police cases slapped by both Congress and BJP Govts in Karnataka time to time. Even BJP Govt in Goa imposed a long ban on Muthalik for entering into northern Goa since 2014.

The BJP  government in Goa had banned the entry of Muthalik in 2014 and the orders prohibiting his entry were used to extend every 60 days.

__inputs from Agencies.

2 comments on “Doing nothing for Hindutva, RSS-BJP-VHP are just reaping political benefits: Muthalik.

  1. Arindam
    June 24, 2019

    I’m inclined to think that instead of bothering with elections, we should push for a referendum on key issues, such as the Ram Temple, Article 370, abrogation of the Indus Waters Treaty, etc.. etc..

    With a referendum result in our favour, we can then pressure governments to either act or else, face electoral defeat.

    Switzerland, after all, managed to ban minarets via a referendum.

    Of course, conducting referendums in India is not as easy as conducting them in Switzerland – but I’m sure our National Election Commission is up to the task.


  2. Jagdish Trivedi
    June 25, 2019

    All the hindu organisations should do more for hindus


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