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Debate on cow worship leads to Congress-BJP war in Rajasthan.

Go Pujan (Cow Worship) is a basic principle in Hindu Dharma.

Anti Hindu Stand of Congress is exposed by its effort to degenerate the respect for Cow-worship.  Before Bakri Eid (Eid-ul-Aazha), Congress in Rajasthan is provoking Muslims for random slaughtering.

Attempt to hit the Hindu sentiment on  on cow worship leads to Congress-BJP war in Rajasthan.

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Jaipur | July 24, 2019:: Anti Hindu Stand of Congress is exposed again by its effort to degenerate the respect for Cow-worship.  Before Bakri Eid (Eid-ul-Aazha), as it falls on Aug 12 this year, Congress in Rajasthan is provoking Muslims for random slaughtering.

Though Cow slaughter is prohibited in the state of Rajasthan by provisions of law, alike maximum number of states in India, the pro-Muslim Congress party in Rajasthan is hatching a conspiracy to create a debate on cow in order to create a disrespect for the cow progeny (Bos Indicus) which is worshiped and venerated by crores of Hindus as per their faith and scriptural dictum.

Rajasthan’s Parliamentary Affairs Minister Shanti Dhariwal had the Assembly in an uproar on Tuesday when he ‘quoted’ RSS icon Vinayak Damodar Savarkar to claim that “the cow may be useful but not worthy of worship”, inviting a BJP censure. Participating in a debate on cow worship, Dhariwal said, “The cow is a beneficial animal but there is no sense in worshiping it. Superhumans are worshipped, but worshiping animals is useless.”

He said statements like ‘you have to be a Hindu to stay in India’ lead to differences. But, the half educated people like Shanti Dhariwal does not know the importance of Cow and its reverence to Hindu people according to their faith and scriptures.

Cow Worship is popular faith of Hindus across the world.

The BJP  condemned Dhariwal’s statement, alleging that he had deliberately misinterpreted what Savarkar had said and disrespected the Hindus by terming the cow as an ‘animal’. The BJP also alleged a Congress vendetta. “Cow, who we call our mother and is worshipped by crores of people, has been labeled an animal. This has pained the Hindus and we condemn this thought”,  said former Education Minister Vasudev Devnani.

“If Dhariwal had just read the book he would have understood the context. In wars, when Muslims were unable to fight, they would just put a cow in front and that would stop the fight. It was this context that Savarkar had raised the point in question. Misquoting him is an affront to Hindu sentiment,”  he added.

Dhariwal also attacked the RSS on its definition of Hindutva and added that “The definition of Hindutva given by Savarkar was changed by Mohan Bhagwat.” Devnani said, “There has been no change in the concept. Those who consider this country their motherland are Hindus and will always be.”

In the last BJP regime, the Govt of Rajasthan introduced a bill for ‘life imprisonment for cow slaughter’ and Rajasthan High Court also sought life imprisonment for cow slaughter+. The present Congress Govt in Rajasthan is trying to annul those ‘cow protection’ provisions+  to please and appease the Muslim minorities in the state.

__with inputs from ENS.


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