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Mizoram BJP sets up missionary cell ‘against RSS’ to shed off ‘Hindutva’ tag.

BJP’s double-standard Hindutva in a Christian State….

BJP  sets up missionary cell in Mizoram to fight ‘anti-Christian party tag’ by opposing ‘Hindutva line of RSS’.

Azuala Aimol | HENB | Aizwal | July 23, 2019:: BJP’s Hindutva may differ state to state as defined by the Modi-Shah duo, now reflected in Mizoram, a Christian dominated State in the northeast India. In a double standard, when RSS is the fountain-head of BJP’s Hindutva ideology in Hindu majority states like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chattishgarh, Rajasthan etc; BJP is now to make a distance from RSS doctrine of Hindutva in the Christian majority states in northeast India. If BJP advocates Beef Ban in Hindu majority states, the same party promotes beef in Christian Majority states like Mizoram, Nagaland or Christian dominated state like Goa.

The TNN reports+, Seeking to shake off the image of a “pro-Hindu party”, BJP on Wednesday set up a missionary cell in Christian-majority Mizoram , the only state in the Northeast where it is not part of the government.

“We want to allay fears that BJP is pro-Hindu and anti-Christian,” said J V Hluna, president of BJP’s Mizoram unit, while inaugurating the cell at the party’s state headquarters.

The cell will run a 24×7 helpline for Mizo missionaries. “It has been established to help any Christian Mizo missionary in need of help through BJP functionaries across country,” Hluna said.

Mizo National Front, an NDA ally, being in power.

The only constituency BJP won in the 2018 assembly election, its first in the state’s history, was the Chakma-majority Tuichawng seat. Although the party has tempered its Hindutv in its quest acceptability, Mizoram appears to have walled itself from the BJP wave.

The missionary cell will now create a database of the 5,000-odd Christian missionary organisations and church units of those  in the state, with their names, addresses, phone numbers and email IDs. The goal of missionary cell of BJP in Mizoram is to fight ‘anti-Christian party tag’+.

The plan has already triggered a debate about the potential security implications of the process.

Mizoram BJP dismissed these concerns, with missionary cell head Lalhriatrenga Chhangte denying that the party had any motive other than the stated one. “There was some misunderstanding about data on missionaries, some apprehension that it could fall into the hands of RSS. But contact details of missionaries will be on the database only with their consent…The sole purpose of this cell is to help those in need.”

He added, “BJP’s Mizoram unit will always oppose RSS or any other organisation that violates the freedom of religion and acts against Christian missionaries.”

Interestingly, BJP has its Minority Morcha (wing) to address their problems within the party circles. The Morcha mainly deals with interest of the Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Parsi communities mainly. Now, the question arises even then why the party has created a Christian Missionaries Wing inside the party organisation? Will BJP create separate units for Muslims, Buddhists, Parsis, Jains and Sikhs one by one?

It is alarming that for some political gain, BJP is now to digest the Christian stand to oppose RSS as the BJP’s Mizoram Missionaries Unit Head Lalhriatrenga Chhangte denotes, “BJP’s Mizoram unit will always oppose RSS or any other organisation that violates the freedom of religion and acts against Christian missionaries.”

Such a fragmented journey of Hindutva in the interest of minority politics is really a dangerous one.

Days back, Sadhvi Pragya was rebuked by BJP’s Working President JP Nadda for her statement that MPs were not supposed to clean toilets. Sadhvi was vehemently opposed by the party top leaders as her statement went against the policy of Swacch Bharat Mission.

Now, it is to observe whether Mizoram Missionaries Unit Head Lalhriatrenga Chhangte is summoned by the Party leaders to give a stricture for his anti-RSS statement.

Otherwise, it will be crystal clear that BJP is playing an ugly game of minority politics to endanger the Hindutva movement in India.

__inputs from TOI.



One comment on “Mizoram BJP sets up missionary cell ‘against RSS’ to shed off ‘Hindutva’ tag.

  1. Sudipto
    July 27, 2019

    BJP is not about Hinduism. They have not reclaimed any decimated temple. All they have done is use the bogey of Islam and terrorism and black money with an eventual result of mass surveillance and forcing the banking system.
    It is copybook takeover of a country by the Jews. Eventually, they will make India a slave to the Zionists, all the while sucking our hard earned money in the name of a good future.


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