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‘Garba’ & ‘Dandiya’ organisers need to check Aadhaar not to allow ‘Non-Hindus’ during Navratri: Bajrang Dal.

Stop Love Jihad in Garba & Dandiya.

Check Aadhar to all Navratri events so that non-Hindus don’t enter: Bajrang Dal to Garba, Dandiya organisers.

B Upendran | HENB | Hyderabad | Sep 29, 2019:: During Navratri he Bajrang Dal has urged all ‘Garba’ and ‘Dandiya’ organisers to make Aadhar Card mandatory at entry points of the events in order to identify people of ‘non-Hindus’ communities.We have asked the event organisers to mandate Aadhar Cards at the entry spot to identify non-Hindus entering the venues and also to avoid employing Non-Hindus as bouncers for these events,” said S Kailash, Media Convener, Bajrang Dal.

Kailash stated that for the last couple of years it has been observed that “groups of youth of non-Hindu communities are entering these events and since they have no concern and respect towards the divinity of the event, they are often seen misbehaving with the women participating in Garba and Dandiya. They also manhandle the men who come to the rescue of the victim.”

“Also, the event managers are hiring non-Hindu bouncers which seem to be a main cause for these miscreants to enter the events. Another major lapse is lack of monitoring and control on who enters the events,” he said.

Kailash said that “teams of Bajrang Dal karyakartas (activists) will be present at the venues and if any such case is reported, immediate action would be taken by Bajrang Dal to stop the miscreants from entering the venues which might lead to the disruption of the whole event.”

Eminent Hindu interlocutor and Hindu Existence Website Editor, Upananda Brahmachari expressed his satisfaction  for the bold setps taken by Bajrang Dal to disown Muslims and anti-Hindus from Navratri events and questioned the clamorous and glamorous selective secular elements, “Muslims have no faith in Durgapuja or Navratri… But, they are very much interested to participate in Garba and Dandiya only to plot Love Jihad with Hindu girls and women. When Garba and Dandiya  are completely Hindu events during Navratri, why Muslims very much interested to participate there?”

Read this news in Bengali:  আধার না থাকলে খেলা যাবে না গরবা ও ডান্ডিয়া, হুঁশিয়ারি বজরং দলের

Read this news in Marathi: गरब्यात गैर हिंदूंना प्रवेश नको; बजरंग दलाची मागणी

Read this news in Hindi: बजरंग दल ने गरबा आयोजकों के लिए जारी किया फरमान, कहा- इवेंट में एंट्री के लिए आधार कार्ड को करें जरूरी

Read this news in Gujarati: બજરંગ દળનું ફરમાન- ગરબામાં પ્રવેશ કરનારા બિન હિન્દુનું ‘આધાર’ તપાસો

__With inputs from ANI./ Courtesy: All links used above.

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