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Why the Hindus are being killed, raped, targeted, tortured, religiously persecuted in India? Aren’t Hindus safe in Modi-Yogi-BJP Raj?


VHP leader shot dead in Mandsaur (MP); RSS activist, his wife and son slaughtered in Jiagang (WB); BJP Active worker killed in Nanur (WB); Durga immersion Procession attacked in Blarampur (UP); Hindu women abducted, raped, forcefully converted in different places UP & Bihar…. Are Hindus safe in Modi-Yogi-BJP Raj?

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Haridwar | Oct 10, 2019:: Again it’s a head count of a Hindutva leader in broad daylight in Madhya Pradesh, where anti-Hindutva forces inclined to murder their opponents by any means. A local Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) leader, Yuvraj Singh Chouhan, who managed a cable TV network in Mandsaur district, was shot dead in daylight at a tea stall in Abhinandan Nagar on Wednesday morning (the day next after Vijaya Dashmi) .

Chouhan, 48, was shot thrice at point-blank range by three gunmen who had come on a bike, Kotwali police said, adding that the killing might be related to a cable TV war that originated in Indore.

This is the second murder of a saffron activist in Mandsaur town in nine months – BJP leader Prahlad Bandhwar was shot dead in January. BJP leaders protested strongly and alleged that lawlessness is rising under Congress rule in Madhya Pradesh, specially attacking Hindutva leaders .

Chouhan was sipping tea at a stall near a railway underpass when the gunmen struck. One of them shot him in the back of the head and two bullets pierced his chest. Before passersby could comprehend what had happened, the trio had fled. Chouhan was taken to hospital in an autorickshaw but he was declared brought dead.

Such desperate killing of Hindu karyakartas (activists) may be painted as business rivalry by police without disclosing reliable facts, but obviously failing its credentials by not being able to arrest the culprits anyway.  The killing of Yuvraj in this festive season points out the intention of the anti-Hindu elements to mar the delight of Hindu festivity.

It’s not the case of Yuvraj Singh Chouhan alone. On the eve of Vijaya Dashmi, the whole family of a RSS karyakarta in Jiaganj (Murshidabad) in West Bengal was brutality murdered in an unbelievable situation.  Primary School teacher Bandhuprakash Pal (40), his 8 months pregnant wife Beauty Pal (30) and their only son Arya Pal alias Angan (7yrs) were hacked to death with machetes on only in two separate rooms in the late night on Navami (ninth day of Navratri) or in the morning of Dashmi (Dussera).

WB CM Mamata Banerjee’s police is investigating the case very callously embroiling many  angels with arresting now. One of the eye witness Bibrata Sarkar who spotted the murder scene first told ABP Anand that one unknown person fled from the scene towards a nearby mosque while he raised an alarm after seeing the gory scene.

Local public and neighbors of Bandhuprakash say that there was no animosity with anybody for Pal family. But, Bandhuprakash was a member of RSS and he might had developed some Jihadi opponents secretly for his RSS connection.

Animesh Chakraborty was killed by Jihadi supported TMC goons at Nanoor on Durga Ashtami night.

During this Durga Puja Festival (the biggest Puja and festivity for Bengali Hindus), one  Aninesh Chakroborty, an active BJP worker of Nanur Assembly Constituency (in Birbhum -WB) was murdered ruthlessly on Ashtami night by Jihadi supported TMC goon. The CM and Police Mnister of WB, Mamata Banerjee was also failed there to nab the murderers of Chakroborty for her alleged connection with Jihadi elements or her superlative Muslim appeasement politics.

Joba Roy

In last month one Joba Roy was raped and murdered by one suspected Majidur Rahaman in WB’s Gangarampur in Dakshin Dinajpur and one Hindu girl student was forcibly converted to Islam by one Mohammed Azha in UP’s Bareilly.+ In no case the culprits are not caught by the police whether it is of Manata Banerjee or Yogi Adityanath.

Now, one the of the BJP National Spokespersons and Big face in national channels, Sambit Patra tweeted for the Hindu activists murder in Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal. Patra tweeted, “मन्दसौर में विश्व हिंदू परिषद के सदस्य युवराज सिंह की दिन दहाड़े गोली मार कर हत्या कर दी जाती है,मुर्शिदाबाद (बंगाल) में RSS के बंधु पाल के पूरे परिवार को मौत के घाट उतार दिया जाता है ..फिर भी सब चुप है ..क्यूँ? क्या इनका क़सूर सिर्फ़ इतना है की इनका नाम पहलू खान या अख़लाक़ नहीं?

Attacking the ‘selective liberals’, Sambit questioned, “Why all are silent for the murder of VHP Activists at Mandsaur in broad daylight or brutal slaughtering of RSS member Bandhuprakash Pal in Bengal as their names would not match as Phelu khan or Akhlaq?”

The raised point of Sambit is right towards the bastard left and secular selective liberals as they never care for the killing, rape, persecution or injustice on Hindus. But, Sambit must not evade the situation in BJP ruled Uttar Pradesh where Durga Visarjan Procession in Balrampur is attacked by Jihadi stone pelters+, or Dalit Hindu girl are gang-raped by Rape Jihadis and filmized in Kaushambi+ or Hindu widow punished by Muslim Sarpanch  for affair’ with ‘Akbar’ and forcefully converted in Araria district+ in Bihar, where BJP is a part of Govt with Nitish Kumar’s JDU. Bengali Hindus are in a very vulnerable position in Assam. As a pro-active Hindu Website Editor, I am saying that the position of Hindus in any non Hindu areas and even in Hindu areas influenced by other Jihadi and Christianity influenced and inclined ares or in BJP ruled areas are going to be an unfathomed peril even in the Modi-Yogi-Shah Raj. I know, Sambit, the RSS-BJP leaders and some paid medias (some also by BJP) have problems to digest my words.

Definately BJP’s high profile spokesperson Sambit Patra coulld not see the inside of BJP ruled Uttar Pradesh where BJP leaders are being killed now on regular basis.

In recent two other incidents, Hindutva linked BJP leaders were shot dead in UP’s Deoband (murder of Choudhry Yaspal Singh+) on Oct 8 and in UP’s Basti (murder of Kabir Tiwari+) on Oct 9.

Functioning of RSS as a big social welfare NGO and a protector of BJP for every steps, without thinking the increase of Warrior (Khastra) Spirit to eliminate Jihadi, Evangelic, Urban Naxal, Communist and pseudo-secular elements; transformation of BJP as a neo-secular Gandhian (read second Congress) force and taming Bajrang Dal and Hindu Jagran Manch under RSS Control and undermining a big alternative Hindutva force out of RSS-VHP-Bajrang Dal-HJM network are the main vices of  Sangha Parivar for which the resistance and retaliatory power of  Hindu society is fixed in a trauma.

If the BJP cheerleaders and the jumping supporters think Modi-Yogi-Shah will save the Hindus in India, then why the headcounts of Hindu dead bodies are reported in the day alternative, why the unbearable crying of raped and tortured Hindu girls and women are ranting the air here and there, Why the Kashmiri Hindu Pandits are still living a refugee life in their own country, why the Hindus are being persecuted in Hindusthan, why the conversion of Hindus are growing day by day, why thousands of cows are killed in front Hindus every day in this Bharat Bhoomi. And finally, if one questions why Ram lalla is in a make shift tent house, it is privilege of RSS-BJP to point out their finger to the Supreme Court of India.

The fashion and teaching of Sangha Parivar including BJP to be self-immolated in judiciary and polity is the main curse of the Hindu society as they imbibed.

So, the pointing out Hindu murders and tortures occurred in a non-BJP states by some BJP spoke person and  bypassing the same ordeal of persecution and peril of Hindus in BJP ruled states will be the another act of betrayal to Hindus in general.

The main point is that Sangha Parivar invoked that Hindus were unsafe under the rule of Congress and pseudo-Secular political parties and wanted a Congress Mukt (free) Bharat. Consequently, majority Hindus voted for a Hindutva jukta (added) Bharat. But, this is a big question whether Hindus are safe and secured in a Modi-Yogi-Shah ruled Bharat?

The answer is No, as Hindus visibly are not safe and secured in a Modi-Yogi-Shah ruled Bharat as political thinking of RSS and BJPare always incriminating the upheaval of Hindutva and rejecting the Warrior spirit of Hindutva in a Gandhian concept. The 300+ seats in Loksabha, near majority in Rajaysabha and holding the power in maximum numbers of Indian states, BJP is failed to give security for Hindus! Now, Hindutva is a improvised weapon for RSS-BJP to use it as a Gandhian tool to accept and compromise with Hindu interests under political and circumstantial pressures put by anti-Hindu political parities and fundamental forces in created situations.

Then there is a only one solution. It is to develop and increase of Hindu warrior force and revival of Hindutva doing a less politics on it. Otherwise,  possessing all 542 seats in Lok Sabha, majority in Rajay Sabha and holding the power even in all of Indian states will not provide the power to Bhagwat-Modi-Yogi-Shah and RSS-BJP to give safety and security of Hindus any way.

It is giving a very bad message that RSS-BJP are incapable to protect their own cadres when they are in power. It is also shameful that in an RSS indoctrination Hindus are failed to protect themselves in their bare majority (80% of total population) and being keen down to 20% Muslims-Christian-Secular elements.

It’s natural to bear all these hard talks by RSS-BJP people as unpalatable. Hindus can’t die helpless or Hindus can’t leave RSS-BJP anyway as Sangha Parivar gave assurance and hope for a prestigious living of Hindus with might and right. For that RSS-BJP must stop spreading myth about Gandhi and inculcate again the Hindutva of Ramdas Swami-Chatrapati-Shivaji-Maharana-Rana-Pratap-Guru-Govind-Singh-Swami-Vivekananda-Aurobinda-Hedgewar-Savarkar-&-Shyamaprasad. Gandhi was never an exponential central figure in Hindutva…. why this Gandhi Bhajana in present RSS-BJP’s Hindutva. It must be stopped+.

RSS-BJP must cease politicize Hindutva only for Org or party sake. They must stop double standard with Hindutva. For the sake of Hindus and for their own sake too, Complete Ram Temple and Protect Ram Sethu, Ban Cow Slaughter, Rehabilitate Kashimri Hindu Pandits, Stop Conversion and make a Hindu Defense Force deploying all Hindu-Sikh ex-servicemen. All these are not simply possible by only political power of BJP. BJP must franchise the Hindutva power to accomplish their promised Hindu agenda. And obviously there is a need of recast our Revered Constitution with some changes to prevent discrimination with Hindu majority+ in a way to stop giving many undue advantages to minority communities (read Muslims) in an appeasement mode.

This is the bare analysis for why Hindus are not safe in Modi-Yogi-BJP Raj with a demoralized Hindutva. And here is the way how Hindusthan will be a full proof safe place for Hindus without any anti-Hindu threat with a new version of Practical Hindutva.

__Inputs from Agencies.
__Courtesy: The links,pic,video sources used above


3 comments on “Why the Hindus are being killed, raped, targeted, tortured, religiously persecuted in India? Aren’t Hindus safe in Modi-Yogi-BJP Raj?

  1. impex1
    October 11, 2019

    Hindu Geedarho Shastra uthao,

    Kaise paas khare hijarhe tamasha dekh rahe hain.

    Choorhiyan pahan lo hathon me napunsako.

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Malathi
    October 15, 2019

    No one can save Our Hindu brothers and sisters. if they don’t protect themselves. BJP. Modi and Yogi’s are failed governments and they deceived Hindus by cheating Hindus many ways. Only solution is to protect ourselves.


  3. Sudipto Bhakta
    October 16, 2019

    I have repeatedly said it and will say it again. Modi is a crypto Jew and he gives a hoot to the Hindus. He is using Hindutva to loot Hindus.

    The primary tasks for him required to ban the Azaan, the Friday prayers, and bring up Quran for a debate.

    His primary task also required to take possession of all destroyed temples, big or small, and reconstruct them.
    Instead, BJP is just playing the inciting game, so that there be a civil war where nobody wins.

    In such a scenario, only bankers and money lenders will win. It is a tested process of the Jews.


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