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Deceitfully turned 144 Christian tribal people `reconverted’ to Hinduism in Gujarat’s Dang.

144 converted Christian tribal return to Hindu faith again in Southern Gujarat district of Dang.

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Dang | January 26, 2020:: As many as 144 members of a tribal community who had converted to Christianity were converted back to Hinduism in Southern Gujarat’s Dang district on Friday (24th January), a religious leader claimed.

The event was organized at Bhogadiya village by some local religious leaders with the support of the Vishva Hindu Parishad, Agniveer and Hindu Jagran Manch, said Sadhvi Yashoda Didi of Shivrimal Ashram in the district.

“These Warli tribals were lured into embracing Christianity by missionaries five years ago. They contacted us recently, saying they were not feeling comfortable following this religion,” she said.

“As they wanted to come back to Hinduism, we arranged this program of `Ghar Wapsi’ today,” she added.

Most of those who reconverted to Hinduism were residents of Bhogadiya while some were from surrounding villages.

A `yajna’ (sacred fire) was organized to ‘purify’ the village and the head priest of the Unai temple presided over the re-conversion program, Yashoda Didi said.

“We did not make any false promise to these tribals to persuade them to embrace their ancestral faith,” she added.

The Vaidik Diksha Shuddhikaran event was organized by Agniveer of Bhogadiya village with the help of other Hindu organisations.

The district is very much affected by religious conversion activities under the control of  economically strong and worldwide networked Christian Missionaries.

Shivrimal Ashram monk Sadhvi Yashoda didi, Agniveer chief Nehaben Patel, Hindu Janjagran Manch  leaders among others were present on this occasion.

Read this news in Hindi: गुजरात में 5 साल पहले ईसाई बने 144 आदिवासियों ने फिर से अपनाया हिंदू धर्म

__Inputs from PTI, Desh Gujarat and Live Hindstan.

One comment on “Deceitfully turned 144 Christian tribal people `reconverted’ to Hinduism in Gujarat’s Dang.

  1. Kirtikumar
    January 28, 2020

    Great. It had to happen.


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