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Hindu Rashtra is the destiny of India. Romila Thapar can’t stop it.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Haridwar | Aug 18, 2020:: In her first live online lecture from the pseudo-secular abode of Delhi University (DU) in a collaboration of Communists and Urban Naxals and Kashmiri Separatist wings of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU); the famed leftist academician and Professor of Indian  ancient history, Romila Thapar said recently (on Aug 13, 2020) arguably the country was on the edge of becoming a Hindu nation.

As the heat of emerging Ram Temple at Ayodhya spreads an unbearable burning sensation all over the Pro-Islamist and Selective-Secular intellectuals and academicians in India, Prof Thapar is also affected seriously by the scorching heat of Ram Temple, as she thinks it as a symbol of Hindu Rashtra in Bharat.

Prof. Thapar addressed viewers on a Facebook Live session organised by a Delhi University students-led initiative, Karwaan, focusing on the writing of history over the past 200 years, from the colonial authors to the nationalist school of the early 20th Century and beyond.

But, the covert Islamic and anti-Hindu school, in which Prof Thapar belongs, they always decrying the Nationalism of the majority people of India and tried to defame the torch bearers of Indian nationalism in medieval to modern times in the tradition of Rana Pratap, Chatrapati Shivaji, Tilak, Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo and Savarkar. Not even such anti-Hindutva school of thoughts propounded by Romila Thapar, Irfan Habib, Bipan Chandra, D N Jha etc. is not ready to accept the ideals of Gandhi, Patel, Netaji, Ambedkar with proper importance as these National heroes distanced the theory of Marxism and Dialectical Materialism. And this paranoid thought school of Thapar does not agree with the roots of universal nationalism enshrined in the Vedas or the Patriotic Nationalism of Lord Rama as reflected in the Ramayana. Rather, they engaged themselves to prove ‘Beef eating in Vedas’, ‘Casteism in ancient India’, ‘Aryan invasion in India’, ‘Arya-Dravid Conflicts’ and ‘Imported Nationalism’ in India, though all these have been proved false through modern research and unbiased explorations.

On nationalism, Prof. Thapar said: “Nationalism is the reflection of how people in a society think about their collective self. The collective means that everyone that constitutes the nation should be included as equal citizens. But when nationalism is defined by a single identity, which can either be language or religion or even ethnicity, then nationalism gets derailed into majoritarianism. And majoritarianism is not nationalism”. But, Thapar never questioned the existence of 53 Islamic Countries or the Islamic State Religion and Christian State Religion or 112 Christian Countries, in many of which she visited for delivering guest lectures and academic purposes and certainly received honor and prizes from those countries. The high irritation of Prof. Thapar comes unbearable, if there would be a Hindu Rashtra in India for the 1 billion Hindus here!!

She said, “the struggle for Independence had an all-inclusive nationalism of Indians opposed to British rule. However, the insistence on two nations by the British led to a nationalism defined by religion that found acceptance among some Indians”. But, Prof Romila Thapar actually failed to understand the Muslim psyche and mode of Islamic dominance over others which was the root cause of division of Indian people in the independence struggle through an easy game plan of Britishers. The note of Thapar as ‘some Indians’ accepted ‘nationalism defined by religion’ is purely a concocted story as the majority of Muslims voted for Pakistan and tried to engage themselves in a ‘direct action’ against Hindus to get a Pakistan which was in their hearts.

So, Thapar’s opinion, “The two-nation idea surfaced in the creation of what happened in Partition, in the creation of Pakistan as an Islamic nation. And in current India, it can be argued that it is teetering on the edge of creating its Hindu equivalent”… is nothing but a conjecture in fine. Practically, Hindus wanted an Undivided India (Akhand Bharat) for natural co-existence and cultural cohesion, but Muslims favoured Pakistan (Holy Land) for their religious supremacy and political authority.

As a matter of fact, pro-Communist, pro-Kashmiri liberation, Urban-naxalite and Selective secular historians like Romila Thapar and others played foul with Indian history all around by a dint of vilification of Hindu views & culture and majority struggle & aspirations only to praise Islamic barbarism in India in a mode of Muslim appeasement. So, the call of re-writing Indian History in an unbiased mode of shredding down all so called secular and communist culpability is an urgent need of the time.

Those who want to symbolize Ram Temple in Ayodhya as a step forward to a Hindu Rashtra in India, are very right in their analytics and anticipations. Prof. Thapar is  also right that ‘India on edge of becoming Hindu nation’. But, she feels pain for it so that shaping India as a Hindu Rashtra will stop India becoming many Pakistans in future.

Hindu Rashtra is the call of the time to save India’s true secular precept of co-existence and all inclusiveness honoring all faith and liberty. Islam just opposes other faith and liberty of non-Muslims. History of the world and happenings in Islamic countries prove it obviously. We just can’t allow fake secularism to divide India in many Pakistans.

There must be a Hindu Rashtra in Bharat in an urgent basis to make futile the exercise of Jihad in India for shaping it a Dar-ul-Islam (Land of Islam). Hail Hindu Rashtra to save India now and forever.

Hindu Rashtra in Bharat encompassing all its divinity and diversity is the destiny. Prof Romila Thapar can’t stop it anyway.

News flow: The Hindu.


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