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Arti to Ayesha: Another story of abduction, conversion and forced marriage in Islamic Pakistan.

Again a Pakistani Hindu girl allegedly abducted, converted as Ayesha from Arti and married off with Fawad Ahamed against her will in Sindh’s Larkana.

Arti to Ayesha

Pic Source: APHP FB Timeline.

Sonam Dawani  | HENB | Larkana | April 9, 2021:: Again a young Hindu girl is said to have been kidnapped from near her home in Pakistan’s Larkana district in Sindh.

The 22 yrs old girl identified as Arti Kumari, d/o Namo Mal was intercepted by a local Muslim Young man named Fawad Ahamed, son of Abu Insar Korangi, allegedly connected with a local Islamist group.

As per All Pakistani Hindu Panchayat (APHP) post in their Facebook platform.[1][2][3][4], Arti has been converted and renamed as ‘Ayesha’ by the family of Fawad between 4th April to 9th April.

The report also claims that she has been married off to that local Muslim guy Fawad.

On 9th March’s early morning at 2.30 am police raided a village nearby Karachi and recovered the missing Hindu girl Arti.

 Arti was missing from Larkana while she was going to her workplace in a beauty parlour on Friday evening on 2nd April. As per report, Fawad was following Arti to make her kidnapped.

Ravi Dawani. General Secretary of APHP & Advocate Kalpana Devi & her Husband Dr Ambrat Lal were keeping constant touch with Larkana police and SSP Larkana since the first day to find out Arti from the mysterious missing truce.

On 8th April APHP GS Ravi Dawani & Adv Kalpana Devi were sitting in the police station since noon to compel Larkana police to reach ultimately to the destination of Karachi at about 3pm.

Then, Larkana police was waiting for the confirmation of the news from their spies and at last approx at 1.30 am police started raiding on a Sindhi village near Karachi & recovered Arti with a Muslim boy at about 2.30 am.

On Friday, April 9th New Muslim girl Ayesha has been presented in the court of Third Judicial Magistrate Waqar Ahmed Junejo including her husband Muhammad Fawaz.

Hindu community protested inside the court for not allowing the Hindu parents to meet the abducted Hindu girl Arti, presented as Ayesha after conversion.

Hindu Panchayat leaders Dr. Dharam Paul, Diyali Gul and Arti’s parents started shouting slogans outside the court.

The abductor of the Hindu girl, Fawad Ahamed  told the court that on 4th April, Arti reached his office at Korangi, N Nazimabad  and she informed that she came to marry him at Karachi and now she did not want to go with her home and wanted to convert into Islam religion. Immediately, Fawad took her at his home & converted her to get married.

The same repetition of the story, missing of Hindu girls (read stealthy Islamic abduction of kaffir girls), then the girls’ earnest urge to be converted in to Jihadi Religion of Peace, then conversion and marriage secretly before it would reach the pro-Sharia court of law; frustrated the Hindu minorities of Pakistan as usual.

Seeing the Hindu protest the Court sent Arti Kumari to a short stay home named Darul Aman and placed Fawad Ahmed to police the Police custody till the next hearing.

__Inputs from APHP’s FB Timeline.

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