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Lack of understanding Hinduism.


Who will defend this virtue of Hinduism?

~ Dr. T. Hanuman Chaudary.

There are currently multiple attacks on Hinduism and Hindus. Due to the proselytizing activities not only the poor sections of the Hindu community but also the people of the economically affluent ruling castes are converting. Lack of understanding of Hinduism is one of the reasons for conversion. The joint family system has ceased to exist in our society for a number of reasons. As a result, those who teach children about our virtue are gone. At home, in schools, in community life, there is no one to tell the youth about Hinduism.

There seems to be a wide variety of devotees among the Hindus. Many people worship and pray only to satisfy their own desires. No one tells them about Hinduism. They do not know the meaning of the mantras recited by the priests.

Christians run schools within the country and with huge funds raised from outside the country. It is well known, however, that Christian schools are better disciplined and disciplined than schools run by public and corporate entities. That is why Hindu parents send their children to schools run by Christian organizations, but that should not be. The various prelates of Hinduism should set up educational institutions of their own and make Hindu religious subjects a part of the syllabus, except in extra-curricular activities.

What should we do when there are no preachers of Hindu Dharma at home, in schools and in the community? Christianity and Islam are the organized  religions and we need that organizational set up for us too. Christians go to church on Sundays. Muslims go to the mosque on Friday. In both cases there is a complete digestive tract and preach about their religion. They explain also the duties of the clergy. But, Hindus have no such planning.

For example, Hanuman is worshiped in every branch of Hinduism so every Sunday all the devotees have to go and worship at the nearby Hanuman Temple at specific times. There they should hear prophecies and sermons about Hinduism, as in churches and mosques. The singing  of bhajans and distribution of prasadam should be done only after that. Only in this way can there be unity among the followers of Hinduism who worship and practice different deities and sects. It alone can protect Hindu Dharma. When we demand that governments withdraw from the management of temples, the governments themselves are asking to whom they should be handed over. The answer is simple. Like mosques, churches and gurudwaras, they should be run by groups of devotees and societies of devotees. Henceforth there should be a Mahadharmacharya Sabha.

A committee should be set up with the Parama Dharmacharyas to take suggestions from the Hindu sects of the appropriate level excluding government ownership over the temples. We can adopt the Sikh Gurdwara Act as a starting point for the Hindu institutional structure. That is why I urge the Dharmacharyas not only to visit peethas and monasteries but also to make extensive visits to gather public opinion and influence political parties. Without the political will, the change we seek will not be possible.

Remember the warning given by Madame Anne Besant that there is no future for India without Hinduism and that the great tree of the country will collapse if the Hindu philosophy rooted in Indian roots is removed. The question she asked today, who will protect her faith if the sons of Bharatmata do not erode her faith, should still haunt us today.

HANUMAN-CHOWDARY(The writer Dr. Tripuraneni Hanuman Chaudary  is a prolific writer on Hindu Dharma and Convener of the Confederation of Indian Dharma Protection).

The article was first published in Telugu News Portal ‘Sakshi’ dot com on Feb 22, 2022 . Views expressed are personal.

One comment on “Lack of understanding Hinduism.

  1. DR T . Naidoo
    February 25, 2022

    There is not enough Hindu education.

    We don’t even have one tenth of the number of Muslim schools that there are.

    We must teach Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharata and Bhagavatam to All children in India.

    We have religious truths that other religions do not have.

    VHP must organise Hindu schools on a massive scale.


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