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With Hindutva demands, Dr Togadia urges the Govt to put restraints on price-rise & unemployment. 

Hindutva leader Dr Pravin Togadia demands population control bill, anti-conversion bill and Uniform Civil Code.

Centre should address price rise and unemployment, says Hindutva leader Pravin Togadia along with his Hindutva demands.

Dr Togadia AHPUpendra Bharti | HENB | Jaipur | April 2, 2022:: Prominent Hindutva leader Pravin Togadia on Sunday said the central government needs to take steps to address inflation and unemployment in the country. Alongside his Hindutva demands of population control bill, anti-conversion bill and Uniform Civil Code, the former president of Vishwa Hindu Parishad placed the populist demands of price rise and job crisis of the Indian populace.

Pravin Togadia, president of Antarashtriya Hindu Parishad, asked the government to look into the issues urgently.

“The issues of price rise and unemployment have become serious concerns which need to be looked into… The government took appreciable steps to ensure abrogation of Article 370 and has spoken about bringing in a Uniform Civil Code but the issues of price rise and unemployment are also serious ones that the government should address,” Pravin Togadia said.

On his organisation’s initiatives on the issue, he said, “From May 26, we are starting a service called Rashtriya Swarozgaar Yojana. It is to provide employment to people. The first step under this would be to provide employment to 10,000 people.”

Dr Togadia has been talking about economical and social empowerment of majority Hindu people since 2014 when Narendra Modi was elevated to the central power as the Prime Minister of India.

Togadia also spoke on the spiraling prices of fuel and other commodities, saying, “The inflation is at its peak. Governments are getting taxes and they should sit together. The Centre should reduce excise duty and states should reduce VAT on petrol and diesel. The price of cooking gas should also be reduced.”

“The aam aadmi is not just troubled, but on the verge of committing suicide due to the high inflation. Prices of everything have increased, be it fuel, cooking oil, steel etc.” he said.

He also claimed one crore posts are vacant at the Centre and in state governments.

“One lakh posts are vacant only in the railways. Why is the government not giving jobs to people? We have started mounting pressure on the governments for giving employment to one crore unemployed,” he said.

Hindus are targeted and humiliated 

Speaking on recent incidents of communal violence in the country, Pravin Togadia said that “a pattern of targeting Hindus” has been seen.

He said, “The Hindu population is on the path of decline. Hindu demography in India is under the peril of Population Jihad  and Evangelic Threats.” He, hence, put forth three demands of 1) population control bill, 2) anti-conversion bill and 3) implementation of uniform civil code.

Also in an apparent reference to the recent demolition of two temples in Rajasthan’s Alwar, he said temples should not be allowed to be demolished under laws formed by any government as it “insults” Hindu sentiments.

On the demolition of temples, Togadia said, “Temples should not be demolished under the rule of any government, be it that of the Congress or BJP. Demolition insults the sentiments of Hindus.”

The recent demolition of two temples in Alwar district’s Rajgarh Nagar Palika as part of an anti-encroachment drive created a controversy in the state with the BJP coming down heavily on the ruling Congress.

Mosques loudspeakers must be controlled

Echoing the sentiments of Maharashtra politician Raj Thackeray, Pravin Togadia said that loudspeakers should be removed from all mosques. “If loudspeakers have to be there, the sound should not come out of masjids,” he added.

On the controversy around the use of loudspeakers at religious places, Togadia said Supreme Court and high court orders should be followed in the matter.

“Why does the sound of loudspeakers go 5 km? Why should students or patients suffer? The sound should be restricted to the place of the meeting only.”

His remarks come in the wake of the controversy over the use of loudspeakers at religious premises.

In Uttar Pradesh, a statewide drive to remove unauthorised loudspeakers from religious places and set the volume of others within permissible limits began on April 25.

Under this exercise, a total of 53,942 loudspeakers were removed and the volume of 60,295 was set within permissible limits till Sunday morning, UP Additional Director General of Police (Law and Order) Prashant Kumar said.

But, Maharashtra has also been witnessing a political slugfest over the issue.

__Inputs from PTI.

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