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Brutal rape and murder of Hindu woman in Dinajpur of Islamic Bangladesh.

Inconsolable two girl children of murdered Opo Rani Roy

Inconsolable two girl children of murdered Opo Rani Roy. (pic. screen grab from available video).

Nude dead body recovered with her unconscious minor girl child lying beside.

Opo Rani Roy rape and murder by suspected fanatic radicals in Dinajpur of Islamic Bangladesh.

Atul Das | HENB | Dhaka | Aug 3, 2022::  Police recovered the naked body of a Hindu woman from a paddy field in Bherbheri Union of the Khansama upazila (sub-district) in the evening  in the Dinajpur district of Bangladesh on Friday last.

The deceased was identified as Opo Rani Roy, 23, wife of Milon alias Mission Chandra Roy.

Police sources said Opo Rani along with her daughter was returning to her husband’s house from her parents’ house in Tangua Kumarpara Village in the afternoon, but did not return to Milon’s home on time.

Later on, locals spotted her naked body in a paddy field in the evening and informed police. Her daughter was found unconscious beside the body.

Being informed, police recovered the body from the scene and sent it to Dinajpur M Abdur Rahim Medical College Hospital for an autopsy.

The deceased’s family members alleged that Opo Rani might have been killed after gang-rape. They demanded justice over the killing. Local people suspected that a gang of Muslim hooligans did the heinous act.

Tagging a video of the unbearable ordeal made by the daughter of late Opo Rani Roy; Radharamn Das of ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) tweeted, “Let the cries of this helpless girl ring in your years. She is saying “Amra ki apraadh koray chiloom” What crime did we commit? These 2 small sisters have lost their mother. Raped & killed by radical’s. This fake world is cruel & biased. It’s survival issue Hindus. WAKE UP.”

This video doesn’t exist

In another tweet Radharamn Das expressed his concern, “This 10 year old girl crying is the daughter of Rani Roy. She was found unconscious along with the nude dead body of her mother who was r@ped & killed. The crying girl is asking “What crime did we commit?” Their only crime is they are Hindus in an Islamic country Bangladesh @UN

Veteran journalist and India TV Director Rajat Sharma covered the news with importance and reported the ulterior persecution on the Hindu minorities in Islamic Bangladesh by the Islamist radicals. The reporting also highlighted the severe imbalance of population in the country, including rapid decrease of Hindus in Islamic Bangladesh.

In this reporting, Radharamn Das also condemned the silence of Amnesty and other human rights forum seeing all these brutal attacks, rape, murder and eviction of Hindus in Bangladesh on regular basis.

__Inputs from Agencies and India TV.

2 comments on “Brutal rape and murder of Hindu woman in Dinajpur of Islamic Bangladesh.

  1. Samarjit Presad Ganesh
    August 5, 2022

    This killings has to be stopped, if not, war must be declared to
    Bangladesh. Hindus of Bangal has to be protected. This problem
    shows that politics is not able to solve this crime. This is a message
    of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.


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