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Minor Hindu girl gang-raped, eyes gouged out in Sindh of Islamic Pakistan.

kavita gangape in umarkot

Inside Pakistan….

8-yr-old Hindu girl gang-raped by suspected Islamist hooligans, her eyes gouged out to cover the identity of rapists.

Seema Singh Meghwar | HENB | Karachi | Aug 28, 2022:: Another incident of Islamic crime against minorities in Pakistan that have become endemic to the Islamic state, an eight-year-old Hindu girl was brutally gang-raped in Umarkot region of Sindh province, her eyes gouged out after that to either destroy her identity or to cover up the identities of the rapists.

The minor was brutalized on Sunday. The suspected Islamist elements allegedly scratched her entire face and pierced her eyes with sharp knife like object.

The incident came into light after a Hindu rights activist in Pakistan tweeted some video clips taken from local TV news channels of Pakistan in which the victim can be seen on a stretcher while her parents were taking her inside a hospital compound.

A woman accompanying the victim’s family to the hospital can also be seen in the video. The woman told news reporters that the girl’s condition is horrible because the bleeding has not stopped.

“She has been continuously bleeding from her genitals, the doctors in the local emergency hospital have referred her into BIDS hospital where a gynecologist will examine her condition because she is continuously bleeding,” she said, adding that the girl is in desperate need of antibiotics.

“The rapists have literally scratched her entire face and have also gouged her eyes, just looking at her once is enough to give anybody chills down their spine,” she said while adding that the poor in Pakistan have no place. “Anybody can see the condition of this girl, this is not the only case, thousands of incidents like this happen every day but no action is taken whatsoever, where should these people go, government must answer,” she said.

In another video clip posted by the Hindu rights activist, the victim’s mother told the news media that the victim had gone to a local shop, but did not return. In the video the woman can be seen talking in native language.

She was recovered by Umarkot police hours after her disappearance. The cops took her to civil hospital in the region and have lodged a probe in the matter. The accused elements are currently on the run, police making efforts to arrest them, said reports.

The anchor of Mehran Tribune TV channel described the situation of Pakistan minorities as worse than anything and they have hardly any way to appeal for them for redressal.


___Inputs from FP & Mehran Tribune News.

3 comments on “Minor Hindu girl gang-raped, eyes gouged out in Sindh of Islamic Pakistan.

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  2. Applemonkey
    August 29, 2022

    There are no words to describe the degeneracy and evil of that cult and its demonic followers.
    May their countries continue to be bombed into misery by their hated kaffir enemies. May Satan continue to rape their minds and bodies daily.


    August 30, 2022

    Not even one muslim in india or around the world showed anysympathy for our Hindus in Pak. Where is Bollywood?

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