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VHP – Bajrang Dal vehemently oppose Muslim entry in Navratri Garba events.

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VHP opposes the entry in Garba of those who have no respect in Hindu faith.

Madhya Pradesh: Ruckus at Navratri Garba pandal in Ujjain and Indore, Muslim youths caught and beaten up by Bajrang Dal workers.

Ravi Sishodia | HENB | Bhopal | Oct 2, 2022::  After repeated announcement for ‘only Hindu entry in the Sharadiya Navratri Garba event’, the sex driven Muslim youths were reaching to those events only to mix and misbehave with Hindu girls and women folk that created ruckus in many places in Madhya Pradesh.

In Ujjain,  Bajrang Dal workers and office bearers came to know about some Muslim youths entering the pandal during the Garba event in Kalidas Academy premises located on VIP Kothi Road in the city at around 11 o’clock last night, then the workers started checking the youth by entering the crowd.

When the three Muslim youths caught by the organisers and found they already suppressed their Muslim identity to enter the event, the Bajrang Dal workers present in the venue thrashed them and handed over to local police who reached the spot to rescue them. Allegedly, the police freed the Muslim youths in late night without taking further action.

In an event in Indore, another three Muslim youths were apprehended in a Garba venu while they were taking pictures of the dancing girls and women in Garba event and hurled lewd comments.  When their real Muslim identity  was established, the event organiser and the Bajrang Dal workers pounced them before handed over to the police.

Such incidents in repetition here and there created fury among the Hindus. When BJP-VHP in Sangha Parivar opposed untoward Muslim entry in the Garba events which were acclaimed as Hindu religious festivals where the non-believers in Hindu faith would not come with any fair purpose; the Congress party condemned such religious segregation in any public event upholding the communal position.

In a Times Now debate VHP spokesperson Vinod Bansal categorically told, “This (Garba) is purely a Hindu festival & has no place for non-believers in Hindu faith. If they are so keen on participating why don’t they bring their women also to the event and hide them at home and why they don’t come to pray to Mother Durga and do not organise such events in Muslim areas? Why do they try to hide their (Muslim) identity?”

Visibly stunting out the Times Now anchor, Bansal cleared his position that Navratri Garba events are not any public event and Garba is included in the Hindu religious programmes. So, Muslims should not come there to make any chaos.

__Inputs from Times Now.

2 comments on “VHP – Bajrang Dal vehemently oppose Muslim entry in Navratri Garba events.

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  2. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    October 5, 2022

    Bharat Sarkar, you are keeping unnecessary Bharat uncivilized. Sanatan
    Bharat is the land of DEVIS/DEVTAS. They, the enemies of the DEVIS/DEVTAS
    why are they still in India? The barbaric foreign invaders and their descendants
    have lost the war of destruction of Hindu heritage and why they got the same
    right as the VICTOR? Is that logic? Therefore change the CONGRESSY-NEHRU
    constiturion and flag and give Sanatan Bharat its original heritage back. Also
    Bharat Sarkar, start the day with PUJA PATH and make Bharat civilized again.
    This is the voice of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.


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