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A Vijayawada bookshop sells only Hindu Dharma rare books.

Hindu Books

Like Gita Press, a bookshop sells only rare Hindu devotional books and scriptures in Vijayawada.

Such book shop like ‘Siva Kameswari Grandhamala’ must be opened in every city and towns in India. 

B Upendran | HENB | Vijayawada | Jan 7, 2023:: While bookshops are found everywhere, this one in Andhra Pradesh’s city of Vijayawada is different. There reason being, ‘Siva Kameswari Grandhamala’ offers readers a choice of a wide range of Hindu devotional books numbering more than 3,000, some of which are very hard to find in libraries and with book collectors.

Though Siva Kameswari Grandhamala keeps such books mainly in Telegu language, the Hindu devotional and scriptural books are available here also in Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, and Oriya languages. This shop is located at Bramarambapuram while they have a stall at Rama Koti temple in the city also.

The founder and owner of the bookshop, Genduri Chandramouliswara Sambamurthi, told the media that he started this store at the age of 15 in 1976. The reason was that books of other religions were readily available but not those pertaining to Hinduism.

Hindu book shop

The founder’s father too used to work at a bookshop which sold devotional books and this also inspired him to start one on his own. Sambamurthi informed that he does not run the shop for money and all he earns is ploughed back into it.

Motivated by him, Sambamurthi’s son also has started a book stall called Sringeri Sankara Matam three years ago while one of his daughters-in-law takes care of online sales and publicising them through Facebook.

Some of the rare books available at the store are Srimadh Ramayanam, Amuktamalyada, Kalapurnodayam, Sitha Ramaajaneya Samvadham, Vasthu Gunadeepam, and Sangeetha Sarvardha Sara Sangrahamu among others.

As we know that Gita Press Gorakhpur has also same plan to spread Sanatan Hindu scriptures and devotional books in fifteen languages through their stalls in a very low prices, such stalls must be opened in every nooks and corners in India to present the spiritual and devotional treasures to the new generations in India.

Gita Press Book Stalls

To open Gita Press Book Stalls in any location in India, interested person may contact at  mobile numbers +91-8188054403,  +91-8188054403 (Whatsapp), +91-9235400242, 9235400244, +91-8188054404 +91-9648916010 (Whatsapp) and email at

__Inputs from India Narrative and Gita Press.

One comment on “A Vijayawada bookshop sells only Hindu Dharma rare books.

  1. Hasmukh
    January 7, 2023

    Many people are not infested in holy books and family has lot’s to last forever


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