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‘Not Afraid Anymore,We Get Respect’: Hindu Refugees Refuse To Face Pakistan Horror Again.

‘We Get Respect here in India, Not Afraid Anymore’: Hindu Refugees Refuse To Return Again To Pakistan Horror.

Many refugees from the Hindu community have found a safe haven in Rajasthan’s Jodhpur after fleeing the persecution Hindus face all across Pakistan.

Pakistan Hindu Women in a Refugee Shelter in RajasthanHarsh Vardhan | Republic World | Jodhpur | Jan 7, 2023:: Owing to Pakistan’s abysmal track record on human rights, Hindus have been forced to take refuge in neighbouring states in India in huge numbers. One such state is Rajasthan that has housed many refugees from the Hindu community which make the biggest minority population in Pakistan (roughly 75 lakh). Republic Media Network spoke to a few refugee families who came to India on a religious visa, have settled in Rajasthan’s Alwar district and now refuse to go back due to the persecution Hindus face across the border.

Hindu refugee narrates horror of being a minority in Pakistan

While speaking to Republic Media Network, a refugee from Pakistan revealed that atrocities on Hindus saw a rise after the construction of Ram Mandir began in Ayodhya. “They (the majority) say that temples are being constructed there (in India) after demolishing mosques, then why should we allow Hindu temples here,” the refugee told Republic Media Network. “The government had once given a plot to construct a temple but they didn’t allow it. They tore down the walls,” the refugee added.

He also said that every Hindu there has been labelled a ‘traitor’ and revealed that they seek revenge on the Hindus in Pakistan for the temple construction in Ayodhya. The refugee told Republic TV that around 10-15 temples were demolished recently including those in Sindh, Peshawar and the newly constructed one in the capital Islamabad. He also said that he has no intention of going back to Pakistan and he would die here in India.

A woman, who was also part of the refugee settlement, said that she does not want to return because her daughters in Pakistan are stopped from attending schools and regularly subjected to harassment. “When we go to worship, they demolish our temples. When we say anything, they hit us. It is nice here, we do not have any fear,” she said. Another woman revealed that their children were not taught anything in school and were discriminated for being Hindus. Sita, an elderly woman in the refugee camp, said that it is India where they are getting some respect and that there is no fear of their daughters getting abducted. She also said that she is no longer afraid of roaming out of her house after the sun sets.

See below, Recent Pakistani Horror on Hindus by Islamist perpetrators:  

Courtesy: Republic World and the link sources used above.

One comment on “‘Not Afraid Anymore,We Get Respect’: Hindu Refugees Refuse To Face Pakistan Horror Again.

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    January 8, 2023

    Ab dhar kyon? Bharat Sarkar dekho je dukhi logonko. Sukhdewo yelogonko.
    Congress-Nehru sarkar desh bej dyatha yud-hara khuni logonko. Ab dekho
    wologon kya karta hai. Akhand Bharat wapas lana hai. Phirse jorna!
    Chahi yud na karna parega. Khatam karo sab dhanoko. Bharat ek DEVI/DEVTAki DESH hai. Sabhi 15 – 50 saaltak purujko Sename karo aur
    annyaiko khatam karo. Je semachar Sri Hanuman Seva Senaka hai.


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