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‘Pathaan’ proved the implanted Islamic legacy of Bollywood in BJP.


A representational photo of security personnel keeping vigil at a theatre on the first day first show of Hindi movie Pathaan in Guwahati, Assam, on January 25, 2023. | Photo Credit: Dasharath Deka Via The Hindu.

The ineffective Boycott Tool…..

Success of Pathaan goes to the motivated utilization of Hindu sentiment by BJP and its Hindutva allies. 

No ChangeUpendra Bharti | HENB | New Delhi | Jan 25, 2023:: The release of Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham starrer film Pathaan has registered its success with huge Rs 52 Corers box office collection to be a blockbuster or all time Blockbuster in coming days.

Pathaan was released on Wednesday with the controversial song of the film, Besharam Rang almost without any change. The song courted controversy for its sequence where Deepika is seen wearing an safforn bikini as she danced on the beach with Shah Rukh Khan, which has been objected by the ‘Hindutva’ people. Later, the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) directed the makers of the film to put “changes” in the film, including its “songs” to be matched with ‘public sentiment’.

As per Times Now, “Pathaan’s song Beshram Rang didn’t undergo many changes. Earlier several reports stated that close-up shots of buttocks, side-pose, and sensuous dance movements during the lyrics Bahut Tang Kiya have been removed from the Besharam Rang. However, the shots remained in the film but the duration of the entire sequence has been reduced”.

But, the producers, directors and stars in the movie were confident about the success of Pathaan even amidst the huge protest, as they had neutralized the film censor board and the ruling party in the center through their managers of Islamic legacy still active in Bollywood industries by a secret deal with both the CBFC and BJP leadership.

This came to fore when the Pradhan Sevak (chief servant) of this country expressed his views in BJP’s National Executive meet (Delhi 16-17 January) to make a “bharose ka rishta (relationship of trust)” with Muslims and Christians by ‘hosting Sufi nights’, ‘visiting Churches’ and so on. Then, the greatest ever icon in the BJP also showered his sermon – ‘not to protest with any film’ as that did not come under any party activity.

Then, it was obvious why a BJP man Prasoon Joshi in the chair of CBFC had been showing his reluctance with the Hindu sentiments as  hurt by series of Bollywood films with the patronage of his god fathers in BJP.

It is a nasty game of BJP and its Hindutva allies to foment the Hindu sentiments with many objectionable points in a film in first hand and make a profitable deal afterwards with the producers to allow it for the grand shows with police protection. It clearly hints the “D” company’s presence in CBFC and BJP as well. Otherwise, how a BJP leader with a huge influence in Bollywood can say, ‘I chant Hanuman Chalisa and hear Adhan with same importance in every morning!’ Who says that “D” company is detached from the film industries, the company is still alive in Bollywood and BJP both to humiliate the Hindus in many new methods.

The reaction of Madhya Pradesh Minister Narottam Mishra who warned not to run Pathaan ‘without change in Saffron Bikini in Besharam Rang‘ is still awaited. It is not accessible, what are the next steps which will be taken by the firebrand Hindu Sadhus and leaders who threatened to throw bombs to the theaters showing Pathaan with humiliating Hindu sentiments. But, it hard to conceive that all are managed by the anti-Hindu operators in the Bollywood and BJP.

Now, in many BJP run states, Pathaan is showing in the theaters with police protections. In Belagavi (Karnataka), 30 Hindutva activists were booked for trying to disturb peace in the city and disrupting the screening of the film Pathaan. But, it is not wise to think that all the reactions against Pathaan have been wiped out suddenly with a magic wand.

It is clear that the ‘Boycott tool’ against Bollywood has been ineffected by the BJP and its Hindutva allies who blow the fire first and then douse the same in a trick of political advantage. The  VHP unit of Gujarat withdrew its protest against Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan. On the other hand, such halfhearted ‘Boycott Call’ made a Muslim solidarity in favour of the boycotted film to make its success otherwise.

Take it granted that the anti-Hindu genre of Bollywood is still dominant, but the Hindus have failed to detect the agents of Islamic legacy implanted in CBFC and BJP for utilizing the film industry to demoralize the tradition, culture and sentiments of the majority people here in India.

In future, all these double game with the Hindu people will bring a huge Hindutva retaliation which will never be controlled by anybody. Those days are coming ahead.

Courtesy to the link sources used above. 

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