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Confering Padma Vibhushan to ‘Mulla Mulayam Singh’ is a Himalayan Blunder for Modi and BJP.

It is a Sin for Modi and BJP to confer Padma Vibhushan to ‘Mulla Mulayam Singh’ for demoralizing the Hindutva spirit built on the basis of Ram Janmabhoomi Temple Movement.

Upananda Brahmachari 

This year Narendra Modi Governmemt conferred the Padma Vibhushan Award the 2nd highest civilian honour to Mulayam Singh Yadav Posthumously.

The socialist leader and Samajwadi Party founder Mulayam Singh Yadav who died on October 10 last year, was elected to the UP Legislative Assembly eight times and served as an MP seven times. Apart from this, he held the Defense portfolio in the United Front government and the CM of UP thrice. He was the most powerful leader of  Samajwadi Party who made a strong hold among the OBC community in Uttar Pradesh. Although the BJP says that choosing Mulayam Singh for the Padma award in 2023 is just a respect for him, but it is believed to have much political implications in many respect.

Apart from his political career, Mulayam Singh Yadav had emerged as a villain of Hindutva movement as he ordered to fire against the Hindutva activists who assembled in Ayodhya in connection with reclaiming Ram Janmabhoomi Temple there which caused a massacre in 1990, taking the lives of dozens of  lives of unarmed Karsevaks (volunteers for temple service). For his heinous work against Hindus, the Sadhus of Ayodhya gave a name of Mulla Mulayam Singh, the then Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh

In 1990, a large body of Sangh Parivar supporters reached Ayodhya and attempted to attack the 16th-century mosque like structure in the name of Mughal emperor Babar, which was made destroying an old temple there in 1528-29 by Babar’s commander Mir Baqi. The Karsevaks organized a march towards the mosque in an attempt to reclaim the land for a grand temple for Hindu god Lord Rama. This resulted in a forced battle with the Karsevaks by the paramilitary forces. In a bid for crowd control, firing by the police (Provincial Arms Constabulary) with unaccounted live rounds was ordered by Yadav. At least 16 Karsevaks were killed in the incident, as reported by the Govt, but the number of casualties was much higher than this.

It’s an irony that BJP which came to the power in the Center and majority of States in India with the power of Lord Rama and at the cost of blood shed of the many known and unknown Karsevaks and other martyrs scarified themselves for the cause of Ram Janmabhoomi; the same ‘Hindutva’ party BJP has conferred the prestigious Padma Vibhushan Award to the butchers of Karsevaks who was earnestly an anti-Hindutva personality and antagonist of Ram Janmabhoomi Temple movement. This is nothing but a Himalayan blunder by PM Modi and BJP.

It is a shame that PM Modi has exposed himself as a double standard entity that worships lord Rama in the Bhoomipujan (ground-breaking ceremony) of Ram Janmabhoomi and simultaneously becomes the instrumental to honor the man who killed the Ram Janmabhoomi activists with utter brutality.

The infamous Mulla Mulayam, whose hands were stained with the blood of Hindu Karsevaks in 1990, was posthumously awarded the Padma Vibhushan. But, the question is In what capacity? On 30th October and 2nd November, 1990, during the Ram Mandir mass movement there was two days firing on the Karsevaks that took place without any provocation. Two Kothari brothers from Calcutta – Sharad Kothari and Ram Kothari, Professor Mahendranath Arora from Jodhpur and an unnamed monk were among those who died in the horrific massacre fallen side by side, with others found scattered here and there in Ayodhya in those horrific days. According to the testimony of local people, the number of martyrs so much that road in front of Hanumangari was named as ‘Shaheed Gali’. Hindus are never questioned in the whole world in rejecting communal spirit all along, but what is going in the circles of Master-Strikers for their personal gain or the party interest? All the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi mass movement is paled now in a flash by welcoming the murderer of the Karsevaks demeaning the religious passion of the Hindus that made the Hindutva as a powerful dynamic force, if only for a moment!

It is difficult to imagine how heavenly Paramhans Ramchadra Das Ji,  Ashok Singhal Ji, Vishnu Hari Dalmia Ji, Acharya Giriraj Kishore Ji, Mahant Avaidyanath Ji, Rajmata Vijay Raje Schindia Ji, Bala Saheb Thackeray, Acharya Dharmendra Ji …. and all the stalwarts of Ayodhya Ram Janmabhoomi Temple Movement would reacted to hear that Narendra Modi and his party consented to confer Padma Vibhushan to Mulla Mulayam Singh. It’s a sin committed by BJP which is rather irremovable.

Just nothing to say.  The inside of BJP is quiet open for understanding the present status of the ‘party with a difference’.

__Upananda Brahmachari is the Editor of Hindu Existence.

BJP giving Padma Vibhushan to Mulayam is a blunder that deeply hurts sentiments of Hindus.

Satya Dosapati

Only after the Modi administration came in for the first time Bharat saw that India’s highest awards were given to common men and women who are making a real difference to the country and not to political cronies and opportunists.   Then what explains giving of Padma Vibhushan award to Mulayam Yadav.  Pray help the nation understand how the country benefited from him and how much backward UP was left behind during the rule of him and his son? Only after BJP came to power with Yogi at the helm do we see the results of the humongous efforts he has been making to revive it.   Is BJP slowly slipping back into what Congress used to be?  Worst, as the article below that is raging in the social media says, this is the man who ordered the killing of thousands of young innocent Kar Sevaks in 1990.  Instead of giving the award to Mulayam, we should give the Padma Vibhushan to the combined group of Kar Sevaks who were murdered.  Is this not adding insult to the injury? Even from a political perspective, it is more beneficial to strengthen the hands of Yogi ji than hoping to get SP votes by giving this award to Mulayam.

These kind of actions by BJP are only resurrecting the wounds Hindu community is feeling that political convenience takes precedence of restoring the rights of Hindus in this nation. Hindus are not even allowed to manage their temples and the blatant discrimination in the constitution against Hindus has not been addressed even after 7 years of BJP rule.   Hindus can manage many thousands of trusts running hundreds of thousands of charitable institutions effectively, they can run trillions of dollars’ worth companies around the world but we are being told we cannot run our own temples!  Can not the center bring necessary constitutional amendments to fix this?  Can Hindus ever get equal citizenship rights as other citizens in this country?  How can the second majority community with 20% population still be a minority with the ability to usurp any land in the nation but Hindus have no rights to manage their own?   How long will we continue this?

__Satya Dosapati is an NRI, Writer, Free thinker and Hindu activist.

Padma Vibhushan For Butchering Karsevaks in Ayodhya! 

Gayathri N

Bestowing Butcher of thousands of Karsevaks, Mulayam Singh Yadav the Padma Vibhushan for Yadav Votes is reminiscent of MK Gandhi backing Khilafat Movement in India for getting Muslims to support the freedom movement.

First of all, many aware Hindu Yadavs have moved away from SP and are already voting for the BJP. This move of awarding Mullah Yadav betrays Hindus to say the least.

I request good senior Hindu lawyers to file a PIL in Supreme Court to challenge the award of Padma Vibhushan to a man who in office as the Chief Minister ordered point-blank firing on lakhs of karsevaks in 1990 in Ayodhya. Lakhs of Karsevaks were peacefully taking out a procession for the construction of Ram Mandir at the Ram Janmabhoomi where a pre-existing Temple was demolished, and a hideous mosque was built by Babur for his teenage male lover by Babur’s General Mir Baqi.

In the firing thousands of Hindus died, many unknown, who had come from far flung areas of the country in support of Ram Mandir. The most prominent victims of butcher Mulayam’s decision were the Kothari brothers in their early 20s. I can still remember seeing the uncle of the two brothers crying inconsolably and seeking justice. He questioned if is this how democracy works, where young boys peacefully participating in a procession are mercilessly beaten up and shot in their temples?

What is worse is 32 years later, this butcher is being given one of the highest civilian awards. The party which multiplied its numbers on the blood of the karsevaks is now awarding the butcher of karsevaks.

Politics has come full circle for Hindus. No wonder Kashmiri Hindu genocide is ever acknowledged formally by Indian State, irrespective of the party in power. Neither is any SIT set up to bring the jihadi genocidaires to justice.

While jihadis keep up with propaganda of 2002 Gujarat riots and keep trying to nail Modi, Hindus are only too happy to die and let their killers be awarded to keep Modi in power!

If Hindus have even a shred of self-respect, they should oppose this move tooth and nail, file cases in the Supreme Court and take out protests all over the country to oppose the decision of the Modi govt to award Mulayam Singh Yadav a Padma Vibhushan.

If we do not protest, be ready to die as the political parties of India only like dead Hindus.

__Gayatri N is the Editor of Bharat Voice.

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