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Bali: Hindus hold Tawur Agung Kesanga ceremony.


Tawur Agung Kesanga – For Balance with The Universe and The Unseen…

Hindus of Bali hold the Tawur Agung Kesanga ceremony in Denpasar.

Antara Online | Denpasar, Bali | March 21, 2023::   Hindus in Denpasar City, Bali, held the Tawur Agung Kesanga ceremony here on Tuesday, a day before the holy seclusion day, or Nyepi, at the intersection of the Catur Muka (Four-Faced) Statue.

Tawur Agung Kesanga is part of Bhuta YadnyaButha Yadnya is an attempt by Hindus to neutralize the universe, or known as Panca Maha Bhuta (five basic elements of the universe),” the ceremony’s implementation unit member, Cokorda Putra Wisnu Wardhana, informed.

With the lifting of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions by the government, the ceremony could be joined by all people in Denpasar City, he said.

“During the pandemic, the community involved (in the ceremony) was very limited, only those with the main task participated in this activity,” he explained.

This year, at least three thousand Hindus in Denpasar joined the activity. “They sit in a shaded place because this must be done when the sun is directly overhead,” he said.

The Tawur Agung Kesanga ceremony was also attended by officials from the regional governmental apparatus organization (OPD) and traditional villages in Denpasar city as well as residents living around the Catur Muka Statue intersection.

Wardhana said the ceremony was held at Catur Muka Statue because the location is in accordance with the sacred concept of Bali Hinduism.

“Earlier, the ceremony was done at the Puputan Square in Badung, (but now) according to (Hindu’s) sacred literature, Catur Muka as Catus Pata (the wisdom that considers a statue at an intersection as a harmonizing energy) is the most appropriate place for the ceremony,” he explained.

With the upcoming Nyepi, Wardhana expressed the hope that Hindus will do positive activities by improving their self-quality.

“The Nyepi day coincides with the beginning of Ramadan for Muslims so our goal may align; we hope that this celebration will encourage people to be more aware of carrying out positive activities to increase self-dignity,” he said.

Courtesy: ANTARA (Indonesian News Agency) & Komaneka Blog.

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