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Mazar Jihad: We will remove all illegal encroachments, says UK CM Pushkar Singh Dhami.

Will Remove

Anti-social elements emerge from unauthorised mazars: Uttarakhand CM Pushkar Singh Dhami.

Crossing the limits of ‘Mazar Jihad’ in Uttarakhand: While 10 in the name of Kalu Sayyed, another half a dozen Mazars in the name of Sayyid Baba… We have to crush this situation immediately, CM Dhami says…

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Derahdun | April 7, 2023:: More than 1,000 unauthorised mazars, or mausoleums or tombs, have been built on forest land illegally in Uttarakhand, Chief Minister Pushkar Dhami has claimed, calling it ‘mazar jihad’.  To make a ‘Land Jihad’ for grabbing the lands under the control of Muslims or to make a plan to include such lands under Wakf property, it’s a new tool to operate as ‘Mazar Jihad’ by the way on another Islamic invasion in Uttrakhand.

In an interview with Panchjanya — the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s (RSS) Hindi mouthpiece — CM Dhami claimed that “anti-social elements emerge” from these mazars and that his government will take “strict action” against such illegal structures.

“It is indeed true that more than 1,000 such mazars have been built on forest land. These mazars are not of peer babas (holy saints) but are a part of mazar jihad and anti-social elements emerge from them. We’re also trying to find under which officer’s tenure these unauthorised mazars were built,” he said.

Dhami’s statements come as part of the state government’s drive against such mausoleums. Last June, the Uttarakhand government ordered the state’s forest department to identify unauthorised mazars, mosques, temples, and churches that had come up on forest land.

Such illegal constructions (tombs or mausoleums)  are grossly affecting the environs of the forest land with consumption and usage of unauthorized water and electric connections.

As per Panchajanya, another interesting piece of information has come to light regarding illegal tombs in Uttarakhand. Here tombs have been built on government land like a business. The proof of this is found in their names. The tomb of Kalu Sayyid Baba in Kumaon is said to be in Almora, there is also the tomb of his horse, but Kalu Sayyid Baba’s tomb will also be found within Haldwani’s Kaladhungi Square, Lamachod, Kaladhungi, Ramnagar, Jaspur, Gabua, and Corbett Park. Mazar Jihad is confirmed from here that after all a Pir must have been buried at one place, then how ten tombs were built in his name? Is the arrangement committee of the tomb distributing their franchise all over Uttrakhand?

Similarly, Sayyid Baba’s Mazars in Pachhwa Dehradun in Garhwal also looks like franchises. These tombs will be found in Jeevan Garh, Jalaliya, Herbertpur, Prithvipur, Telpur, Sahaspur. In such a situation, the question arises whether a person would have been buried at such many places? Sayyid’s tomb is also found in Bhimtal. But, who are these Pirs, who were buried here and there. In Pachhua, tombs in the name of Pir Baba’s tomb will be found. But, in the same name tombs are found in Sahaspur, Baluwala, Sherpur, Chharba, Bhimawala. That means five tombs of the same name are clearly visible, now it is difficult to ascertain how many more will exist with the same name.

That ‘action to be taken to check such situation’, in turn, was seen to be in line with the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) manifesto for the Uttarakhand assembly election in February last year. The party had pledged to check alleged demographic changes in the state’s hill districts.

Dhami claimed that most of these mazars were built under Congress rule in the state as their plan of Muslim appeasement.

He also spoke about growing religious conversion in Uttrakhand, saying, “We brought the country’s strictest anti-conversion law in Uttarakhand. We do worry about Uttarakhand’s sanatan swaroop (eternal Hindu form)…We won’t let missionaries who convert people with allurement succeed here. Many issues of love jihad also came up, and it’s the government’s responsibility to stop them.”

In the matter of Mazar Jihad, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami says that the mausoleums made by illegally occupying government lands will be removed. The Forest Department has started this work. This is encroachment and we will not allow encroachment.

Earlier, many Hindutva outfits including Bajrang dal tried to remove such illegal Islamic constructions (Mazar, Tomb, mausoleums) from the forest lands or from some urban areas in Uttrakhand.

___Inputs from Panchajanya & The Print.

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