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Grand Success of the 1st National Conference of Ekam Sanatan Bharat in Haridwar.

Ekam Sanatan Bharat

India converged into Ekam Sanatan Bharat…..

BJP has done almost nothing for Hindus: Ekam Sanatan Bharat at its first session in Haridwar.  

The Only Option ESB

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Haridwar |  Apr 24, 2023:: The newly formed political party Ekam Sanatan Bharat (ESB) held its first session at Jairam Ashram here and accused the BJP of doing almost nothing for Hindus despite coming to power at the Centre “on their support”. The part also blamed BJP Govt in the center for its ‘unlimited Muslim appeasement’ to destroy all Hindu interests.

“BJP came to power in the support of Hindu votes but has done nothing to benefit the community. It has been in power since 2014 but cow slaughter has not been banned, Hindu temples have not been freed from government control and minority appeasement continues in violation of the Constitution,” ESB national president Advocate Ankur Sharma said at the session held on Sunday.

The conference started with blowing conches (Sakhnaad), recitations from Holi Ramcharitmanas, and holy chantings and slogans on Sanatan Hindu Dharma.

The party will go to Sanatan believers of the Hindu faith with these issues and sensitize them about how all political parties have misled them since Independence, he said.

“After Independence, ESB is the only political party to enter the elections keeping Sanatan values and standards in front. By declaring their ‘Sapta Siddhanta’ (seven principles), the party has articulated the values with which it is going to contest the 2024 Lok Sabha elections,” Sharma said.

The party declared its Seven principles (Sapt Siddhant) as :

  1. Amending Constitution to define Minority as a Religious/Linguistic group constituting less than 5% of the total population of the country,
  2. Ending State/Govt Control of Hindu Temples/Mathas.
  3. Separation of Hindu Majority Jammu Province from Kashmir; Division of Kashmir into 2 Union Territories& reorganization of Jammu Province as a full-fledged Independent State.
  4. Complete Ban on Cow Slaughter and declaring Holy Cow as a symbol of national Heritage and reconstruction of Ancient Martand Surya Temple in Kashmir.
  5. Immediate Repeal/termination of Waqf Ac, Places of Worship Act, 1991 and Sachar Committee Recommendations; Amending Article 30 of the Constitution of India enabling Hindus to establish and autonomously administer Educational Institutions of their choice.
  6. Revising and arresting Demographic Invasion with immediate restoration of Demographic Balances in worst affected areas.
  7. Holistic Sustainable Development based upon 4 pillars of History, Sanskriti, Aadhyatam & Environmental Consciousness.

Taking his Twitter handle ESB national president Sharma claimed Ekam sanatan Bharat is the only option for the Hindus in India.

In another tweet, Adv Sharma claimed, “In the first convention of Ekam Sanatan Bharat Dal, from Jammu-Kashmir to Tamil Nadu and from Gujarat to North-East, members from all over India (28 states 08 union territories) have reached Haridwar. Organization work started in the states for 2024 elections”.

More than 1,000 members from across the country participated in the meeting of the party which was announced on March 27 this year in Jammu.

The new party was formed after local ‘Ikkjutt Jammu Party’, which was active in Jammu and registered with the Election Commission, chose to expand pan-India with the name Ekam Sanatan Bharat.

The Haridwar conference of Ekam Sanatan Bharat was graced by many Sadhu-Mahatmas and other dignitaries including the reputed Hindutva ideologue of Sandeep Deo of ‘India Speaks Daily’.

The ‘Alternative Hindutva’ (free from RSS grab) took a new flight from Haridwar to land a plane of Practical Hindutva.

__With the inputs from PTI & India Speaks Daily.

__Video Arrangements: Anindya Nandi.

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