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Gharwapsi: 12 Muslim families in Haryana adopted Sanatan Hindu Dharma.

Five Muslim families adopted Hinduism in Dubheta village of Sonipat, Haryana

Havan KundaSunentra Singh | HENB | Sonipat | May 4, 2023::  In Dubheta village (Ganaur- Haryana)), five families belonging to the Muslim community have voluntarily converted to Hinduism. However, these families had already adopted many practices of Hinduism for a long. The names of the members of these families were Hindu, but the rituals and customs were different to an extent. Now these families have decided to change this tradition as well.

Family members said that they adopted Sanatan Dharma of their own free will without any pressure.

On this occasion, the five family members converted to Hinduism by offering oblations in the Havan (fire sacrifice) organized by one Karmayogi Sangathan. Dubheta village sarpanch Vikas Arya and Kasandi village sarpanch Sandeep Arya welcomed all the members on adopting Sanatan Dharma. The family members who have expressed faith in Sanatan Dharma include 25 members including Avatar, Shokeen, Sonu, Tona, Naveen, Aruna, their wives and children. The villagers have also welcomed this decision.

Avatar has been doing Goseva for six years

Avatar who adopted Sanatan Dharma was in contact with Baba Abhaynath for six years and was influenced by him. Impressed by Abhaynath, he also used to participate in the activities of Go-seva. After coming in contact with Abhayanath, he decided to return to Sanatana Dharma. For this, he went to Haridwar a few days ago along with Baba Abhaynath and wore the sacred thread after bathing in the Ganges.

We respect the decision to adopt Sanatan Dharma: Sarpanch

Sarpanch Vikas Arya told that 5 families of the village have voluntarily returned to Sanatan Dharma without any pressure. According to Hindu culture, any person can adopt any religion. No one has any objection to this, rather all the villagers respect his decision.

Seven Muslim families adopted the Hindu religion Bhogipur village of Sonipat, Haryana

Apnaya Hindu Dharma

In the same Sonipat District of Haryana, seven Muslim washerman families in Bhogipur village have adopted the Hindu religion without any pressure. Suresh, who is the head of the family, told that earlier in his family, they did not offer Namaz (Namaz) in the Mosques but worshiped in the temple only. However, they used to follow two customs. Firstly, marriages were performed in the Muslim community and cremation was also performed according to Muslim customs.

All the children in their families were named after Hindu families. From the very beginning, they used to establish family gotras (Hindu family origin according to Rishi inheritance). Even now, only the surname Pawar will be used according to their tradition.

Now nine educated young children in their family came to know that the family is running with some Hindu and some Muslim customs, so every one of them agreed with the whole family members to convert to Hinduism without any pressure.

Now they will follow all the rituals of the Hindu religion. Mandal Pramukh of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Sumit Atri welcomed them by presenting the holy books of Bhavagat Gita and Mahabharata. On Sunday morning, the families who had expressed their faith in Hindu religion from the Muslim washerman were greeted by other Hindus present in a Suddhi-Sanskar programme.

Retired sub-inspector of Delhi Police Balbir Singh, Suresh Kumar, Ramesh Kumar, Bijendra, Ashok, Deepak, Sunil, Amit Kumar, Rohit, Manoj Kumar, Jogendra and Yogendra along with their wives and children embraced Sanatan Hindu Dharma.

Attending the programme, the head of Rajpur Mandal of Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangha Sumit Atri, Neeraj, Ombir Prajapat, Anil Rathi, Village Sarpanch Sanjay, Panch Sube Singh, former principal Khemkaran Sharma, retired secretary Bhup Singh Rathi, former Principal Prem Singh Rathi, Dharam Singh, Ramesh, former head Virendra, Jaipal, Narendra, and the villagers all welcome the new members in Hinduism with the warmth of heart in great pleasure.

Read the news in Hindi: दुभेटा गांव (हरियाणा) में मुस्लिम समुदाय के पांच परिवारों ने हिंदू धर्म अपनाया

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Courtesy: Amar Ujala & Hari Bhumi.

2 comments on “Gharwapsi: 12 Muslim families in Haryana adopted Sanatan Hindu Dharma.

  1. Anantha Prabhu
    May 5, 2023

    Instead of saying adopted. We should say they reverted to their mother Dharma (Matru Dharma). They are in a true sense not muslims or Christians. They are Hindus under the Captivity of the Desert Cults.. We have relived from the sickness


  2. Sajal kumar majumdar
    May 5, 2023

    Welcome to Sanatan Dhram. Badhai ho


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