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OF THIS TAMIL GENOCIDE IN SRILANKA, CLEARLY 90% ARE HINDUS… THIS IS  DEADLIEST GENOCIDE OF HINDUS IN THE RECENT TIMES….. Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields: War Crimes Unpunished Screened at the … Continue reading

March 16, 2012 · 4 Comments

Fall of Britain by Radical Islam by 2030? Christian, Hindu, Jews, Buddhist, everybody should resist.

No Christianity, No Hinduism, No Secularism will be in UK. Radical Islam will reign Britain by 2030. ~ Upananda Brahmachari. On 2nd March 2012, the Daily Mail published an alarming report … Continue reading

March 13, 2012 · 7 Comments

Mumbai HC suggests GOI intervention in Gita ban case in Russia. Gita ban generates Global Hindu Protest.

Protests over Gita ban all over India and abroad taking a new shape of Hindu regeneration wave. Mumbai High Court on Gita ban: Centre asked to consider representation in Russia. … Continue reading

December 22, 2011 · 2 Comments

Protest over ban on Gita in Russia rocks India from Loksabha to Russian Consulate, Kolkata.

ISKCON monks demonstrate in front of Russian consulate Kolkata to protest over Gita ban in Russia. Indian Parliament ruckus over Bhagvad Gita facing ban in Russia. See video:  Protest over … Continue reading

December 19, 2011 · 12 Comments

Hindu-Sikh in US jointly held peace prayer for 9/11 martyrs.

PRAYER MEETING IN OBSERVANCE OF THE TENTH ANNIVERSARY OF 9/11 BOMB ATTACK ON THE WORLD TRADE CENTER Press Release from AIPAC by Jagdish Sewhani. America India Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)  arranged a prayer meeting in observance … Continue reading

September 22, 2011 · Leave a comment

Hindu, Sikh, Jew & others took part in the 10th anniversary of 9/11 at New work.

9/11 after a decade. All are united against Gr. 0 mosque and Sharia law in civil society. “They want to fly Islamic Flag in White House, they want to plant … Continue reading

September 17, 2011 · 4 Comments

We did not pay heed to Swamiji’s message on 9.11/1893 in Chicago, so happened 9.11/2001 New York & others.

9/11. Swami Vivekananda in Chicago 1893. NY 2inT Blast in 2001. Upananda Brahmachari. If we the Indian, American and the other people of this universe, would have pay heed to … Continue reading

September 12, 2011 · 4 Comments

Anna to continue his fast at Ramlila Ground on and from 19th August. War against Corruption not to end at all, till the goal of Jan Lokpal is reached.

New Dharma Yudh and Desh Jagran is to start anew from Ramlila Ground. Anti-graft crusader Anna Hazare on Thursday night bent the Delhi police and the Govt to offer at … Continue reading

August 19, 2011 · Leave a comment


Assertion of Islam in Bangladesh Constitution will encourage the Islamist for a complete ethnic cleansing in BD. Upananda Brahmachari | New Delhi. At last the Bangladesh Central Cabinet passed the … Continue reading

June 25, 2011 · 3 Comments

Indian American Community protests over attack on Ramdev and Civil Society.

FORCEFUL EVICTION AND ARREST OF BABA RAMDEV AND TORTURE OF PEACEFUL PROTESTERS IN DELHI…. A MATTER OF SHAME !! by Narain Kataria, Indian American Intellectual Forum. Indian Americans are deeply disturbed and … Continue reading

June 20, 2011 · 4 Comments

A modern seer reveals the truth of power monger, money hungry, anti people Govt. in India. Cool AC ignites for an Abhyudaya in Bharat. Upsurging “Bharat” rather un-holding an engulfed “India”.

Management Guru Arindam C. supports Yog Guru Ramdev   “Dictatorship of Sycophants. The modern day Jalianwala Bagh in Ramlila Ground shows the demonic attitude of the Government, the weak spine … Continue reading

June 20, 2011 · 1 Comment

‘Save Ganga Crusader’ Swami Nigamananda dies on 4-month fast. Who cares for Him ? Forget the case of Anti Hindu Congress. What were doing the BJP Govt in Uttarakhand to save the life of Swamiji ??

Swami fasting to save Ganga dies. NDTV Correspondent, Updated: June 14, 2011 08:42 IST Dehradun:  As the Government and social activist Anna Hazare continue their war of words, Swami Nigmananda, who … Continue reading

June 14, 2011 · 6 Comments

Baba Ramdev shifted to ICU and administered glucose drip to save his life. Baba now stable but still not ready to keep off his anti-graft fasting.

Sri Sri Ravishankar meets and urges Ramdev to break fast; Baba shifted to ICU in Dehradun Hospital after a serious shinking; Brute Congress reluctant to care for Baba while Diggy continues barb….. … Continue reading

June 11, 2011 · 1 Comment

Way out for the major declining of Hindu population in India

(Indian) Hindu population set to fall below 80% in Census 2011 Manika Premsingh and R Jagannathan || Courtesy : firstpost  [#Birth rate #Demographics of India #Population #Social Issues #statsandlies] Census 2011 is likely to throw … Continue reading

May 20, 2011 · 11 Comments

Kashmiri Hindus reclaim 5,000 years of Hindu History and Hindu Rights in Kashmir. Where were Muslims before 1432 years of Islam in this world?

Hindus reclaim 5,000 years of history Monday, 18 April 2011|| Andrew Buncombe || The Independent By restoring temples in the Muslim region of Kashmir, the Pandit community is also preserving its … Continue reading

April 21, 2011 · 8 Comments
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