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Islamists are putting hurdles to Shri Amarnathji Yatra. Hindus will retaliate eventually.

Posted by hinduexistence on February 28, 2012

Amarnath yatra curtailed to 39 days under the pressure of Islamists.

Jammu, Feb. 26 2012 | HE Correspondent

It is not a new thing that the Pak sponsored Islamist groups and the Hurriyat Conference tie-up always put many hurdles before the Hindu pilgrimage of World famous  annual Amarnath Yatra in the recent years including blasts and attacks upon the Hindu-Sikh Pilgrimage in this occasion.

In 2008, 6 Hindus were killed and 100 injured during the 61 days agitation and hartaal in Jammu and adjacent areas for the agreement to temporary transfer 99 acres of land to the Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board. Then the seperatists and the Hurriyat Conference vultures declined to hand over such lands meant for the facility for the pilgrimage. Those vultures alleged a demographic change due to the 60 days Pilgrimage coming in Kashmir for Amarnathji Yatra. Ultimately, Hindus won the war for that phase.

Now, Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board (SASB)  headed by the Jammu and Kashmir governor has cut the duration of this year’s Amarnath pilgrimage to 39 days, angering Hindutva activists in Jammu, Delhi and various parts in India. It is reported that the authority has bowed down to the pressure group of the Islamist lobby, working on a total ban on Hindu pilgrimage in Jammu and Kashmir.

A Raj Bhavan spokesperson said the yatra would start on June 25 and end on Rakhsha Bandhan or Shravan Purnima, which falls on August 2.

The Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board had curtailed the yatra from 60 days to 45 days last year, triggering fierce protests from Hindutva groups, which threatened to start an unofficial pilgrimage 15 days earlier.

The groups relented after the board promised to form a sub-committee, headed by its member Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, to fix the duration of future pilgrimages in consultation with religious heads.

The Raj Bhavan spokesperson said this year’s schedule was fixed on the recommendation of the Ravi Shankar committee, whose other members included Swami Avdeshnandji of Haridwar, Swami Gyaanandji of Vrindavan, chamber of commerce president Y.V. Sharma and other civil society members.

The board’s explanation is that the twin routes from Pahalgam and Baltal to the cave shrine become fit for movement only around June-end and that Raksha Bandhan falls on August 2 this year, against August 13 last year.

To placate potential protesters, the board has decided to arrange a special puja on Jaishtha Purnima, which falls on June 4, at the cave or some suitable location depending on the weather.

Also, if weather permits, the board may advance the yatra by a few days, the Raj Bhavan spokesperson said.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad president Rama Kant Dubey said: “We want the yatra to last two months. There will be no compromise on this.”

The board today also issued a list of dos and don’ts. They will now need a doctor’s certificate before they can undertake the arduous yatra. Cardiac arrest and accidents killed 107 pilgrims last year.

The yatra’s duration has been a subject of controversy since 2003 when then governor S.K. Sinha decided to extend it to two months despite strong opposition from chief minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed.

Sayeed had to relent and the yatra was extended first by 15 days in 2004 and then by another 15 days two years later.

Separatist zealots  led by Hurriyat vulture  Syed Ali Shah Geelani want the yatra to be curtailed to 15 days, claiming that was the practice before 1990.

Now, the Islamic propagators of Kashmir think that the Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and others are the subject of the Muslims in J&K. Muslims are less in numbers, contributors and participators in every foot-step in the National cause as they bear the more Pan Islamist legacy than the Indian nationalism. But they are supported by the Indian Govt also very unfortunately.

In India, Hindus will decide the time frame of the Hindu pilgrimage, rituals and religious festivals. Not, the Muslims. Otherwise Hindus will be compelled to check the Muslim festivals as a stanch repercussion.     It is well known that united Hindu force successfully stopped Shariah for Hind  Project in India in recent days. Rest is bound to  happen in due time.

Hindus Existence urges all the Hindu saints and leaders in SASB and in all other forums to take hard steps to keep high the sentiment and the dignity of Hindu Pilgrimage in a land of Hindus, i.e. Bharat. Jai Hind.

Input: The Telegraph.

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Posted by hinduexistence on February 27, 2012


View details in HINDU NEWS Tab above. Updated on 28.02.12.

After 40 years, Pakistani Hindus’ ashes immersed in Ganga.


Finally, their ashes reached the ultimate destination – the holy river of Ganga – some 1,400 km away and 40 years later.

The ashes of 135 Pakistan-based Hindus who had passed away in the last 40 years arrived in little urns in Hardwar and were immersed by a delegation in the Ganga, a member of the group said Friday. Read more….

Hindu jatha returns to Pak after immersing ashes.

A 12-member special Hindu jatha today returned to Pakistan by Samjhauta Express after performing the ritual of immersion of cremation ashes od their relatives and neighbors into Ganga at Haridwar.

They said more such ashes were waiting for the last rites to be performed, in the neighbouring country.

Read more….

Another move to shiver Hindu unity. Religion may be kept out of marriage certificates.

The government is considering a change in the law to exclude the religion of individuals from marriage certificates. This follows demands by minority groups, including Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists, now shown as Hindus in official documents.

The law ministry is likely to put up a proposal before the Union Cabinet that marriage certificates are made religion-neutral and the Births and Deaths Registration Act 1969 be amended by adding a clause on marriage registration.

The law ministry says since the infrastructure to register births and deaths are already in place, the registration of marriages could be handled with ease by civic authorities.

The existing system of religion-based certificates is also likely to continue.  Read more….

VHP, ISKCON to fight against ban attempt on Gita

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad ( VHP) and International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) have said they would fight “internationally” to thwart attempts of banning the sacred “Bhagavad Gita” in Russia after the state prosecutors in Tomsk recently moved an upper court against a lower court’s decree on rejection of the ban appeal.

“We will fight it internationally to protect the rights of Hindus and their identity,” VHP’s international working president Pravin Togadia told TOI.  Read more….

Islamic Attempt of denigratingMaha Shivarathiri defeated by alert Hindus.

To denigrate Hinduism and convert Hindus in their religious fold – Tamil Nadu Thowheeth Jamath (TNTJ) a Muslim outfit of Mylapore Branch has placed a banner questioning “Is Sun and Moon are God?” in front of the ancient Kapaleeshwar Temple, Chennai.

Hindu Munnani activists informed the Commissioner of Police, Chennai, requested to remove the banner, failing which will result into huge protest by them. Immediately, the police removed the banner.  Read more…

Odisha: 3000 reconverted to Hinduism.The VHP on Friday claimed that over 3,000 people of 658 families from three states were reconverted to Hinduism at a function held in Sundargarh district.People from Odisha and neighbouring Jharkhand and Chhattishgarh congregated at Sundargarh town where the function, described by the VHP as “home coming”, was held yesterday. Read more…. ..………VIEW ALL IN AT HINDU NEWS TAB ABOVE. HINDU NEWS. British national tries to enter Gurudwara wearing shoes.A British national today allegedly tried to enter the Sakchi Gurudwara here wearing shoes but was caught hold by the people at the Gurudwara, police sources said. The people in the Gurudwara caught hold of the British national when he tried to enter the Gurudwara when he allegedly tried to enter the Gurudwara by wearing shoes. The British national was let off Gurudwara managing committee after he apologised.Read more….

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1,500-yr-old Hindu temple in Karachi being renovated after stashing all the Islamic hurdles.

Posted by hinduexistence on February 25, 2012

Recycling history: And all of Hanuman’s men put this temple together again

Published: February 20, 2012 || The Express Tribune, Pakistan.

Pancahmukhi Hanuman Temple Karachi dates back to 1500 years old.

KARACHI: It was a tough fight – including a lawsuit and a call for donations – but one of Karachi’s oldest Hindu temples is finally being renovated.

The 1,500-year-old Shri Panchmukhi Hanuman Mandir is finally getting a facelift with the use of its old stones after its management battled with land grabbers to regain partial control of its original land.

One of the oldest temples in the city, the Shri Panchmukhi Hanuman Mandir is tucked away in Soldier Bazaar. Even though work on its renovation suffered a setback a couple of years ago, its management is adamant that it will complete it, despite encroachments on the temple’s plot, intimidation and threats by land grabbers as well as a lack of funds.

“The temple was supposed to be renovated within two years. But a shortage of funds and the cases we have been fighting for the ownership of our land have slowed down the process. Yet we won’t give up,” says the determined Shri Ram Nath Maharaj, the temple’s caretaker. The Hanuman temple holds special significance for Hindus.

“It is the only temple in the world which has the natural statue of the Hanuman deity, and is not man-made. Years ago, the statue was discovered from this place,” he explains, pointing towards the 8-foot blue and white statue, which is located in a room that will not be touched for renovation or reconstruction. The rubble of building material and grilles lies around the temple as construction continues on a free langar khana or soup kitchen and a praying area. To preserve the look and feel of the temple, the original yellow stones are being used to rebuild the arched walls. “We believe in preserving our temple. We had to renovate because it was in ruins, with parts of the roof caving in.”

Blocks of old stones are being moulded into new ones. “The process of using the old stones to rebuild is time-consuming, difficult and costly. It is easier to buy new material and use it,” explains the Maharaj.

Renovations start soon. Donate generously.

But as Dr Noman Ahmed, the chairperson of the architecture and planning department at the NED University, put it, houses of worship are usually preserved by using the same material from which they were originally built. “Unless there is a defect in the stones, the same ones can be used to rebuild them,” he said. However, there is rarely major reconstruction done on ancient buildings. Instead there are minor restorations or cleaning. “Temples can be rebuilt in a personal capacity but it is better to seek professional help from the government’s heritage department,” he urged.

The temple isn’t being renovated with the yearly budget allocated to the Sindh minorities’ affairs ministry. Instead, poor Hindus and the Muttahida Qaumi Movement stepped up with donations.

“We need Rs4.5 million for the reconstruction,” said the Maharaj. “We have received half of the money but we need the rest to complete it.” A banner hangs in the temple requesting for donations.

Encroaching on the house of worship

The Shri Panchmukhi Hanuman Mandir has faced the same issue as many of the temples in the city – encroachment. Half of the 2,609 square feet land of the temple has been taken over.

According to documents shared by the Maharaj, in 1995 the plot (GRE 270 and 271) was divided into 10 parts. Land grabbers claimed the lease. In 2006, the temple won back four of these plots after the lease was cancelled by a district court and then-DDO East Sultan Ahmed issued a notice.

The anti-encroachment department was ordered by the City District Government Karachi to remove the illegal encroachers from three other plots, but even though six years have passed, that decision has yet to be implemented. “The illegal owners continue to reside on the land which belongs to the temple. We are still fighting in court for the ownership of the other two plots,” said the Maharaj as he sat in his incense-filled office, where a stereo played bhajans or hymns and pictures of Hanuman adorned the walls.

It seems that the temple has its work cut out. The official who runs the anti-encroachment work in KMC, Abdul Malik, was unaware of the illegal occupation on the temple’s land. “I know there is a temple in Soldier Bazaar, but I don’t know if there are encroachments around it,” he said, promising to look into it.  Maharaj hopes to win back their land. “We could once again attract foreign devotees. When we win back our land, I will make guest rooms, a parking lot and a place for shoes,” he said. For now, the Shri Panchmukhi Hanuman Mandir has to make do with what little land it has managed to regain.

Courtesy:  The Express Tribune.

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SC Slams Delhi Police on Ramlila Midnight Crackdown. Unnecessary repression upon Baba Ramdev.

Posted by hinduexistence on February 23, 2012

Recapitulate. What happened on 4th-5th June, 2011 at Ramlila Ground? RAVAN LILA by Anti Hindu CONGRESS and UPA Govt.

Half  hearted Indian judiciary is not doing justice to the Hindus under pressure.

Ramlila incident: SC slams Police, Ramdev in a row.

Ramlila Ground crackdown: Jethmalani slams P Chidambaram.

New Delhi: HE News Desk: 23-02-2012:: If the justice delayed, everybody say Justice is denied. But when  the justice is delivered in an ambit of satisfying both the oppressors and the sufferers, it is nothing but a rape of jurisprudence. The Supreme Court on Thursday castigated the Delhi Police and yoga guru Ramdev for the midnight violent incident at the Ramlila Maidan last year and said it was a “glaring example of trust deficit” between the people and the government.

A bench of justices B S Chauhan and Swatanter Kumar said that incident showed might of the state which struck at the foundation of democracy.

The bench further observed that the police and the state could have avoided that tragic incident in which one person died and several others were injured.

In this connection, senior lawyer Ram Jethmalani attacked Home Minister P Chidambaram on Thursday holding him responsible for the police attack on  Baba Ramdev on June 4 last year.

The Most Sick Central Govt must take Yoga lesson from this Great Yogi Ramdev ~ Ram Jethmalani.

Jethmalani, Ramdev’s lawyer in the case held a joint press conference with Baba Ramdev on Thursday after the SC verdict where both Ramdev and Delhi police were held responsible for the Ramlila Grounds crackdown. The senior Supreme Court lawyer questioned why the home minister was not held responsible for the crackdown.

The lawyer for Bharat Swabhimaan Trust further said we did not approach the SC but had presented our case in front of the public. However, he added that he considered the SC verdict as a victory for Baba Ramdev.

Jethmalani said the home minister has no right to decide who qualifies to stage protest and who does not.

Ramdev said he had urged his followers to refrain from any form of violence after the SC held him responsible for the crackdown. The yog guru, too, blamed Chidambaram for the June crackdown in Delhi.

Current decision 

SC verdict on Ramlila crackdown

The Supreme Court has slammed Delhi Police and Ramdev on the midnight crackdown on Ramdev’s followers at Ramlila Maidan on June 4-5 2011 during his anti-corruption agitation.

Taking suo motu cognisance of media reports, purportedly showing brutality of police action against Ramdev’s sleeping followers, including women and children, the Apex Court said it was a “glaring example of trust deficit” between the people and the government.

According to reports, the SC also pulled up Ramdev for his negligence. The court said that Ramdev was wrong in defying orders. “Ramdev should have left venue when it was asked to do so by Delhi Police,” SC said.

The SC also announced joint compensation of Rs 5 lakhs to Rajbala family, Rs 50 thousand to injured and Rs 25 thousand to people getting simple injuries, to be given by Ramdev and Delhi Police. Ramdev’s trust will have to pay 25 per cent of the compensation amount to Rajbala’s family.

It is obvious that the Delhi Police and Central Govt. led by Congress hatched the conspiracy and attack on peaceful Ramdev Supporters. Then WHY BABA RAMDEV have to pay the compensation to the deceased and injured under a justice obviously bad in law?

Courtesy: The Hindu | Daily Bhaskar | CNN IBN.

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Delhi High Court ordered to probe on “Shariah for Hind” and its Anti Indian rally on 3rd March.

Posted by hinduexistence on February 22, 2012

News Flash(Updated on 23-02-2012): The web site of SHARIAH FOR HIND project at has been temporarily blocked by the GOI and proceedings are being drawn against its Indian propagators to  hlod its 2nd-3rd March programme in Delhi. We should keep alert to prevent its clone sites if any. ed. HINDU EXISTENCE.

Delhi court asks police to investigate Islamist website.

New Delhi, Feb 22 (IANS), 2012. || THE HINDU.
The Delhi High Court Wednesday sought a status report from the Delhi Police commissioner on a public interest litigation (PIL) seeking a ban on a Islamist website as it allegedly threatened communal harmony in India.……….

A bench of Acting Chief Justice A.K. Sikri and Justice Rajiv Shah Endlaw directed police chief to submit the report on website within a week.

The PIL filed by Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga, president of the Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena, alleged that the website brings constitution of India and its secular feature into disrespect and disrepute.

“Extreme Islamic groups are planning to organise a huge rally in Delhi propagating Islamisation of Indian subcontinent and enforcement of Shariah law all over India and hence this may result into communal clashes and disruption of public peace and order in State of Delhi and other parts of India,” the petition said.

It sought the court’s direction for the central and Delhi government to conduct detailed inquiry into the claims of Shariah4hind that a public rally shall be organized in Delhi March 3.

Appearing for Bagga, advocate Vikas Padora also sought the central and state governments be directed to include the group into the list of banned organisations, “as the group works against the integrity and sovereignty of India”.

Police asked to examine plea against website promoting shariat.

New Delhi, Feb 22 (PTI) The city police commissioner was today asked by the Delhi High Court to examine a plea, made to it to ban a website for allegedly encouraging communal hatred between the Hindus and the Muslims, and apprise it of his findings within a week.

A division bench of Acting Chief Justice A K Sikri and Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw asked the police chief to treat the contents of the plea to the court as a complaint and verify the website and file his report.

In a petition, filed through advocate Vikas Padora, Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga, president of an organisation called Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena, alleged the website violates the secular feature of Indian Constitution.

According to the petition, two USA-based persons named Anjem Choudhary and Omar Muhammed Bakri have recently launched the organisation Shariah for India and also launched the website with an object to campaign for enforcement of Shariat Law all over India.

The plea said the website”s objectives, if met, would would result into communal disharmony.

The plea also sought an order to restrain the group from holding a rally and conference on March 2 and 3 here.

“The extreme Islamic groups are planning to organise a huge rally in Delhi to propagate Islamisation of the Indian subcontinent and enforce Shariat law all over India and hence this may result into communal clashes and disruption of public peace and order in Delhi and other parts of India,” it said.

The petitioner”s counsel submitted that the court should pass an order directing the Union and the Delhi governments to include the ”Shariat for Hind” into the list of banned organisations, as the group works against the integrity and sovereignty of India.

Courtesy: The Hindu || News of Delhi dot com || MSN || PTI.


Stop 3rd Mar Delhi Rally of “Shariah 4 Hind” at once.         

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Posted by hinduexistence on February 19, 2012


Stop ‘Shariah for Hind’ Project at any cost. Arrest them who are against Indian Democracy. 

by Upananda Brahmachari.

India is a peace loving country and believes in its democratic stature and obviously the abode of the largest democratic system not for its administrative and political mechanism, but for its inbuilt democratic psychological structure of the majority people as upheld here. In one word, the majority Hindu people here hermitically protects the democratic texture of India with caring all the interest and growth of the minority Muslim and Christian people in India. And the Majority Hindu people here obviously promoted the growth and development of the Indian minorities  than both of Muslim and minority people in the neighboring countries in all respect, since its political independence in 1947.

Though this holy land of Aryavarta, Bharat, Hind, Hindustan or India was divided as India and Pakistan on the basis of two nation theory as Hindustan for Hindus and the Pakistan for Muslims at the time of partition of our Mother Land, Hindus choose a democratic and secular state in reality, while Pakistan opted a basically Islamic country there. But, for its genetic generosity India is  now under the looming threat of Islamization in the name of full implementation of Sahriah under a project “SHARIAH FOR HIND”.

Actually, Shariah is the greatest threat to the Muslims in India equally than the Hindus as all the 72 sects  or 73 sects in Islam are protected in this soil in India, which is never seen in any Islamic country under shariah denomination. But, some fanatic propagators are trying hard to talibanize India and the Indian sub-continent through a crude propagation of Sahriah, curbing all civil rights of others.

The threat of Shariah upon Holy Indian Constitution is not a new one. The threats have been coming from outside for a long time since an alive Hakimullah Mehsud declares an Islamic invasion in India to make it a land of Allah or a Molla Omar declares a war (Jihad) against India to establish here a Dar-ul-Islam to liberate this land from the clutch of kaffirs. In recent, one faction of Islamists in Bangladesh, named Hizbut Tharir declared that they will bring back India again under Islamic rule. For its materialization the said Islamist Group tried a coup (19th January 2012) in Bangladesh as to utilize the military force of Bangladesh to capture India in their fantasy.  The another  fanatic Muhammad Sayeed of Jamaat-ud-Dawa declared a war against India to capture India for a Shriah State declaring Kashmir as a free Islamic bastion in  a Islamic congregation of 40 political and religious parties at Lahore on 18th December, 2011 in the ground of Minar-e-Pakistan under an umbrella organization Difa-e-Pakistan, i.e. Defence of Pakistan. But, the Indian statesmen, politicians, civic rights bodies, intellectuals, interlocutors, public and religious figures all just ignore it. Anybody tries to raise the voice against this Islamic menace, is immediately branded as communal and a threat of secularism.

But, now the real threat of Indian secularism and democracy alias Shariah is right to rock the wall of democracy as believed as Indian Parliament put under an attack again on 3rd March, 2012 after its first attack on Indian parliament on 13th Dec 2001 by Lashkar-e-Toiba & Jaish-e-Mojhammad joint move to finish all the peoples representatives (Members of Indian Parliament) to capture India through an Islamic insurgency in India. But, still the politicians, administration, judiciary, intellectuals, media all feel too much sleepy and all the members of Indian Parliament (Bharatiya Samsad) are yawning in the ongoing sessions there.

But, a part of Indian patriotic and law abiding people are very much concerned to see a dramatic permissiveness of the Indian Political, Executive and Judiciary system, when this “Shariah for Hind”   Project openly declares:

(1)  After weeks of preparation Shariah4Hind would like to announce the official programme for the planned rally for Shariah, in the heart of New Delhi, India on 3rd March 2012.

(2)  We encourage all Muslims who have not already pledged their commitment to the event to ensure they abide by regulations set on the day. For those intending to garner further support for what is likely to be a momentous event we encourage you to download our flyer (to be provided shortly) and distribute them in key Muslim areas in India.

(3)  Muslims to occupy roads surrounding Indian parliament (Sansad Bhavan): Lokh Sabha Marg, Red Cross Road, Raisina Road, and Rajya Sabha Marg.

(4)  Muslims will be demanding the immediate return of the Shariah in the Indian subcontinent and their complete rejection of the Indian constitution.

(5)  All protestors will continue to occupy the area until demands are met. Rally of Muslims to rise and unite the Indian subcontinent under Islamic governance.

(6)  Address by Sheikh Anjem Choudary, Judge of the Shariah Court of the UK on the motivations behind the Shariah4Hind project including the declaration of a fatwa regarding Indian political parties.

(7)  Address by special guest speakers from India exposing crimes of the Indian government and why it is prohibited for Muslims to participate in the Indian elections.

(8)  Open invitation to accept Islam by former Hindu, Abu Rumaysah, who is now a key person of Islamic conversion and a senior representative of Shariah4Hind.2012

(9)  The End of Bollywood in 2012 and Bollywood will get the Axe under Islam and Shariah.

(10)  The eventual Islamic destruction of Indian Idols and Statues.

All these horrific destructions of the Indian structure of Secularism and democracy do not bother our system of Politics, Executives, Judiciary and intellectuals so far. The International propagators of Radical Islam are permitted visa by Indian Government to use our soil to destroy our faith in secularism and democracy, but the same administration expelled Salman Rushdie from his expected participation in Jaipur Literature festival (20-24 Jan 2012) before the stanch protest of the Muslim protesters. This contradiction has a subtle meaning of Indian bow down to Islam, though unpalatable to speak or hear.

The process of expansionism of Islam in India through various means including the population explosion, demand for reservation in political, administrative and economic spheres, running the parallel education system in Madarshas and deemed Islamic universities, financial capture of Islam in the sectors of media, cheat funds and banking operations, spread of Jamaats (Islamic preaching parties)more than ten times than 1950 (the year of promulgation of Republic in India, since the Islamist are planning to make an Islamic Republic here), terrorizing the common people through blasts and attacks in the name of Jihad, all these are very prudently set under the present project of Sahriah for Hind as a part of Pan Islamic march to invade the world beneath one crescent flag of Islam.

But this open declaration for denouncing the Indian Constitution by the Indian Muslims (fomented by their Pan Islamic counterparts)  through an official permission from GOI to uphold Shariah for Muslims and the others afterwards under pressure is an unprecedented one. We should stop ‘Shariah for Hind’ at any cost’.

Stop 3rd Mar Delhi Rally of “Shariah 4 Hind” at once.          

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Tapan Ghosh, President ~ Hindu Samhati freed on bail. Congratulations!

Posted by hinduexistence on February 18, 2012

Update :: 19-02-2012 :: Tapanda has enthusiastically received by the Samhati supporters and many well wishers of Hindu Samhati, at the main gate of Alipore Central Jail at about 11.15 am toady on 19-02-2012. He reiterated the Samhati mantra of Sahas (Courage), Shakti (Strength) & Sakriyata (Action) for the further advancement of Bengali Hindu Society as his short message just after coming out of jail. He is seen in a very jubilant but in a mood of strong resoluteness. He is now at HS, HQ at Kolkata. 

Bail Granted in favour of  Hindu Samhati President.

HE Correspondent from Kolkata | 18th February, 2012 | 17-00 hrs IST: The First Court in the Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate, Aliopre granted the bail in favour of Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh, President, Hindu Samhati (HS) just now (abt 4pm). Despite the effort of the opposition (the State Police authority here), the efficient legal counselors of Hindu Samhati persuaded the bail of Sri Ghosh who was thrown into jail after the successful completion of   4th anniversary of HS overcoming all the hurdles put by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation and Kolkata Police.

While Smt. S. Ray, Hon’ble Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate-in-Charge, granted the bail in reasonable course of adjudication, due to certain technicalities Sri Tapan Ghosh will be released from Alipore Central Jail at an expected time on 10-30 hrs IST on Sunday, 19th Feb 2012.    

The West Bengal Government lead by TMC and its Chief icon of Muslim appeasement Mamtaz Banerjee tried all ill efforts to stamp out the yearly congregation of Hindu Samhati, but proved unsuccessful before the UNITED HINDU SPIRIT.


Victory Day Rally Videos.

Hindu Samhati 4th Foundation Day  14-02-2012, Tapan Ghosh is addressing the HS Cadres. Pujya Swami Tejasananda, Ramesh Bhai Shinde, Michael Brannon Parker, Dr. Nilmadhab Das, Acharya Yogesh Shastri and other dignitaries are seen in dias.

A March towards venue. Kadam Kadam Badaye Ja/Khusi ke Geet gaye Ja/ Ye Jindegi hai Kaum ki/ Tu Kaum pe Lutaye Ja………

A Huge gathering in Hindu Samhati 4th Foundation Day Victory Rally on 14/02/2012 at wellington (Subodh Mallick) Square. Dinabandhu Gharami, Leader HS is addressing the congregation.

Video Courtesy: Hindu Samhati dot org.

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Hindu protesters compelled BD Police to arrest Temple attackers in Bangladesh.

Posted by hinduexistence on February 18, 2012

10 Muslim Goons arrested for vandalizing Hindu temples in Bangladesh.

The Muslim Fundamentalists attacked destructed and arsoned more than thirty temples and Hindu shops and houses in Nadirhat-Hathazari Upajila in Chittagong, BD on 9-10 Feb.

10 arrested for temple attacks

Thu, Feb 16th, 2012 10:40 pm BdST

Chittagong, Feb 16 (—Police have arrested 10 people on charges of vandalising Hindu temples and attacking and injuring the law enforcers in Nandirhat of Chittagong on Feb 9 and 10.

One of the detainees, construction worker Mohammad Jashim, 30, gave a confessional statement at Chittagong’s Judicial Magistrates’ Court.

Hathazari Police Station officer-in-charge Samiul Alam said the detainees, held in an overnight drive, were sent to the jail following an order of the court.

Police appealed to grill them for seven days, he added.

Senior assistant superintendent of Hathazari circle Babul Akter told that they were shown arrested in five cases filed over vandalising temples and injuring police personnel.

Apart from Jashim, the detainees are Emdad Ullah, 32, Mohammad Lokman, 46, Mohammad Frid, 35, Mohammad Osman, 35, Mohammad Abu Taher, 40, Manzur Alam, 38, Mohammad Shafi, 38, Abdul Karim, 70, and Hajji Mohammad Badsha, 65. 

Tension mounted in Nandirhat on Feb 10 and 11 over a religious programme. Miscreants had vandalised Loknath Sebasram and the temple inside it on Feb 10. A wall of a mosque in the area had also been vandalised the same night.

On the following day, several religious installations were vandalised in Nandirhat and Hathazari Sadar upazila.

A certain quarter instigated the vandalism, police found while interrogating the detainees.

“The incidents in Nandirhat were pre-planned. It has been proved in preliminary investigation that they were conducted to create unrest,” additional superintendent of Chittagong (north) police Nazrul Islam told


Islamic Mayhem on Bangladesh Hindus and Hindu Temples.

Input from Rabindra Nath Ghosh, Advocate & Member BDMW ( Bangladesh Minority Watch), Dhaka, BD:  High Court Division of Supreme Court of Bangladesh on sue-moto rule passed an order to- day directing the Government to give securities to the minorities of Hathazari -Nondirhat-CTG and for restoration of Temples, shops and houses so far damaged by Islamic zealots during 9th Feb,12 riots belonging to Hindus. BDMW investigated the matter earlier and condemned this sort of atrocities and desecration against religion.

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Posted by hinduexistence on February 15, 2012

Updates(16-02-2012): On 15th February, the Kolkata police authority produced Sri Tapan Ghosh, President, Hindu Samhati to the Judiciary at Alipore Court. The advocates of Hindu Samhati moved the bail petition in favour of Sri Ghosh. After hearing the both parties the Hon’ble Judge fixed the next date of hearing on 18th next. Although the Govt. pleader stated the arrest of Tapan Ghosh is a procedural one, the advocates of Hindu Samhati vehemently opposed it as the rights of Hindus for their congregation and expression are blatantly refuted by the State and its agencies. The alleged charges for inciting communal hatred by Sri Ghosh is also disagreed by the Samhati counsels very prudently. Experts expect a positive bail on 18-02-2012 in favour of Sri Ghosh. Hindu Existence  also pray to Almighty God for an early release of Tapan Ghosh.


HE (Hindu Existence) NEWS EXCLUSIVE || 14 th Feb, 2012 || 22-00 Hrs. IST || Kolkata.


Just after the successful completion of the 4th anniversary (HINDU SAMHATI FOUNDATION DAY)  of  Hindu  Samhati, the Kolkata Police followed its President, Tapan Kumar Ghosh with a definite planning to arrest him under the higher instruction of the West Bengal State Authority. Within three hours the Police Contingent of Jadavpur PS arrested him in  late evening against a warrant issued out of Jadavpur P.S. Case No. 52/dt 05.02.2012 u/s 295 A, 298 and 120 B (IPC). As per source, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee is very much shocked after seeing a successful grand rally for Hindu demands to stop Muslim appeasement and Islamic insurgency in West Bengal.

It is held by some socio-political analysts  that some hectic process is going on West Bengal Police Head Quarter at Lalbazar, Kolkata to some severe (but false charges) against the arrested leader to put down his Hindu Activism.

As reported an Islamist organization is going to protest in Kolkata streets near Esplanade on 15th Feb, 2012 with a demand to ban Hindu  Samhati as they think it as a prime force against Muslim design to capture West Bengal under a broadened corridor of Bangladesh. Arresting Tapan Ghosh, Mamta Banerjee is trying to give a sharp message in favour her pro-Islamic Stand.

Sri  Tapan Ghosh is now detained in Jadavpur Police Station and in good health condition.

Some sharp reactions just recieved :

Swami Tejsananda (Member, Marg Darshak Mandali, VHP): Is practicing Hindu Dharam and assembling to protect Dhrama from the clutch from anti Hindu Spirit supposed to a sin for the Hindus in West Bengal? Nobody can stop us from regaining our position of Hindus in Bengal. Hindus should be united again without seeing any political colour. I condemn the arrest of Tapan Ghosh vehemently.

Sri Ramesh Bhai Shinde (Hindu Janjagruti Samity): We vehemently protest the illegitimate arrest of Sri Tapan Ghosh. We, the Hindus have the fundamental rights to assemble to place our demands and share our agony and anxieties coming to us by some parts to harm the Hindu society. We see a definite threat is being perceived by the Hindus for various reasons. Hindu Samhati as a forum is trying to address all the vulnerable positions to the Bengali Hindus for its survival. If any other populace from others religions are permitted to hold their function without any such restrictions, why this Organization is being censored even after getting Honb’le Court order in its favor. We think the present Govt. in the State  is setting a very bad example  in West Bengal by ignoring Court’s order only to appease the Muslim minority in West Bengal. We demand early release of Sri Tapan Ghosh.

Acharya Yogesh Shastri (Arya Samaj, Bengal): It is very much unfortunate that Hindu functions are under gradual cease in Paschim Banga. Hindu Rights are being infringed in the name of Parivartan (CHANGE). Last year this Trinmul and Congress alliance Govt. lead by Smt. Mamata Banerjee grossly violated Hon’ble Calcutta High Court Order in connection with total ban on cow slaughter in West Bengal. Ignoring that Court Order, Mamta Banerjee hurts the Hindu sentiment. And now in the same way the present Chief Minister of West Bengal is dis-allowing the rights of Hindus in the matter of Freedom of Speech and Rights to Assemble. it is dangerous for any democratic atmosphere in Bengal. As a result, the Majority Hindus may drastically retaliate without check. I condemn the arrest of Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh and plea early release. He must not be endangered in police custody anyway.

Stephen Knapp (Srinandanandan ~Vedic Scholar): If M. Bannerjee (Cheif Minister, West Bengal – ed.) is pro-Islam in West Bengal, things are going to get very difficult for Hindus. Then another peice of India will be taken away for Islam. When will this ever change? Only if Hindus unite and work together. There are still too many Hindus on the sidelines doing nothing. Hari Om.

CAAMB, KOLKATA: We are worried to hear that Shri Tapan Ghosh, leader of Hindu Sanhati has been arrested after the annual day meeting at Subodh Mullik Square in Kolkata on 14 February 2012. We have seen that a few weeks ago some Muslim organisations including a MLA from ruling party threatened to cause violence if Talsima Nasrin’s book is released in Kolkta Book Fair. Government without arresting those miscreants, bowed down to their threat and stopped release of the book. On 15th February, another Muslim organisation organised a rally at the heart of Kolkata and the Chief Minister spoke to the leader at the rally on phone. So we find while one group of religion-based organisations are being supported even they profess violence, another Hindu religious group is being threatened with banning the meeting and arresting the leader though no public violence has been committed there. As a human rights organisation we are worried that this is not a good sign for democracy and if this continues, the existence of West Bengal as a democratic pluralistic society is under threat. 

CAAMB (Campaign Against Atrocities on Minorities in Bangladesh), Kolkata.

Swami Pradiptanandaji Maharaj (Monk In charge, Bharat Sevashram Sangha, Beldanga Branch): I condemn the conspiracy of arresting Tapan Kumar Ghosh, the President of Hindu Samhati with a strong feeling of persecution of Hindus in West Bengal. It is very much unfortunate that the Hindus of Bengal are denied to perform their  religious and social programmes. Everywhere the other sects are allowed to do their religious activities with Govt. patronage but the Hindu functions are stopped in many places for appeasing the others. In this connection, the role of the media is also very significant to discharge their duties to highlight such discrimination upon Hindus. But, the media is only after the politics and the minority without giving any importance on the sentiments and the voice of the majority Bengali Hindus in West Bengal. If some eight or ten Muslim Ulemas are demanding anything the entire media flash it in TV, Radio, News Papers. But, when some  10 to 15 thousand supporters of Hindu Samhati   gather every year in Kolkata, the entire media does not give any importance to it. This malpractice of Media is to be cowed down by forming a strong and alternative Hindu media. I personally urge to the concerned Administrative and Police authorities to stand with the truth and they should not harass the Hindu leaders or anybody with false allegations under any political or religious influence. This is ethically bad. 

Dr. Radhashyam Brahmachari (Eminent Physicist and Hindu scholar): Only to appease the Muslim minorities who are endangering the future of Bengali Hindus, the present ruling party (Trinamul Congress)  is blatantly harassing the Hindus in West Bengal much more than its predecessor Left Front Govt. No political party in West Bengal is doing anything in favour of Hindus. It is highly condemnable that in our democratic system only the interests of the minority people is considered as a pious vote bank by torturing Hindus and ignoring the interests of majority people. This will turn as a great retaliation. I CONDEMN THE ARREST OF MR TAPAN GHOSH.

Swami Punyalokanandaji Maharaj (Head Monk, Ramakrishna Ashram, Singur): I am very much shocked to hear the unnecessary arrest of Tapanda. So, far I know that the programme of 14th February at Kolkata was over without creating any trouble to anybody and communal eruption. Then what is the meaning of arresting a Hindu leader against false charges? We see that in every places the rights of Hindus for holding religious functions are being challeged in West Bengal  by either the anti-Hindu religious groups or by the present political powers. Bharatvarsha is a land of Sanatana Dharma. If the practice of Sanatana Dharma and public meeting of Hindus are prohibited here, it is very shameful and unfortunate than anything. It is embarrassing us very much. Hindus from all organization should realize the reality in Bengal and must be united with a new equation. Tapanda will be released within day two or three, that we know and will emerge with a greater strength. Blessings of Ma Kali, Thakur Ramakrishna, Ma Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda are always with him. 

Maloy Krishna Dhar (Ex.IPS. Served IB. Author and Investigative Journalist): I consider the arrest is arbitrary, guided by political decision of Mamata, the leader of All India Muslim Mul Congress. By pursuing Muslim appeasement policy, she is enhancing the speed of another partition of Bengal. I condemn such blatant apeasement policy of Kalighater Mechuni (a fisher-woman of Kalighat – ed.).

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A Great win of Bengali Hindu Strength.

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Hindu Samhati successfully organized its 4th Foundation day.

HS Desk || Kolkata || 14th February 2012 || 18-00 Hrs IST.

Despite strong opposition of ruling Trinmul Congress and its Muslim collaborators in the Police and Administration, a hard core Hindu organization named HINDU SAMHATI defeated all the conspirators and the anti Hindu lobby in West Bengal in the event of its 4th anniversary on 14th Feb in Kolkata in its venue of Wellington Square (Subodh Mallick Square) with its huge gathering.

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation and the Kolkata Police simply violated the Honb’le High Court order to resume the pre-settled programme on 14th February, when the TMC influenced authorities were instructed from the Muslim lobby to spoil the Hindu congregation at any cost to appease the sprouting Muslim fundamentalism in West Bengal.

Some 15000 Hindu Samhati activists gathered in Subodh Mallick Square to show yearly Hindu solidarity to curb the Islamic design to destroy the Hindu majority of West Bengal to establish a Muslim Majority state in West Bengal.

The Hindu volunteers clashed with the arrogant police contingent to enter the locked venue and rescued Sri Tapan Ghosh, President, Hindu Samhati at the end of the function from a planned arrest of the leader to cast a fear to the Hindu activists for demoralizing the growing Hindu strength in Bengal.

Report published in Bengali Daily BARTAMAN depicting the TMC-KMC-KP-MUSLIM unholy nexus.

Swami Tejsanandaji (Senior Hindu Saint of Bengal Sadhu Samaj) , Sri Ramesh Shindhe (Hindu Jangaruti Samity), Abhoy Vartak (Sanatan Samstha), Achraya Yogesh Shastri (Arya Samaj), Michael Brannon Parker (Renowned Hindu Ambassador & Fellow,Vedic Friends Association), Dr Neelmadhav Das (Tarun Hindu, Dhanbad), Dr Gautam Sen, (International Forum of Hindu Academician,UK) were the prominent dignitaries in the function and all condemned the suppressive mentality of current Bengal politics to show down all the Hindu activities in the soil of Bengal very unfortunately.

The gathering resulted a firm resolution   to carry on the Saffron Flag in the cause of Hindutva in Bengal unitedly for the existence of Hindutva in the soil of Sri Chaitnya,  Swami Vivekananda, Sri  Aurovinda, Netaji Subhas Bose and  Shyamaprasad Mukherjee. 

The Police may perhaps hatch a nefarious design to arrest Sri Tapan Ghosh and his close associates within three days to put hurdles before Hindu March in Bengal, as the source reports came in.

Photo Courtesy: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat || Hindu Janajagruti Samity.

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Maldives: Islamists Storm National Museum, Destroy Entire Collection of 12th Century Buddhist Statues…

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Bamyan styled Islamists effectively erased all evidence of its Buddhist past of pre-Islamic Maldives.

Trouble in paradise: Maldives and Islamic extremismes.

By Amal Jayasinghe (AFP) | 12 Feb 2012.

Nobody will be able to see this priceless Buddhist Sculpture anymore in Maldives.

MALE — At the Maldives’ National Museum, smashed Buddhist statues are testament to the rise of Islamic extremism and Taliban-style intolerance in a country famous as a laid-back holiday destination.

On Tuesday, as protesters backed by mutinous police toppled president Mohamed Nasheed, a handful of men stormed the Chinese-built museum and destroyed its display of priceless artefacts from the nation’s pre-Islamic era.

“They have effectively erased all evidence of our Buddhist past,” a senior museum official told AFP at the now shuttered building in the capital Male, asking not to be named out of fear for his own safety.

“We lost all our 12th century statues. They were made of coral stone and limestone. They are very brittle and there is no way we can restore them,” he explained.

“I wept when I heard that the entire display had gone. We are good Muslims and we treated these statues only as part of our heritage. It is not against Islam to display these exhibits,” he said.

Five people have since been arrested after they returned the following day to smash the CCTV cameras, he said.

The authorities have banned photography of the damage, conscious that vandalism of this kind which echoes the 2001 destruction of the Bamiyan Buddha statues in Afghanistan by the Taliban is damaging for the nation’s image.

The gates of the two-storeyed grey building, which opened in 2010, are padlocked and an unarmed guard keeps watch.

The Maldives, a collection of more than 1,100 coral-fringed islands surrounded by turquoise seas, is known as a “paradise” holiday destination that draws hundreds of thousands of travellers and honeymooners each year.

Visitors’ contact with the local population is deliberately kept at bay, however, with most foreigners simply transferring from the main international airport directly to their five-star resorts on outlying islands.

Few have any idea they are visiting a country of 330,000 Muslims with no religious freedom, where women can be flogged for extramarital sex and consuming alcohol is illegal for locals.

Islam is the official religion of the Maldives and open practice of any other religion is forbidden and liable to prosecution.

The religious origins of the Maldivian people are not clearly established, but it is believed that a Buddhist king converted to Islam in the 12th century.

Thereafter, the country practised a mostly liberal form of the religion, but more fundamentalist interpretations have spread with the arrival of money and ultra-conservative Salafist preachers from the Middle East.

In 2007, following a bombing that wounded a dozen foreign tourists, the former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom banned head-to-toe coverings for women as a sign of his intent to battle conservative Islamic thinking.

At the museum, another official said that fundamentalists had threatened to attack the museum on previous occasions unless it withdrew the Buddhist display.

The country’s ultra-conservative Islamic group, the Adhaalath Party, condemned the attack, but said they remained opposed to Nasheed’s decision to accept three monuments from India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

“Our constitution does not allow idols and that is why we objected to the monuments,” General Secretary Mohamed Muizzu said, referring to the gifts to mark a South Asian summit held in November in the Maldives.

The monuments, which included one of pillar featuring Buddhist motifs, and which had been on display in the southernmost island of Addu, have all since been vandalised.

Islam is the only official religion of the Maldives and open practice of any other religion is strictly forbidden like other Islamic countries in the cresent world. The natural beauty of Maldives could not able to bring any change of the barbaric Islamic Mind.(AFP/File, Ishara S.Kodikara).

The Adhaalath party supports new president Mohamed Waheed, who Nasheed accuses of taking part in a coup, and is due to join the new government.

Waheed called the museum attack “totally unacceptable” and denied there was religious violence in his country.

Former foreign minister Ahmed Naseem disagreed.

He said extremists were thriving in the Maldives and that they were partly responsible for the toppling of Nasheed and the installation of Waheed. “What we had was a military coup backed by religious extremists,” he said.

“There is a strong influence of Islamic fundamentalists in the country and they will get stronger,” Naseem told AFP. “These groups are funded from abroad. “This threat is not only to us, but the rest of the world as well.”

The moderate Nasheed, who was educated in Sri Lanka and Britain, was consistently accused of being under the control of Jews and Christians by religious opposition parties now linked to the government

There were also demonstrations over proposals from the transport ministry to allow direct flights from Israel.

“We strongly condemn the anti-Semitic words and the other commentary recently,” US assistant secretary of state for South Asian affairs Robert Blake said during a visit to Male on Saturday.

“Under President Nasheed, the Maldives tried to improve relations with Israel and showed what a progressive country they were and we really commend them for that.”

Courtesy: AFP.

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Jamaat Islamists Attacked Hindus, several temples torched in Bangladesh, severe persecution going on……

Posted by hinduexistence on February 12, 2012

Bangladesh: JeI activists vandalise Hindu temples, attacked Hindus.

New Delhi | : Saturday, February 11, 2012 : Fundamentalist Jamaat-e-Islami activists vandalised several Hindu temples in the Hathazari area of Chittagong in Bangladesh on Thursday and Friday, forcing the law enforcement authorities to impose Section 144 of the Bangladesh Penal Code that bans public gatherings in the affected area. According to the website, Muslims, allegedly instigated by the fundamentalist Jamaat-e-Islami, first damaged a temple in the compound of the Loknath Sebasram at Nandirhat on Thursday evening and blocked the Chittagong-Rangamati Road on Friday morning in retaliation to a mosque being damaged by people coming out of the Loknath Sebasram. The website report further said that at least three other Hindu temples were attacked by the Islamic activists.

It said that damage was inflicted on the Sri Sri Jagadeshwari Ma Temple, the Jagannath Bigroho Temple at Nandirhat and the Kalibari Temple in Sadar Upazila. The Sri Sri Jagadeshwari Ma Temple was also burnt, it added.

According to media reports, religious bigots of Jamaat-e-Islami and its student wing Chhatra Shibir incited the vandalism and arson of the temples from Thursday evening to Friday noon with shouting of  ‘Allah ho Akbar’ from Mosques’ loudspeakers.

The report states that the tensions started after  several false reports of attacking  mosques as aired by the Muslim perpretrators.

The leaders of the Hindu minority there have blamed the ‘indifference’ of the administration for the situation.

On Friday, another group of people took to the Chittagong-Rangamati road blocking traffic around 11am. They also offered their Friday prayers on the road, the report said.



Local administration officials blamed the Jamaat-e-Islami and its student wing, the Islami Chhatra Shibir, for the incidents.

Reacting to the incident, liberal and secular minded people in Bangladesh said such events could pose a threat to the country’s secular fabric.

Haroon Habib, a 1971 war veteran and a senior journalist, told ANI in a telephonic interview that: “These are very tragic events. Bangladeshis were never communal even under military rule. People must see a definite political motive behind these events.”

He added: “There is a definite extremist political agenda behind these attacks. There are elements who want to destabilise the incumbent Hasina Government.”

Haroon also blamed the local administration for not acting tough against fundamentalist elements in the area.

Allegations have it that houses belonging to Hindus in the area were also vandalised. Leaders of the minority Hindu community have blamed the ”indifference” of the administration for the prevailing situation.

Rejecting suggestions of fundamentalism being on the rise in Bangladesh, Haroon said there was no existential threat to the current regime, but he cautioned the Sheikh Hasina government not to be complacent.

He also opined that there were many elements in Bangladesh who were unhappy with Sheikh Hasina’s close ties to New Delhi, as also her move to make the Constitution of the country more secular.

Recently, the Bangladesh Army had foiled a coup attempt by retired and serving Army officers who had fundamentalist leanings.

India has said that it is keeping a close watch on emerging developments in both Bangladesh and Maldives.

Courtesy: ANI | Zee News | Daily Bhaskar | Hindu Jagran Manch Asansole | Agencies.

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Infiltration Jihad from Bangladesh targeted Eastern Region & NE of Hindusthan for Total Islamization.

Posted by hinduexistence on February 8, 2012

Bangladeshi Infiltrators, DGFI and Jihad Groups in BD are most dangerous for Indian Security. West Bengal and Assam is in most vulnerable situation.

A Documentary Film on Infiltration and Jihad conspiracy  into India by the Bangladeshis to Break India.

by  Good Health TV || Producer: Mayank Jain.

The Bangla Crescent Part-1

The Bangla Crescent Part-2

What does GOI want to make Eastern Region/North Eastern Region of India?

Mughlistan, Graeter Bangladesh, New India or Muslim Bangabhumi??

Bengali Hindus perhaps want to be refugee again and they do not capable to retaliate against this conspiracy of earlier Left Regime or the Present TMC-Congress Ruling in West Bengal and the Congress Ruling in Assam, all dedicated to Islamization of  West Bengal and Assam.
Bangladeshi Jihad Group Hizb-ut-Tharir calls to capture India again under Islamic rule.

Provocation of BD Fundamental Islamic party ~ Hizb-ut-Tharir: 

Oh Muslims!

You have been victimized throughout the ages by Indian Aggression. This enemy Nation have killed your Army Top Brasses, constructed the Farrakka Dam, deprived you from the proper water share and mercilessly killed your brothers & sisters in the border. But, your present rulers are proved totally failure to check this aggression of India. To check this enemy, there is only one option to establish the Khilafat State here. Hence, in this democratic system, you must not spoil your time and toil, aspiring a solution from Awami League,  BNP or any agents of any Political parties.

Oh Muslims!

You have to do one and only one job ~ you have to appeal all the persons with power as they remove Hasina Govt. and transfer the power to Hizb-ut-Tharir, because this is the only political party who are leading you the in the dream of being a  Nation for world leadership and your area to control. We will build a Khilafat State and implement Quran and Shunnah….. We will make strong and modern military power. And must take all practical steps to regain India as a Muslim land……..”

Recent Poster of Hizb-ut-Tharir of Bangladesh to Capture Indian again under Islamic rule.(English rendering is made by the blogger)

India’s ‘Mexican’ Problem (Read Islamic Problem): Illegal Immigration from Bangladesh.

“Assam is facing external aggression and internal disturbance on account of large-scale illegal migration of Bangladeshi nationals and it becomes the duty of the Union of India to take all measures for protection of the State of Assam because it poses a threat to the integrity and security of the North-Eastern region,..”
“[Indian] Bengali farmers have woken up in the morning to find Bangladeshis squatting on their land; shops and small businesses have changed hands through distress sale engineered by the party faithful; homesteads left vacant for a day have been grabbed.”…… Kanchan Gupta ~ Veteran Journalist in Daily Pioneer.  Read here the original in International Business Times. 
Courtesy: Mayank Jain | | International Business Times.

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Hindu temples are encroached, minority Hindus are tortured in Pakistan.

Posted by hinduexistence on February 4, 2012

A still shot taken from a Facebook video of the temple and the protest that broke out. IMAGE COURTESY: CHANDER PARKASH.

City~Umerkot shuts down: Two Hindus injured in temple property dispute

Umerkot, Sindh, Pakistan : February 4, 2012

Two Hindus were injured when traders opened fire at them following a dispute over the land of a temple in Pakistan’s southern Sindh province, according to a media report on Saturday.

The dispute began after two traders encroached on the land of Aakharo Temple at Umerkot in Sindh while expanding their shop. The temple is located in the middle of Umerkot town and is believed to be 100 years old. It is spread over three acres and has 50 shops along its boundary walls.

Two traders, Zulfiqar Punjabi and his brother Hafeez Punjabi, began construction to expand their rented shop without seeking permission from the temple’s administration, The Express Tribune reported.

Seth Jhaman, an elder of the Hindu community, said,”They started the construction work last week but when we complained, the police stopped them.” Elders of the Muslim and Hindu communities mediated and contacted parliamentarian Nawab Yousaf Talpur for help.

When the traders resumed the construction, the Hindus went to talk to them yesterday. The traders then opened fire, injuring Rano, 23, and Mool Chan, 30. The two men were taken to a hospital in Hyderabad city in a serious condition.

The town of Umerkot shut down to protest the shooting and due fears of possible riots. Police said they had arrested a few men linked to traders. Superintendent of Police Munir Khuhro said a picket had been set up at the temple.

Parliamentarians Yousaf Talpur, Mahesh Malani and Kishan ChandParwani have contacted the Hindus and assured them of help. SethJhaman said some armed men were still inside the temple’s property.

Sindh province has a sizeable Hindu population.

Hindu Existence adds: Umarkot or Umer Kot, also known as Amar KotOmarkot and Omercote, (Sindhi: عمرڪوٽ ,Urdu: عمرکوٹ ) is town in the Umerkot District in Sindh, Pakistan. The city is well connected with the other large cities like Karachi, the provincial capital and Hyderabad.

Formerly known as Amarkot, it was the capital of Greater Sindh Province, including some parts of present Rajasthan state of India. It also became prominent during the time of the Mughals and during the British Raj. The Mughal king Akbar was born in Umerkot when his fatherHumayun fled from military defeat at the hands of Sher Shah Suri. Rana Prasad, a Hindu Sodha Rajput ruler of Amarkot, gave refuge to Humayun. Later the Mughal Emperor Akbar became the Shahenshah of Hind and was a popular figure with both Hindus and Muslims. Umerkot has many sites of historical significance such as Mughal emperor Akbar’s birthplace at Umarkot Fort on 14 October 1542 Rana Chandra Singh (1931–2009) was the Rana of the former Amarkot jagir after 1947, and remained a member of National assembly many times and also a federal minister.

Having it strong legacy with Rajasthan and Mewari tradition, this city of Umarkot is now truning as a killing field of minority Hindus in Pakistan. Though Sindh is mostly Hindu populated province in Pakistan, the persecution cannot be checked due to state sponsored Islamic Terrorism in Pakistan throughout the regimes after partition of India. 80% Hindu Temple, Ashrams, Shrines, Akhada, Religious Institutions have already been captured be Muslims in Pakistan and Pakistan amounts only 2% Hindu population now a days against its 16% Hindu population in 1947, at the time of partition.

Sindh’s Hindus are now targeted with cruel consequences by fanatic Muslims.

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Acid attack on Hindu Girl by disappointed Muslim Love Jehadi in Mumbai.

Posted by hinduexistence on February 2, 2012

Aarti a Hindu girl again victimized by a suspected Love Jihadi,Pintoo Sheikh through a latest acid attack in Mumbai.

Police nabs Muslim youth who threw acid on a Hindu girl’s face.

Mumbai, Feb 1 (IANS) The railway police Wednesday arrested a youth for throwing acid on a girl’s face at a suburban railway station here, an officer said.

“The accused, identified as Pintoo Sheikh, has been arrested by the railway police. He had thrown acid on the victim, identified as Aarti Thakur, at Goregaon railway station (in northwest Mumbai) yesterday (Tuesday),” an officer at the Borivli Railway Police Station told IANS.

A case of attempt to murder has been registered against the accused.

The incident occurred a little before 7 p.m. Tuesday when Aarti was talking on her cellphone at the railway station and Pintoo sneaked in and threw the acid on her face. She was admitted to a private hospital for treatment of her burn injuries.

Hindu Existence adds:  Perhaps that Muslim zealot Pintoo Sheikh had targeted innocent (actually ignorance about barbaric teaching of Quran to capture the non-Muslim  Girls as ganimaat) Hindu  girl Aarti for an approachable time and reacted in a way of a devout Muslim after getting disappointment, frustration, greed or unfulfilled lust.     My requests all Hindu girls to be alert after realizing the consequences of the above. We pray to God for a speedy recovery of Aarti. Hindu Girls and Women please learn self-defence, martial art & shooting. Keep a Kirpan with youWahe Guruji ka Khalsa, Wahe Guruji ki Fateh.  My earnest request to all my Hindu-Sikh-Buddhist-Other parents to refrain their daughters to fall prey with the suspected Love Jihadists and Muslim guys who generally possess threatening  behavior to our children. It is our humble request to understand ‘the worst situation of women in Islam’ by all concerned.


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