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More than 5500 Christians and Muslims returned to Hinduism in Uttar Pradesh.

Posted by hinduexistence on December 27, 2013


Dejected to Semitic Religions. Returned to Hindu Fold. More than 5500 Christians and Muslims returned to ancestral Hindu Home in Uttar Pradesh. 

Om Om OmUpananda Brahmachari | HE Media Bureau | Agra | Dec 26, 2013:: A Great News from the heart land of Uttar Pradesh. Thousands of converted Hindus have been opted again the faith of their forefathers and returned to Hinduism again.

On the eve of Christmas there was a hue and cry that the saffron brigade of RSS (Rashtriya Swamsevak Sangha), VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad), Bahrag Dal, Arya Samaj and Hindu Yuva Vahini would march forward to accept and assimilate their own brothers and sisters who shifted out of faith decades back in a spell of blunder and within an fraudulent ambit of allurement of the evangelical groups or the repressive Islamic elements empowered with inhumane forces.

On the very 25th Dec this year 2013, more than five thousand people returned to Hinduism and said  goodbye  to Christianity in a vast area of  Uttar Pradesh  in the localities of Agra, Aligarh, Kasganj, Bareilly, Badaun, Bijnor, Shahjahanpur, Mainpuri  and Firojabad. 

The highest re-conversion (Suddhi) in Aligarh, where 2000 Christian became Hindus, was held by Dhrama Jagran Samiti, a specific unit of VHP to make special efforts to sensitize the sense of Dharma in the marginal Hindus in any vulnerable condition, likely to be grabbed by the evangelic elements or other vicious elements like Zakir Naik .

Chanting of Vedic mantras,  purification with Ganga Water,  wearing of sacred threads and sacrifice to the fire God were the prime rituals that had helped the aspirants to get an warm entry to Hinduism once gain and for ever. Most of the people who took the refuge of Hinduism in these programmes,  categorically told that they went to another faith by allurements and embraced Christianity . Seven Muslims in Shahjahanpur also adopted Hinduism.

Upon a complain, a details of conversion in Bijnor, the administration is trying to get exact numbers of such ‘returned to home’ (gar wapsi). From a source it is known that  more than five hundred families (1600 people ) except Christianity became Hindu again. These people are mainly hailed from Malkan Rajput and belonging to  Jat Muslim clan.

OmMayor of Agra Town, Sri Indrajit Arya was also present in the program . In the ceremony held at Saraswati Vidya Mandir at Kasganj, 350 families ( about 1,000 people) and Firojabad 66 families (200 people) rejected Christianity and returned to their traditional faith Hinduism once again .

Prominent RSS , Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Hindu Vahini, Arya Samaj and Bajrang Dal leaders  and the saints of  Hindu organizations were present in these religious programmes. In Bareilly, six hundred people embraced Hinduism. Swami Yaswashi Arya of Arya Samaj  sprinkled the holy Ganges water to the aspirants and initiated them with sacred thread (Yajna-Upaveetam).

With chanting of Veda mantra and offering sacrifice in fire the converted Hindus in dilemma, strongly returned back in Hinduism with full dignity and assurance of the Hindus society in every respect. In the programme of Draupadi Devi Inter College campus in Badaun, some 918 people of two hundred and twenty families were accepted Hinduism again by rejecting Christian hegemony and discrimination  in such ‘homecoming’ program.

Various Hindu organisation have declared to extend their utmost support for providing the free education, health and rehabilitation for these brothers ans sisters came to their own fold of faith almost a decade after.

Erlier, some 325 Muslim members of 150 families of Eta, Farukhabad, Pilbhit, Kashganj, Mainpuri, Bareilly and Badaun were assembled in Eta Arsha Gurukul, where they were reconverted into Hindu Dharma again in presence of Jagadguru Swami Rajrajeswaram of Badrinath Dham. The Swami initiated all the aspirants in the Hindu Dhrama without discriminating any caste or creed.

OM OMSaikh Jabbar of Farukhabad and Mohammad Rauf of Pilvit told that they had a very low position in Muslim society as their forefathers went to Muslim community from a poor section of Hindu society.

Sabnam of Kapil (Farukhabad) and parvez Khan of Nagla Amar Singh (Eta) told that they had been feeling an unavoidable attachment with Hindu faith and people and even they protested cow slaughter and conspiracy of attacks on Hindus.  As the Muslim Imams exploited them in various ways and under an utter desatisfactions they finally made their mind to accept their original faith.

In every place there was a wave of satisfaction and peace as all were in a realm of reunion and the love from the core of heart.

Though some Hindi media like Aaj Tak and  Jagran highlighted this news of huge mass re-conversion in Hinduism, the English media (both print and electronic) skipped the same in a very strange manner.

Anyway, there is no known contra-action so far after the programmes of such large scale Paravartan held in Uttar Pradesh in a short time frame and neither there such any allegation of forceful activities from any side so far.

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Courtesy: Aaj Tak | Jagran.

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Tribal Rights & Culture Must be Protected – Dr Pravin Togadia, International Working President – VHP.

Posted by hinduexistence on March 1, 2012

Welcome. Back to Hindu Fold. Over Tribal 658 families, 3127 total people, 1513 men & 1614 women from 102 Tribal villages returned to Hindu Dharma from meaningless Christianity. 

Tribal Rights & Culture Must be Protected - Dr Pravin Togadia

Sundergadh, Odisha; February 23, 2012 || Updated: 01-03-2012.

A glorious event of over Tribal 658 families, 3127 total people, 1513 men & 1614 women from 102 Tribal villages coming back to their ancestors’ religious traditions giving up the forced Christianity. In a grand event organized by VHP in the jungles of Sundergadh in Odisha, there were festival like celebrations by 102 Tribal villages. The happy occasion was presided over by VHP International Working President Dr Pravin Togadia.

While thanking the 102 villages & all the Tribals who returned to their ancestors’ religious traditions by choice & with joy, Dr Togadia said, “Tribals are the roots of Bharat. They are the custodians of our age old rich traditions & culture. We all must do everything to protect them & their rights. Govt has extended the reservations to Christians meant only for Hindu Tribals. Many Christians are already availing of the quota meant for the poor Tribals depriving the poor tribals of their right to education, jobs, loans, lands etc. This should immediately stop & all convert or any Christians should be immediately de-listed from the reservations meant for the Tribals. Those who convert to Christianity from Scheduled Castes are not given the benefits of SC reservations. Following the same pattern, the Tribals who convert to Christianity should be de-listed from the Tribal reservations.”

“In 1975, there was a bill for amending the constitution to this regard was brought in by Shri Kartik Urav who himself was a Tribal from Odisha. 300 Member of Parliament had signed the bill agreeing that the Tribals who converted to Christianity should be de-listed from the reservations. The amendment was about to be passed but got shelved for unknown reasons. It should be brought back again & be passed immediately. “

“Rangnath Mishra commission has now recommended that all Christians & Muslims who stayed in Tribal areas & regions before 1947 should be treated as Tribals & be given all Tribal reservations. This will further snatch education, employment, loans, lands & therefore livelihood of the original poor Tribals who did not disregard their ancestors’ traditions & stayed loyal to the roots despite great difficulties. Therefore, this draconian recommendation by Rangnath Mishra Commission should never be accepted & the entire Rangnath Mishra report itself.

Should be rejected as it snatched roti, education, employment, land, loans, businesses & trades of all castes of Hindus & Tribals.”

Dr Togadia appealed to all to support activities that educate, empower & enable Tribals to prosper & come up in life while protecting their glorious traditions. VHP is already running over 40,000 schools, residential schools- colleges for tribal girls & boys in tribal areas all over Bharat & now many bright students studied there are doctors, top govt officers & successful scientists in Bharat & abroad.

VHP also has over 1000 medical facilities including hospitals, ambulances, blood banks & primary health care centres for Tribals in their own areas for quick medical help. There are Self Help centres & vocational guidance units where women & youth are groomed for the traded that are close to their life styles giving them better income & bright future.

Dr Togadia said, “Support from the world & from Bharat from those who care for the well-being of the Tribals in all fields will gain further momentum that will immensely benefit the Tribals & also dissuade them from looking at other religions as an option.”

Picture Courtesy: N Katarian. Report: Hindu Internet Defence Force.

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Muslim goon attacked Swami Ramdev with black ink. Swami was saved from acid attack.

Posted by hinduexistence on January 17, 2012

Sorry Swamiji. It is not a mere Ink attack, it's obviously an Islamic attack.

Why Swami Ramdev has been made a target of Fundamental Islamic attack time and again?

~ Upananda Brahmachari.

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev again became the target of an attack here in Delhi on Saturday (14-01-2012) when a Muslim man threw black ink on his face during a press conference. The man found with a walky-talky and a bottle of acid with him as flashed in the media. From this it is clear that Swami was saved from a possible acid attack.

The man named Kamran Siddiqui believed to be 35-36 years old was nabbed by Ramdev’s supporters and badly beaten up before being handed over to the police. He was placed under arrest following a medical examination.

Ramdev was talking about his future moves against corruption and black money at the press conference held at the Constitutional Club in the heart of the capital.

Siddique threw ink at Ramdev during the press conference at the Constitution Club this afternoon after the yoga guru refused to answer a question on Batla House encounter.

Siddiqui was rigid to have Ramdev’s opinion in the 2008 Batla House encounter in which suspects of the Delhi serial blasts were killed.

Ramdev’s right eye was blackened with ink by the man identified as Kamran Siddiqui, a resident of Delhi who is said to be running an NGO ‘Real Cause’ which is a petitioner in the Batla House encounter case.

The attacker, whose shirt was torn and removed, was seen bleeding from his lips. There was lot of jostling around when police escorted the yoga guru away from the club.

Jaideep, Ramdev’s close aide, claimed that Siddiqui had gained entry into the hall carrying a walkie talkie apparently posing as a security personnel. He also claimed that a bottle of acid was recovered from Siddiqui.

Ramdev, who immediately left the venue after the incident, said he had asked for the black money to be returned to the country but instead got black ink.

The incident above is not a new thing to the people along with a nationwide social and political repercussion of it.

Angry over the attack on Swami Ramdev and as retaliation the supporters of Baba Ramdevji today (16-01-2012) threw black ink on Sonia Gandhi’s poster outside the Congress headquarters here and clashed with party workers, earning disapproval of the yoga guru who condemned the act as “undemocratic and uncivilized”. Some people under the banner of Yuva Bharat and Kisan Panchayat gathered outside the Congress headquarters at 24, Akbar Road to protest the throwing of ink on the yoga guru here two days ago. They shouted slogans against party chief Sonia Gandhi and leaders Rahul Gandhi and Digvijay Singh and said they will not allow anyone to defame religious leaders. Some of them later threw black ink on a poster with Sonia’s image. Soon after the incident, Ramdev’s spokesperson said the yoga guru termed the act as “undemocratic and uncivilized”. “Such undemocratic and uncivilized methods of protest should not be encouraged. Such acts have no place in our rich culture and philosophy,” Ramdev was quoted as saying. “We neither support such undemocratic and uncivilized act nor are part of it,” the spokesperson said adding Ramdev was against any kind of violent or indecent methods of protest against anyone and urged people not to indulge in or promote such “indecent and ugly acts.”

As a matter of fact a man named Tribhuvan Singh, suspected and held as to brush up black paints in the banner of Sonia Gandhi, was beaten up by Congress supporters before police whisked him away.

But the main question from this context is grossly ignored by the secular media as their own fashion and choice to clutter.

They never question: Why Swami Ramdev has been made a target of Fundamental Islam time and again?

Yes. Swami Ramdev has been made a target of Fundamental Islam time and again.  Swami Ramdevji received several email and other threatening letters from the different Islamic terror groups as Swamiji vehemently opposes terrorist activities in India and demanded capital punishment to all terror and subversive elements against Mother India.

In this row, the present attacker, Kamran Siddiqui a confirmed supporter of Delhi serial attackers and petitioner-oppose to Batala encounter, wanted to harm Swami Ramdev posed as a prime force to build up public initiative to fight all terrorism and fundamental activities including vicious Islamic one.

But the Islamists have many reasons to attack Swami Ramdev, fortunately still not turned deadly enough.

Swami Ramdev with Maulana Mahmood Madani and N A Farooqui at the general session of the Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind, a frontal organisation of Indian Muslims, on 3rd Nov 2009 in Deoband.

In singing Vandematarm issue, Darul-uloom-Deoband opposed Swami Ramdev. They even issued fatwa against practicing Yog with chanting Om. Some Islam influenced foreign countries also put restriction upon practicing Yog by devout Muslims. The thin growing influence of Yog and Swami Ramdev over a section of patients belonging to Muslim community has been turned a point of permanent dissatisfaction of the Islamist in India and abroad.

Moreover, a champion propagator of vegetarianism and a strict opposition of cow slaughter, Swami Ramdev wants a total ban on cow slaughter in India. This is also an odd bone of contention between the Islamist and a staunch nationalist Swami Ramdev here.

Actually, we generally forget the main legacy of Swami Ramdev to asses him as a whole key of change in his statute of a present day seer and dear of Indian people. Swami Ramdev is a Sanyasi (sacrificed saint) of Arya Samaj order. After competing his eighth standard in Shahbajpur in Haryana Ram Krishn Yadav (pre name of Swami Ramdev) joined Aarsh Gurukul at Khanpur, where his first Gurudev (initiator in Brahmacharya Samaskara) Acharya Pradumn taught him Sanskrit and Yoga. Afterwards he went to Gurukul Kangri (most important Aarshya Gurkul for Higher Studies and Prominent University) for his higher studies. After receiving the teaching there from Acharya Baldevji (another Arya Samaj legend in these days), he entered Sannyas and changed his name to Swami Ramdev.

Arya Samaj was founded by Maharshi Dayanand (1824 – 1883) to reform the dependent and self-forgetful Indian Nation on the basis of Vedic culture with its scientific synthesis. He wrote Satyarth Prakash or the Light of Truth where he analyzed all the major ways of different religions and to rebuff  the untruth and impurities therein for establishing the real Dharma to make human being culturally and socially higheist and best in the motto of “Krinnantvu Viswaaryam”. In this book Satyarth Prakash, Swami Dayananda critically analyzed Islam and Quran (Chapter- XIV) and opposed the Islamic menace upon women and non-believers. For this Swami Dayananda was attacked by the respective goons. Again his successor Swami Shraddhananda was murdered by a Muslim assassinator for his famous Suddhi Yajna program (reconversion program to Hindu-Arya fold) in the year 1926. Then it is not a surprise that Swami Ramdev may be attacked by a Muslim assailant with dire consequences.

Hindu's unconditional love to Muslims does not give any guarantee for prevention of untoward attack furthermore.

One may question that many Muslim devotees of Swami Ramdev are ardent and nationalist. It should not be differed. But many of them do not believe in Om, Vande Mataram and ban on cow slaughter. Most of them come to Swami Ramdev for getting well in health, not for his profound nationalism or anti corruption and anti-terrorism movements. And many of them believe that Swami Ramdev may be a supporter of Islam as he gives references of Prophet Muhammad and Quran frequently.

But, Swmai Ramdev knows his limitations under compulsion that the Muslim supporters of Bharat Swabhiman or Pantanjali Yog Samiti are coming to him with negligible percentage with certain motive which is also resulting a dangerous effect of equating Veda and Quran in a very unjustified way.

Muslim perpetrators know these entire well and they are always planning new attack upon Swami Ramdev. Swami Ramdev should be cautious for that. His followers also protest and protect, but in the periphery of arya maryada (cultural dignity), might and right.

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No peace for Hindus in Islam or Christianity. Converted Hindus are returning Home.

Posted by hinduexistence on July 19, 2011

No peace in Islam or Christianity. Converted Hindus are returning into their original faith of reliance.

Frustrated after converted to Islam, Family returns to Hinduism at Udupi, Karnataka.

Udupi July 14-2011: For his love for a Muslim girl, he took no time to leave his mother religion. 5 years ago Prashanth Shetty married his lover Mushra. He got converted to Islam, appeared in a new name and new Muslim style. After 5 years he realised the situation, was frustrated to be a Muslim decided to return along with his wife and kids.

In a simple religious ceremony of reconversion (Paravartan) at Saralebettu Shivapadi Sri Umamaheshwari Temple near Manipal of Udupi district in Karnataka, family of Prashanth Shetty voluntarily returned to Hinduism. The family signed a letter stating the acceptance of Hinduism at the temple.
Mushra now called with a new name Prathibha Shetty, elder son Naveen Shetty (Mohammed Iqbual), second son Umesh Shetty (Mohammed Irshan), daughter Prathima Shetty (Fathima Yasmin), and younger son Suresh (Mohammed Jalaluddeen) are now returned to Hinduism.
‘I am happy to be a Hindu; my husband never forced me to live with any restrictions. Where my husband goes i will follow him as a wife’ says Prathibha Shetty.

30 Christian from 8 Families Return to Hinduism in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Mumbai : June 27- 2011. It was a moment of pride for all of them who returned to Hinduism  here on Sunday.( 26th June 11 ) All of those who reconverted back to Hinduism belong to extremely poor strata of society made this decision  after they failed to achieve equal social status in the faith which was introduced to them by their mentors who once came to them as saviours in white cloak.The programme was organized at Wageshwari devi temple at Filmcity road in Goregaon East,Mumbai by VISHWA HINDU PARISHAD (VHP) under the vibrant leadership of   Shri Anand Kumar Pande (VHP District secretary) who showed all of them the path to return to religion of their forefathers.
Read details in : World Hindu Unity.

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