Struggle for Hindu Existence

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New age Hindutva sharpens : They have crossed the limit : Time to strike out.


Dr. Babu Suseelan

Murder of Hindus mainly RSS and other Hindu Organization members, Jihadi terrorism everywhere including  Hindu worship places, organized bias and prejudice against Hindus, favoring Muslim and Christian minorities with huge appeasement, depriving Hindus in many ways and looting of temple funds by the phony secular and Marxist government are common occurrences in India.
Marxists, pseudo secularists and Jihadis have made an unholy nexus against Hindus to destabilize communities and Hindus through out India. Anti Hindu government headed by Sonia at the center and the Marxist governments in West Bengal and Kerala are ordering bureaucrats to adapt measurers to appease Jihadis  including special privileges, economic assistance and special quota for jobs. The bogus secular government’s implicit assumption is that the nation is in throes of a fresh Hindu upsurge against Jihadis and the anti Hindu political parties. The anti Hindu, anti national government sullied image might have something to do such anti Hindu murder mayhem and pro Muslim conduct.

Innocent Hindus are apparently incapable of comprehending anti Hindu bias, prejudice and violence. The truth is that Hindus are deprived of economic opportunities, justice, fairness and anti Hindu corrupt politicians are trampling on elementary principles of human decency. The increasing anti Hindu stance by the Congress and Marxist governments have created a political culture for Jihadi terrorists and Marxist criminals to attack, maim and murder innocent Hindus. The public reaction against such wanton violence against Hindus have  assumed the character of a conditioned reflex. Party leaders have left the impression that the government’s commitment is only for promoting Jihadi interests. The media also collude with anti Hindu forces. Kerala legislators lavish praise of Jihadi murderer Madani whose terrorist activities are widely abhorred went unnoticed by the mainstream media.

Marxist’s and Muslim’s long-held built -in biases cannot be easily weeded out. What can be changed is what we do about them. Marxists in Kerala have encouraged Jihadis, at least tacitly discriminated Hindus, even suggesting attack against Hindus. Turning a blind eye to acts of terrorism-allows it to thrive. To do nothing, in this context, is an act of consequence in itself, letting the virus of terrorism and violence spread unopposed.

Hindu human rights and and religious freedom now occupies the high moral ground as never before. The Marxists, Jihadis and phony Congress leaders assume that they are entitled to behave with the arrogance, brutality and flagrant contempt for human rights of peace loving, tolerant Hindus. They blame those who work for Hindu causes labeling them as misguided.

More to the point than appeasement, the norms of Jihadis can be decisively changed by taking an active stance against any act of violence and terrorism against Hindus. Muslims may not bulge, but acts of terrorism can be quashed, if we don’t tolerate it. Hindus need to speak out against even low-key acts of violence. In this endeavor, there is a position, assertiveness-play a pivotal role. Failure to condemn acts of violence by social leaders and intellectuals send the tacit message that such acts are okay. Strong condemnation sends a powerful message that violence against Hindus is not trivial, but will have real-and negative consequences.

Appeasement or avoidance will have no deterring effect. It does little or nothing to lower intolerance. Passivity, appeasement, tolerance of intolerance and economic assistance will not uproot deeply held Islamic prejudice and Marxist violence against Hindus. Exclusivist, dogmatic behavior is continuing because of inadequate practical response. We need zero tolerance for intolerance.

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