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Victory of ‘Tarun Hindu’ (Hindu Youth Force) over Jihadi Islamists in Jharkhand.

Hindu Warriors – The Picture is only for reference.

Sadhaks of Tarun Hindu visited Keska village…

Fearless Hindu Warriors defeated Jihadi Islamist in Jharkhand.

Archana Das | Dhanbad| 4th July, 2012 :: In the first week of June, 2012 a jihad was committed on the Hindus of the village Keska (Govindpur Tehsil in Dhanbad District in Jharkhand State in Bharat – India) by the Muslims of the nearby village Sahar pura. The women of the village Keska take bath in the village pond. A group of Muslim youths were regularly coming and sitting on the bank of the pond and were taunting and teasing the women in the bathing time. Being informed by the girls a group of young Hindus entreated the Muslim boys not to come to the pond and tease the girls. The Muslims had jihad in their mind. Their motive was to show their own superiority and demean the Hindus. They said Hindus have never been able to protect their sisters and mothers. Muslims have always enjoyed them. We will come and sit here again in the evening. Protect your women if you can. The Muslims came in the evening in a big number prepared with lathis and swords. Hindu boys had no option but to take on them.

One Hindu boy told that I thought that I should rather die than tolerating such insult. I went there thinking that I will be killed. The number of the Hindus were less. They were not prepared nor organised. But they had a drive in their mind. They had a moral courage because they did no wrong to anybody but were defending the modesty of their women folk. They jumped on to them with Jay Shri Ram in their gallant voice.

There was a ruckus, a Muslim boy striked hard with a lathi to the hand of a Hindu boy. The Hindu boy fell on the ground. The Muslim boy was going to finish him to complete his jihad. But another Hindu boy came immediately to rescue the attacked Hindu boy. He snatched the lathi from the Muslim boy and striked back the Muslim boy thrice on his head while shouting Jay Shri Ram. The boy told me that I do not know who gave me that courage and strength at  that time. The muslim boy fell in a pool of blood. Sensing the seriousness of the situation the Muslims intruders left the place carrying the injured with them. When the boy was in Ranchi Medical College, the Muslim perpetrators threatened the Hindus by saying that if the Muslim boy dies, we will finish the Keska village. The Muslim boy died after 7 days, but no Muslim turned out to take revenge. The matter did not end there as the real oppression upon the Hindus started thereafter. The police became paranoiac, fell behind the Hindu boys like rabid dog. The village Keska is now turned deserted as nearly all the Hindu youths compelled to flee for avoiding the police harassments. Seven boys have been arrested amongst whom four boys are minors. The four minor boys have got bail by now. Other three boys are behind the bars. The 10 sadhaks (devout practitioner for self sacrifice) of Tarun Hindu lead by President Dr N M Das visited the village for the second time on 4. 7. 2012 to boost morale into the hearts of the demoralized Hindus. It came to their knowledge that police is trying to extract money from the Hindus for protecting them from Muslims.

Most of the political parties visited the nearby Muslim village and assured them that none of them will be booked for the case. As a result no Muslim has been booked so far. The MP of the region belongs to BJP. He has not done anything for the protection of Hindus  or arresting of the Muslims, the real  perpetrators. In the meeting Dr N M Das said that the incidence is not a sporadic incident, but it is a part of planned jihad. These are the activities they perform in the state of Dar-ul-Harab. These are the ongoing steps for the Dar-ul-Islam. We should fight it out with the skin of our teeth. In the meeting it was decided that a mammoth Hindu rally will be held on 8th July Sunday in the Keska Village to expose the police and the netas (leaders) and to force the police to arrest the Muslims who created the violence at first.

There is no dearth of Hindu oppression in a Hindu majority country. Hindus have to fight out it themselves. Hindu Rashtra is the real solution to all these oppression.

Courtesy: Tarun Hindu.

3 comments on “Victory of ‘Tarun Hindu’ (Hindu Youth Force) over Jihadi Islamists in Jharkhand.

  1. Thakur Budh Pal Singh Chandel
    July 5, 2012

    OM ,


  2. प्रशान्त
    July 5, 2012

    But we should take care of ourselves properly. The opposition Islamic force are brutal. We have to arouse and inculcate our Warrior Spirit.


  3. Raki
    July 5, 2012

    The Hindus don’t know the meaning and severity of Jihad ! Muslims are trying to seed poisons between Hindu and Muslim through this nefarious Islamic conspiracy. If any one make mistake they will be victims of Jihad whether he is Hindu / Muslim / Christine or Budhaaa.. Don’t complain about entire Muslim community man. I think some sections of Muslims don’t believe in Jihad.


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