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Spark in Srinagar against the film promo “Innocence of Muslims” in Youtube. Separatist leaders under house arrest in Srinagar.

Spark in Srinagar against the film trailer  “Innocence of Muslims” uploaded in Youtube. Separatist leaders under house arrest in Srinagar.

Rekha Verma from Srinagar with the input of  IANS  & EW Com |14th September 2012.

Now the heat wave is melting the ice at Srinagar vally. The repercussion of the Muslims against a recent Film: Innocence of Muslims has now reached India’s Jihad Field of Kashmir.

‘As violence across the Middle East increases in reaction to the poorly-acted, low-budget, English language, Muhammad-mocking film Innocence of Muslims, so too does murky, confusing controversy over the identity of the director and the involvement of Southern California-based members of the Egypt-based Coptic Church.’

Critiques say that the rough presentation of the film is so needed to attack the sense of rowdy Islamic hoodlums and their Godfathers engaged in a bloody Jihad against civil society in the present days starting from its beginning through a hatred and genocides of non-believers.

Time NewsFeed described the matter as: ‘An Internet clip of an amateurish, virulently anti-Muslim film called Innocence of Muslims is being identified as one of the flash points behind the anti-U.S. demonstrations in the Middle East that led to the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others in Benghazi, Libya, earlier this week. As journalists work to uncover more details about the makers of the film, here’s what we know about the cast of characters so far’.

Now, India is concerned. Apprehending a Jihadi retaliation in the Kashmir valley with the instigation of  the cross border subversive elements, Several Jammu and Kashmir separatist leaders were placed under house arrest here Friday ahead of a protest against the film “Innocence of Muslims”, a trailer of which was uploaded on YouTube as below.

Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umer Farooq, Muhammad Yasin Malik, Shabir Ahmad Shah and Muhammad Nayeem Khan were placed under house arrest in this state summer capital. Protests against the film, which depicts Prophet Mohammed in a poor light, were planned for the afternoon after Friday prayers.

Without accepting or denying that separatist leaders have been placed under house arrest in the city, police officials said preventive measures were in place in the city.

“Prohibitory orders under section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Ccode are in place in the city to prevent any breach of law and order,” a police official said. The orders ban any gathering of four or more people.

Police and paramilitary Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) in riot gear have been deployed at sensitive places to maintain law and order.

Read here:


The state government had approached the union telecommunications ministry to block the blasphemous video on YouTube.

“Yes, we have approached the union telecom ministry to have the video blocked on YouTube since its display can cause law and order problems in the state,” state Home Commissioner B.R. Sharma told IANS.

Some years back, Fitna, a short documentary (film) by Greet Wilders, a Dutch statesman was vehemently protested by the fundamental Muslims as it surfaced the reality of Bloody Jihad against humanity in a very subtle way and appreciation.

The movie, “Fitna,” opens with a quote from the Quran/Koran, surah 8:60, in English with the Arabic on the right side. In fact, pretty much the entire movie is composed of either quotes from the Koran or from other Muslim authorities, as well as images of the murder and mayhem – the terrorism – committed all over the place by Muslim fanatics over the past decade or so. (Not enough time in the movie’s 16.49 minutes to cover the countless previous atrocities committed in the name of Islam worldwide.) A prominent Anti Jihad thinker and politician, Wilders himself makes no verbal comment, only a few written sentences at the end serving as a summary and call to action. It needs to be emphasized that this movie represents words from Islamic scriptures and authorities themselves, highlighted by violence and oppression that appear to have been directly caused by those words. Viewers can watch it again:

Anyway, the staunch protesters of Islamic fundamentalism always take the way of barbaric annihilation of the opposites. So, the agents of Jihad will foment the situation with “Innocence of Muslims” as they did with “Fitna”. But, a suppression of facts about Islam or the ban against the film in question is not the solution of the elimination of Islamic Jihad. Jihad must neutralize with only Anti Jihad, if you consider the Newton’s third law of motion.

After Kashmir, this film “Innocence of Islam” can make furious the so called innocent and good Muslims around us, even in the next door-step.

9 comments on “Spark in Srinagar against the film promo “Innocence of Muslims” in Youtube. Separatist leaders under house arrest in Srinagar.

  1. arishsahani
    September 14, 2012

    Looks like Arabs have converted all our poor, crimnals and uneducated people to their ideology and given the war book of hate and killing..NO wonder converts are destroying their own home land what a great game . Our foolish leaders when they will wake up.


  2. Chitranjan Sawant
    September 14, 2012

    By Chitranjan Sawant

    Islamists think that their faith has been made fun of by Americans in their country by making a movie on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH – PBUA*) and all that he stood for.

    The points at isue are: are Islamist mobs right in destroying and burning the US property in Libya and elsewhere? Was the film producer within his constitutional right in making the said film?

    The mob went berserk because the reponsible citizens and leaders in countries concerned kept mum, became a prey to in -ertia and ceased to distinguish between own nation’s interest and a foreign embassy’s interests. The Geneva convention makes it mandatory for the host country to protect and defend personnel and property of a foreign nation having an embassy and their personnel enjoying dipomatic privieges and immunity. If a host country cannot control its thugs and ruffians, no outide nation would etablish dipomatic ties with it. Such a weak nation that fails to prevent violence against diplomatsof foreign countries will become an international pariah.

    Let us examine the susceptibilities of an Islamic nation about something done or said against their religious beliefs in another country. Let us not forget that many modern democratic nations are bound by their constitution to allow their citizens full freedom in exercising their right of freedom of thought and expression.What America does in America is the buinessof America. No other nation can call them name if their beliefs are seen to be violated.

    Did America GO TO lIBYA TO EXHIBIT OR SCREEN THE FILM ON PROPHET OF ISLAM? If not, Libyans are to blame.It was a gross over-reaction by Libyans to have attacked the US Embassy in Ben Ghazi and killed four Americans incuding the ambassador.

    My religion, my faith are inviolable in my house and my country and I have constitutional protection tol ive by tenets of my Dharma. If someone uses abusive language against my beliefs and faith, there is a legal remedy open to me. At the international level, the international court of justice may be approached if a foreign government violates rights of my countrymen and my national govts files a suit in the said court at the Hague. Taking recourse to arson and violence violates internationa law. Let us remember that Law is above all and must be observed by one and all.

    C R Sawant.

    *[Peace Be Upon All]. This Change has been made by the blog moderators.


  3. Mahendra Tamhane.
    September 14, 2012

    “Innocence of Islam” Yes there is innocence with Islam and subsequently with Muslims too. How any one can desire that Islam must not follow commands of Allah? What is He has commanded has been versified and codified in Koran. Now if it is a teaching of Koran that “You shall torture those who do not believe in Allah till they would not get them be converted in to Islam or slay them” and there are many such commands of Allah. Would it not be must for Islam to follow such commands? It has to be accepted by Islam and by Muslims innocently. What Kasab did was in innocence. All Jehadis are innocent there is some thing wrong with Allah.


  4. Ibrahim
    September 17, 2012

    May Allah curse the enemy of islam and make them the dwelling to be in hell 4 eva inshalah. The nature wil punish u. Just se what prophet muhamed pbuh did on mankind. Read the Holy Quran, a book in it ther is no doubt and u wil be protected by Allah as He promised wil protect his last mesenger and Quran. Shame on America and the zionist who ar alway the enemy of islam. U wil be defeated inshaalah. U made the muslims to wake up more enemy to america. Noting new frm ur side


    • Hrishikesh
      September 17, 2012

      Islam is a mere cult following by some nonsenses, where you are following contradictory beliefs, even if your own inner voice does not support it! I hope God would end this madness for the sake of everyone! Awaiting lord Kalki to teach these paashandis (offenders to humanity) a lesson or give us the strength and courage to exterminate them!

      The Satanic Verses of Quran is completely misleading the entire Muslim people.

      A little about Satanic and Insane Islam:

      Hrishikesh Bharti


  5. Bk chowla
    September 18, 2012

    I have not seen the film.
    But,why hurt religious sentiments of any community?


  6. imran
    September 19, 2012

    mai bas yahi kahonga ki jo nasl ya country islam se jalegi mera allah use bakhsega nahi.
    abhi bhi waqt hai toba kar lo apne gunaho ki………………


    • Raziya Sultana
      September 19, 2012

      Allaha ke bacchae Imran… tujhko kon bakhsega re……..
      Allah aur Islam ke karan aaj sare jahan jahannum ban gaya…..
      Muslim logo ne khud Muslim ko kate hai….
      Namaz padne ka waqt Taliban saytan ne Namazi ke upar goli chalate hai dhamaka bolta hai…
      Kya tha Islam hai…. Mai yha Islam ko nakarta hun..
      Eysha hote hue Islam samapt ho jayega…….


  7. ashwini
    September 24, 2012

    Event shown in “innocence of muslims” are as described in quran&hadith& known to all! demonstrtion all over world is just like that you can see porn,do porn,but none another can peep them! &it is also proved that getting revelation from so called GOD,only islamists can become characterless(LAMPAT) &all are following because same lust they can gain in that way! What a logic there,you can do so,you can follow so ,but except them , none can even peep them?


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