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Denying proclamation of Islamic rights in the business of anybody…


Denying proclamation of Islamic rights in Hindu business, Diamond Merchant Company put in legal trouble in India.

Why devout Hindu businessmen use to dig their own grave by giving employments to anti-Hindu, Jihad believer, beef-eater, problematic Muslims in their business house?  

Upananda Brahmachari

HENB | Haridwar | May 27, 2015:: At first  I want to convey my congratulations to M/S. Hari Krishna Exports [1701, The Capital, ‘B’ Wing, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (East) Mumbai, Maharashtra 400051 India], the renowned diamond export firm which denied employment to a young MBA graduate for being a Muslim.

The uproar in the India secular media (read sick media) for so called ‘depriving’ and ‘humiliating’ of a Muslim youth is nothing but a nasty mindset of licking the asshole of Islam with a high risk of infection with endemic ISIL disease which destroys the capacity of free and right thinking.

The Hindu and Jain Management of Hari Krishna Exports done a marvelous work as they maintained the sanctity of their ‘Business temple’ by not giving a chance a fundamental Muslim named Zeshan Ali Khan with his email id Muslims never allow non-Muslims to enter their Mosques and always they try to restrict non-Muslims in to their institutions and business controls. Then why should Hindu and Jains allow Muslims in their business. See the faculty and staff list of Aligarh University to Hamdard Dwakhana, Jamia Milia to Heera Group of  Nowhera Shaikh. The matter will be very clear. Moreover, how a Hindu can tolerate 786 with a name and mail id, when that culpable numbers were used to mark on the Hindu houses in Lahore and Karcahi before occupying those at the time of partition of India and marked on the chest of murdered Hindus in Kashmir valley. Not only that many daggers and swords distributed among Muslims in the Great Calcutta Killing was marked with that ‘786’ and ‘Allah ho Akbar’. When the present world is endangered with Quran, Islam, 786, Halal, Sharia, Jihad etc, how could be the management of Hari Krishna Exports so interested to deploy a man with 786 tagged with his email!

Hindus treat there business place as temple and deserve their rights to restrict anyone looming large for destroying sanctity, prosperity and security of it. And the presence of any fundamental Muslim in it is very very dangerous and highly problematic.

Really, Muslim employees are very much problematic to their Hindu and Jain employers (it is also true for all others including Jews, Christians, Shikhs). One or two months in the beginning these Muslim guys behave well. But form the third month they generally start putting various menace. They bring beef in tiffin carrier/lunch box and consume openly in a disgusting manner. Then they claim separate place for offering Namaz and urinal with ablution facility etc.  Gradually, they start ‘Love-Jihad’ with non-Muslim woman employees, even with the daughters of owner of the business, try to push other Muslim guys in the company for putting collective pressure upon the company managements, not only that sometimes they kill their masters very brutally to grab their wealth and properties.  Why then Hari Krishna Exports or other non-Muslim employers will take such hazards of Muslim employees in their concern? In these days there are another embarrassment of Islamic ringtone in their mobiles meant for Adhan, Sabiluna Sabiluna Al Jihad Al Jihad and communal speeches of Zakir Nyke etc…….

But, I have another reason to congratulate the management of Hari Krishna Exports as they did not help the Jihad at least as most of the Hindus do financially. Yes, most of the Hindus-Jains, Christians and others help the Jihad financially and obviously. When a non Muslim enters a business with a Muslim and gives some profit to that Muslim, the Muslim man gives ‘Zakat’ and ‘Khairat’. And where those Zakat and Khairat are utilized. Those are utilized in Mosques and madrasas all engaged for Jihad and Pan Islamism. And the paramount Jihad is only designed to kill all non-Muslims from this world to establish an ideal Pan Islamic state in this world. So, by not giving an employment to the Muslim MBA  guy, M/S Hari Krishna Exports voided any part of earning or profit to a Muslim who generally extends ‘Zakat’ and ‘Khairat’ only for Jihad and Pan Islamism.

The whole of Indian media is now vocal to abuse Hari Krishna Exports, but how many media morons like to stay in Muslim areas or plan to buy a property in Muslim areas. Why secular brothers and sisters in media and politics are very much fond of residing in Hindu and non-Muslim areas? The taste of truth is very much bitter. But they only live on Islamic bread and butter. So have to abuse the management of Hari Krishna Exports, only to please their Islamic masters.


It is unfortunate that the Hari Krishna Exports management comprising Directors Bhaskar Shantilal Joshi, Mahindra Deshmukh, Ghanshyam Dholakiya and Hasmukh Dholakiya, and Deepika Tikke, a trainee in the firm’s HR department had to take anticipatory bail under the stern turn of situation. But, I am giving you full assurance that nobody will able to harm you or your company. Keep in touch with us and be happy.

We think no court of law has its power to cease one’s discretion to find well being of his own business with its own methodology to make prosperity in business.

I am not a single person to convey my congratulation to you, thousand with us are giving you blessings and congratulating for your straight forward and commendable work.

We consider, Jehadi Zeshan is a face to proclaim Islamic rights in Hindu business. Hindus must check it. Why devout Hindu businessmen use to dig their own grave by giving employments to anti-Hindu, Jihad believer, beef-eater, problematic Muslims in their business house?  Hindus and all non-Muslims must stop digging their own grave without any submission to Radical Islam, Sharia and the world of Halal .

Pic courtesy: ANI | Twitter.

4 comments on “Denying proclamation of Islamic rights in the business of anybody…

  1. skanda987
    May 28, 2015

    Islam has invaded in Hindustan by force since about a thousand years., so it has no right to be there.
    Islam is anti-Vedic.
    Islam is intolerant of all other faiths.
    Islam is against democratic form of gov’t.
    The Muslims of Hindus an are the decedents of Hindus who were forced to accept Islam a few centuries ago.
    Islam allows cannibalism.
    Islam does not give any freedom to women.
    Islam has caused the partition of India in 1947.
    Most Muslim countries have only Islam legal, other religins illegal.

    Hindustan is the country of the Hindus since the beginning of time.
    Just as a family under a roof has freedom to decide what ideologies or religions will be followed by the family members, the Hindus have right to decide which religions will be illegal in Hindustan. They just need to exercise that right with unity.

    There cannot be peace where there is Islam. History proves this.

    Peace and freedom do not come free like air.
    So, Hindus, please wake up and act with unity.

    jai sri Krishna!


  2. sudipta
    May 28, 2015

    Congrats Hare Krishna Exports, If it is MY COMPANY, it is I who will decide who I will work with, whom I will do Business with.


  3. Dr N M Das
    May 28, 2015

    I am a small employer and employ nearly 50 persons under me. I never employ a Muslim under me. This is out of both hatred a fear. I hate them because they persecute Hindus as they did during Muslim Raj and as they are doing that now in Pak and Bangledesh and Kashmir. I am afraid of them because they knowingly create problem for Hindus where ever Ii is possible. They are inclined to kill non muslims as they get a chance.

    Dr N M Das


  4. George Brooks
    June 1, 2015

    Not only that they must not be given job, we should also stop buying from them or from their shops and their products. Some industries/professions are totally controlled by them and none of us could even enter. The leather industry, scrap merchants, building demolition, all Heroes of film industry are KHAN’s.

    All these ideas must be imbibed into each and everyone in this country.


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