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The Islamic protest on Suryanamaskar and Yog is nothing but a denial of Hindu culture and tradition in India.

Muslims protest at Azad Maidan against Yog and Suryanamaskar.

Muslims protest at Azad Maidan against Yog and Suryanamaskar.

Some Muslims gather against yoga in Mumbai schools….

They think Suryanamaskar and Yog are bad, but ISIS’s beheading, mass-killing, rape, terrorism are good for Muslims!

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Mumbai | Aug 27, 2016:: On Friday (Aug 26), Azad Maidan of Mumbai has seen a political protest of Muslim public against the 10 minutes compulsory practice of Yog and Suryanamaskar in civic schools in under Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s (BMC).

The Samajwadi Party (SP) has garnered support from the majority part of Muslim community against the proposal to make Surya Namaskar compulsory in civic schools. Muslims from all across Mumbai, as far as Thane and Mumbra, gathered at the Azad Maidan on Friday to register their protest against the BMC’s decision.

The protests saw participation from scores of Muslim families, even though some of them do not have school-going children but reached the venue only to take a chance to protest against Hindus, BJP, Shiv Sena and PM Modi. They claimed to have gathered in solidarity with the Muslim community. The protest was guided by slogans of ‘Modi Murdabad’,  ‘BJP Murdabad’, ‘Shiv Sena Murdabad’ and ‘Suryanamaskar nehi karnge’ etc.

What has irked the community more is the BMC’s education office’s circular issued to all municipal schools even before the general body cleared the proposal, directing schools to practice 10 minutes of yoga during the school assembly every morning. While SP leader in the civic body, Rais Shaikh, sent a legal notice to municipal commissioner Ajoy Mehta on Friday, demanding that the latter withdraw the proposal within seven days or face legal action, SP state president Abu Azmi sat at the Azad Maidan protest on Friday.

Mr Azmi said, “This is a clear-cut political move. We will not succumb to it. They are threatening our religion. It is against our religion to bow down to anyone but Allah. The municipal commissioner will have to withdraw the proposal.”

Mr Shaikh’s legal notice states that the compulsion violates the constitutional fundamental rights to religious freedom given to all citizens of the country. Mr Shaikh said, “What is even more surprising is that the education officer had circulated notices to all schools directing them to start yoga sessions even before the BMC’s house approved it. Were they certain it will be approved?”

Muslim parents have threatened to withdraw their children from municipal corporation schools if the civic body does not take the proposal back. Yasmin Khan, who traveled to Azad Maidan from Mumbra on Friday, said, “We are not forcing Hindu kids to chant ‘Bismillah’ in schools.”

This Islamic protest rocks the BMC bodies and trying to have legal advice to save the situation.

One officer in BMC Education department told HENB that the protest was fully motivated by some political parties against the present ruling parties i.e. BJP-SP combine in Maharashtra.

“They are telling now to bow down to anyone but Allah. But, what will they do in Independence day or Republic day. We all citizens are bound to bow down to our National Flag and respect the Indian tradition and culture. After all, India is not an Islamic country”, the official said and hinted a proper legal fight as per situation.

Being irritated with the politically motivated Muslim protest at Azad Maidan against Yoga, one passers by told us, “Stupid guys, yoga is bad, but beheading, rape and killing of ISIS is good. Did they ever protest against ISIS?”

Actually,  the Muslim Mumbaikars are protesting against Suryanamaskar and Yog very symbolically. They will protest next in every footstep in the coming days on anything with the plea of  ‘it is against Islam’. This is very alarming.

If they claim, “Stop all banks as this is un-Islamic” or “Scrap Indian Penal code as that is not as per Sharia”, what should be done?

Actually Indian Muslims are trying to clash with the majority Hindus here in different manners. These scoundrels like Abu Azmi and Rais Shaikh don’t know the interest of Muslim people for Yog and Pranayam in foreign countries including Pakistan and many Muslim countries. Muslims took part in International Yog Day on 21st June last two years in India and abroad without problem. 47 Islamic Nations joined International Yoga Day in 2015 and Yog, Pranyam and Suryanamaskar are being more popularized in the Muslim countries too.

Muslims Pracice Yog and Pranayam... What's hell with Abu and Rais Shaikh?

Muslims Love and Practice Yog and Pranayam… What’s hell with Abu Azmi and Rais Shaikh?

The particular anti-Hindu tendency of some Muslim people must be stopped in India at any cost. They should try to respect and practice good things of others though non-Islamic definitely.

As Yog and Pranayam have been accepted by United Nation through an International protocol, all the law abiding and cultural people in this globe must obey it and perform it for the betterment of Individual and society. If some Muslims are not ready to accept it, they may go to hell easily.


4 comments on “The Islamic protest on Suryanamaskar and Yog is nothing but a denial of Hindu culture and tradition in India.

  1. rdeshpandedrvrao
    August 28, 2016

    Many Muslims have supported the Yoga and Suruyanamaskar in India and even in foreign countries.Only Muslims with half baked knowledge oppose these rituals.They must understand the health benifits of these practices.


  2. Hirak Nag
    August 28, 2016

    I would rather that Hindus display their tolerance by ignoring such ill logy !————-Hirak Nag.


  3. Arindam.
    August 28, 2016

    ‘Mr Azmi said, “This is a clear-cut political move. We will not succumb to it. They are threatening our religion. It is against our religion to bow down to anyone but Allah.’

    A religion that creates the likes of Abu Sayyaf, Al Shebaab, Boko Haram, Daesh, etc…,

    A religion that promotes the mutilation of children (circumcision)

    A religion whose most sacred scripture considers non-believers ‘the worst of creatures’ (98:6)

    Such a religion should not be threatened.

    It should be destroyed.


  4. skanda987
    August 28, 2016

    The Hindus of Hindustan have never forced Hindu dharma on anyone. So then what is the sense or purpose of these Muslims to shout “सुर्य नमस्कार और योग नहिं करेंगे “?

    The truth is that these Muslims’ ancestors a few century ago were Hindus who were forced by the barbaric invaders in Hindustan to accept Islam. Therefore, chanting “सुर्य नमस्कार और योग नहिं करेंगे ” the only thing they are doing is hurting the feelings of their Hindu ancestors, and exhibiting their foolishness.

    The sane thing to do for them, for the peace and prosperity for all, is to quit Islam under घर वापसी program.

    A short article at below link provides them rationale why it is very proper to quit Islam.

    Click to access affidavit-of-quitting-islam.pdf

    jai sri Krishna!


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