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Muslims attack Sikhs in Bijnor, ransack Gurudwara.

Sikh-Muslim violence in Bijnor from ‘provocative post’ on social media. Gurudwara ransacked. 

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Bijnor | June 26, 2017:: A day before the Eid in Rehad town of Bijnor, there was a rift between the Sikhs and the Muslims. Communal tension was at peak after some ‘derogatory’ comments went viral on social media about Hajart Mohammad, the founder of Islam. During the brawl, two sides attacked each other with  the sticks and rods. Police registered FIR against 18 people of both sides. Five people were detained by the police. Police and PAC have been deployed the disturbed areas.

This was a late night incident of Saturday. According to the information, on Saturday morning, one Sikh boy  allegedly  posted a disgraceful comment about the Prophet Mohammad on social media. This post went viral all day. In the afternoon Muslim youth expressed their displeasure over this. The police was informed about this. Later it was found that it was made viral on the social media by the youth of the Sikh community.

In the evening, some youths of the Muslim and Sikh society got into altercation. There was tension about this. After offering Namaj of Isha (Tarawi) at night, people of Muslim society expressed resentment on such acts made by the people of Sikh society.  The Sikh youths tried to explain the disputed media post as ‘Muhammad is a character of Terror and Polygamy’. As the dispute grew much both sides came to streets and physically attacked each others. Many people got injured in this conflict.

The Muslims attacked and ransacked a Sikh Gurudwara. Heavy brick-pelting caused injury to many people.

The police anyway restricted both sides to peace. Heavy Police contingent are deployed in the area as a precaution.

Bijnor was already under tension over  a kidnapping+ of one Hindu Jaat Dalveer Singh’s daughter Nikita (19) from Noorpur village by one Muslim Ishkam (20) alias Gotiya. The Jaat Mahapanchayat gives 24 hours on Saturday to administration to find out the kidnapped girl+. The members of Hindu Jagaran Manch,  ‘Beti Bachao Sangarsh Samiti’ activists and the residents of 25 nearby villages held the ‘mahapanchayat’ to protest against the police’s failure to trace the girl.

On Friday night, some people of the other community allegedly hurled stones at a house in Sela village where the Ramayana was being read. “Some people want to spoil the peaceful atmosphere in the village”, said Jitendra Bais, the Hindu Jagran Manch, Bijnor region Secretary, Jitendra Bais.

The latest ‘objectionable’ posting in the social media may be an outcome of series of communal tension in Bijnor area initiated by the Muslims all along.

Read in Hindi: बिजनौर मे मुसलमानों का सिखों पर हमला, गुरुद्वारा में तोड़फोड़ 

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2 comments on “Muslims attack Sikhs in Bijnor, ransack Gurudwara.

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  2. Varun
    June 28, 2017

    Muslims, where ever they are, attacks other communities, rape or kidnap woman. They do this everywhere in the world. The Hindu community should show some guts and punish the kidnappers so bad that they will not repeat it again. Learn from the Burmese. They punished the Bangladeshi Muslims in Burma by expelling the out of the country.


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